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  1. MON52

    Sleeve repair

    Hi, I assume you are referring to the sleeve that goes directly onto your stump? I would not be repairing this tbh - I have been told my prosthesist to request a new one if it is at all damaged as this could cause skin breakdown - I do recall there used to be some 'repair' patches that came with new sleeves??
  2. MON52

    Osseointegration Part One

    Hi, Good luck with the op - you seem to be a very positive person so I am sure you will be fine. Just be patient if there is one thing I have learned over the years of being an amputee it's that you can't rush recovery - if you do you pay in the end.
  3. MON52


    Hi I am a below knee amputee (33years) aged 54 female. My stump is badly scarred and I am having horrendous problems with the skin 'splitting' and becoming infected. Totally fed up with taking anti-biotics and having to use dressing almost permanently. Has anybody any tips? I wear my leg ALL the time and have arranged an appointment with a skin specialist because I am desperate!! :( :(