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  1. hey brenda, u sure live up to the quote 'sky is the limit'. Reading your piece makes me feel like a complete loser! I've been an AK amputee for 11yrs now and i can barely walk. I used to think it was my fate, but hey! u've inspired me. i really hope that i can find a way to be as active as u are - i'm sure it will make me feel much better than i am. Congratulations! on your achievement and i hope and pray that u will go way beyond that. Good luck and God bless always.
  2. sandy

    When do things get better?

    hi, i've been an ak amputee for 11 years now and things just seem to be getting harder. unfortunately for me i live in a place that doesn't have too many one-legged folks. i've tried various kinds of prosthetics and can't seem to find one to fit me comfortably. i've got my prosthesis from america, but somehow i can't do the things most other amputees do. as i grow older i feel that things get tougher and i cant seem to handle it anymore. i used to be ms. positive :D but now i'm just an angry person and need desperate help before the happy, kind, easy-going person disappears. :o I would appreciate any advice or support from anyone who has the time and patience to deal with me. i dont know any other amputees and explaing how i feel to 'normal' beings is a dead end. i just want to live again - not exist...
  3. sandy

    Please help

    Where does one begin...losing a limb is loss greater than u can imagine. The repercussions of that are even worse. Each case is different - loss of a limb due to diabetes, road accident, doctors malpractice...the list goes on. Each of us deals with the pain and the loss very differently. To bring to light what me and my family went through emotionally, financially and physically is not possible. I will however try and put it across in the best possible manner. For me the pain was unbearable they performed 4 surgeries before they decided to take it off above the knee. My whole life changed ....no more jogging, biking, wearing heels, sandals...I felt I'd lost my feminine side and started feeling extremely unsure of myself. My family stopped functioning and could not bear to see me the way i was or the pain i was going through - they all acted like i was dead or that i was crippled and could not do anything on my own. I threatened suicide and moved to the middle east and make a life of my own. I needed my space to grieve, to wash off the guilt that i felt for having put my family through this ordeal. The only way to recovery is to start mentally. Do not be an escapist (like me) - it does not grow back... get help and communicate with the family and people with similar disadvantages. unfortunately, i thought i would manage ...i guess thats why i'm still groping. I don't know if this will be of any assistance to you, but should you have any questions, please feel free to email me on skutappa@hotmail.com