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    Neuromas are a pain!

    Hi Sue I know you had your surgery 6 years ago, but I wondered whether this surgery helped you with your pain? Lisa
  2. lisa

    Do I have a neuroma?

    Thank you everyone for responding. For some reason I haven't received any notifications, so didn't realise anyone had replied. I definitely have a neuroma and from what the Doctor has said, it's a big one. Stupid thing is, if you read my posts on here, I have thought this for a while and I did go to my GP and she brushed off my concerns and prescribed tramadol. I am being referred to a specialist and will definitely base my decision on everything but I am going to go through all the posts on here first.
  3. Hi Everyone It's been a long time since I was last on here, and I'm hoping that someone might be able to help? I have had nerve damage and phantom pain since my leg was amputated, but in the last year I have experienced a pain that literally leaves me screaming in pain and none of my medication even cuts it and this pain can go on for 2 days. I am experiencing this kind of pain, at least once a month. Could this be a neuroma? Is there medication that will ease this kind of pain?
  4. lisa

    Electric Shock Type Spasm

    Hi Kathy I didn't realise anyone had responded. Anyway I have had my MRI scan results today and it is a neuroma. I am just waiting to see a specialist, but if surgery is an option, then I will definitely have it removed. The Doctor seems to think it is 13cm's long, but even she thought that must be wrong.
  5. Hi Everyone It's been a while since I have posted, but I am hoping that someone maybe able to help and advise me. I became an amputee 12 years ago and have always suffered with phantom limb pain, and in the early days I would experience an electric shock type spasm approximately twice a year. Over the years this has increased and I am now suffering on average once a month. It is now so bad, that even with tramadol, I can be screaming for days. The only relief I get is when I punch my stump, as this seems to distribute the pain, so it isn't so intense. I am literally at my wits end, because to be honest I would pretty much would try anything, at this point. I know I'm not alone in this pain, but am willing to try any suggestions. Thanks in advance Lisa
  6. lisa

    Amputee T- Shirts

    My partner had one made for me which said " I'm leg disabled, not head disabled!"
  7. Hi I know that we are all differnet and experience different things as amputees but just wanted some feedback. I still experience painful phantom pains all the time. When I wear my false leg and am moving it isn't so bad, but I think it's the stimulation that I get through the false leg to my stump that distracts me from the pain. When I am at home I generally don't wear the leg that much as it hurts when I have the false leg on and I'm not moving about. There are many situations when I am out and about and sitting I just have to take the leg and silicon sock off. I don't care if people are staring as I am too busy getting the leg off. When the stump is particularly painful I slap the end and this breaks the pain up for a few seconds. I am on medication for the pains and take gabapenten and amitryptiline and paracetemal but my pain Doctor is trying to convince me to come off the gabapenten becuase of side effects. I do get alot of side effects but I can't imagine the pain I will be in if he takes me off them. Is there anyone out there who experiences similar to me? My amputation was in March 2006 and the pain has nothing to do with the leg fitting. Please Help!
  8. lisa

    I'm Devastated

    I found out yesterday that the man who I blame for my amputation will not be sacked, as there is insufficient evidence. This has come as a complete shock and I am absolutely devastated. People may think that I'm bitter but that could not be further from the truth. I just wanted justice, as far as I am concerned the accident could have been avoided. As there is no evidence to prove he was to blame he will return to the same job. Both myself and my partner work for the same company and are both off sick. I already felt extremely distressed about returning to the warehouse to see my colleagues, how am I gonna cope when I return to work with him in the same building as me. I feel completely let down and have done nothing but cry since i found out. I feel that if he were genuinely traumatised and sorry for what he has done to me and my family and friends that he would find he couldn't possibly return. Words truly cannot describe how I am feeling! Is there anyone out there who can relate to my situation? Lisa
  9. lisa

    High Heels!!!

    This may sound stupid, but i've been told i won't wear heals again. I just wondered if there was anyone out there who successfully has worn heels, especially dancing in them. Ive already got my eyes on a beautiful pair of high heels covered in diamonte. I am addicted to shoes!
  10. lisa

    British Disabled Flying Association

    Hi We had the speaker last night for the British Disabled Flying Association and it was fanstatic. So many people were interested in having a go at flying that we have decided to make a day of it. I am even going to attempt it myself. I will let you all know how we all get on! Regards
  11. Hi Everyone I just wanted to let everyone know that in February we have a couple of things organised for those of you who are in the Midlands. We have a speaker from the British Disabled Flying association giving a presentation on what they are about. They have different adaptions for different needs, so there should be something available for anyone out there who is brave enough to try it out. The presentation is to be held on the 19th February at 7.30 pm at our usual venue. We also have a curry night organised for the 26th February. If anyone is interested in coming along, they are more than welcome. If you just want to find out more information then you can email me or visit our website www.derbyamputeeclub.org.uk/ Regards Lisa
  12. Hi All I have now had 4 different Doctors/Surgeons who say that an above knee amputation is inevitable. The only thing that I am finding hard to deal with is that I definitely need a tissue expander. I have had a look at some before and after pictures and the results are amazing, but that doesn't stop me being frightened. thanks
  13. Hi I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has had revised surgery and gone from being a below knee amputee to an above knee? I would really like to know what difficulties you have come into and what impact it has had on day to day life? I was referred for osseo integration but I am not a suitable candidate. I am trying to find out as much as I can, so that if I do have to have revised surgery I have an idea of what might be in store for me. I have been told it is alot harder for an above knee but apart from that I don't really know much else. Thanks
  14. Hi Lynne and Cheryl Thank you for your comments it's much appreciated. I'm really lucky in the fact that I am part of the Derby Amputee Club who regularly meet up and I have spoken to above knee amputees about there experiences etc. I must admit when I first had my amputation I and those around me had high expectations, as the only person I could be compared to was Heather Mills herself. The only expectation I have now is to be given a second chance to walk. I know I will probably be totally shocked at how much harder things are as an above knee amputee compared to a below knee, but at the minute I have a knee which I don't use as I am in the wheelchair. I am just so grateful that I am being given a second chance at walking even if things are going to be harder. I have brainwashed myself into looking at all the positives that will come out of this and have even started dieting and excercising again, so that I dont have excess weight to carry and that I am as healthy as I can be. Lisa
  15. Hi Everyone Since I last posted on here I have made the decision to have revised surgery. It's not been an easy decision but when I weighed everything up I know its the right decision for me. My specialist is waiting for confirmation from my amputee centre with regards to how high he can take the stump, but it will definitely be above the knee. If they advise him to leave as much as possible then I have to have another procedure carried out first. I am really hoping that I don't need this procedure as it will entail inserting a balloon under my skin and having in pumped up once a week for about two months, until it is big enough so it can be used as a flap over the end of the stump. I hope I haven't confused anyone but I don't know what it's called. I'm hoping that the operation will be carried out soon, so I can start rehabilitating and move on with my life. I would really appreciate any advice from any above knee amputees on how they have coped etc. Regards Lisa
  16. lisa

    Osseointegration Part One

    Hi Paul Just wondered how you were getting on? Lisa
  17. Hi Thanks again everyone. I have been told that the skins not healing as its delicate and could possibly always breakdown. I was told this from the start but as I had no magor problems from last November to April of this year, I just thought that my skin was fine and wouldn't give me any problems. Everything was fine until I had my second leg, it must have been a little too tight and I ended up with the stump just covered in blisters. I have spent so much time in my wheelchair trying to get it to heal but when it has healed it's come back again. Another issue I have is that I have nerve damage and can't feel when things are going wrong. I constantly check my stump to make sure its ok and am conscientious about keeping it clean but it makes no difference. When I am wearing my leg I'm the new me and don't generally feel sorry for myself but when I'm in the wheelchair my mood drops dangerously low and don't even want to go out. I have asked time and time again for help with regards to helping me accept what I look like but nothing has been sorted yet. The way that I see it is that when I am wearing my leg and wearing shorts when people stare at me they are thinking "wow look at her" but when I'm in my wheelchair they are thinking "poor thing". People seem to think that when you are in a wheelchair that you are hard of hearing and I often hear comments like that. I'm just waffling now as I'm feeling sorry for myself as again I'm back in the wheelchair. My plastic surgeon did come up with some alternative suggestions but then had to rule them out. I will keep you informed of my progress. regards
  18. lisa

    Osseointegration Part One

    Hi Paul It great to hear about your progress. Unfortunately I'm not a suitable candidate for this procedure but had I been, the information you have put in your postings would have given me a little insight into what I might expect. Thanks for keeping us all informed, its really interesting to hear how you are getting on. Regards
  19. Hi Thanks for everyones responses. At the minute I am trying hard not to think about further amputations. My stump still hasn't healed properly and i just don't understand why it just won't heal. I am leaving enough time for the specialist to inform my doctors at my hospital and then I will see what they recommend. I will definitely take on board all of your suggestions because you all know from experience. I will always remember a lady who had physio at the same time as me and she cried because she found it so hard learning to walk ( she was an above knee). It was so upsetting to see her struggle and it made me cry. In the end she decided against walking. Thanks again for all the advice given. Regards
  20. Hi Lizzie Thanks for your reply. I have got to wait for the specialist to write his recommendations and then I am going to book an appointment with my amputee doctor and my plastic surgeon. I just really want to know if having a further amputation is the only option for me. Its a catch 22 for me because I have my knee but it's the skin grafts that prevent me from wearing my limb. If it is the only option I would prefer to just get it over and done with. I'd be lying if I said that I'm not frightened, because I'm terrified, but at the same time I don't cope mentally when I have to use the wheelchair. It sounds weird but I feel trapped in a body that doesn't work properly. I don't know if anyone can relate to that? Lisa
  21. Hi If anyone is interested we will be having another social evening next tuesday. If you are interested then email me and I can give you more details. Thanks Lisa
  22. lisa

    Derby Amputee Club

    Hi If anyone is interested the social evening is being held tonight. Please contact me for more details. Regards Lisa
  23. lisa


    I had my accident 24/03/2006 and it has been like a very unpleasant rollercoaster for me. I recently went to stay with my father in Spain who has his own swimming pool. I have always loved swimming and even though my family were nervous I decided I was going to go in the pool. I feel like crying just writing this because the happiness I felt while I was in the pool cannot compare to anything I have experienced. While I was swimming it took me back to before my accident because I didn't have to learn to swim all over again, I swam the same as before. The only way I can explain it is that when I was swimming I was just me, I could forget for a short space of time that I'm in a wheelchair. I will certainly continue to swim and if people want to have a good old stare at the girl with the leg missing so be it! I'm not going to let that stop me doing something that has given me back a little bit of my former life. It was nothing short of amazing! Lisa
  24. lisa

    Derby Amputee Club

    Hi Its a get together at a pub in Derby. Anyone is more than welcome to pop along. If anyoine is interested then email me and I can send you more details. Regards
  25. lisa

    Robotic ankle

    Hi Thanks for posting this article it was really interesting. Thanks