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    Hockey, music, fitness, tattoos, cooking...the list goes on and on

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  1. Mr_Phil

    Hi there

    When I have trouble coping, I try to look at th good things that I've done b/c of being an amputee...all the things I've learned or been presented with that I may never have known before. If you search for my postsings here, you'll find apost I wrote about having goals...that does help make things less overwhelming....even for me, someone who's lived his entire life as an amp! :D
  2. Mr_Phil

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    I've got so many ideas to work on that I am always up to something these days!
  3. Mr_Phil

    Where Y'all from

    I'm from Milford Connecticut...eastern USA
  4. Mr_Phil

    hi..new here

    There's a whole world of prosthetics out there that will allow you to dance, run, ski...you name it! I wear a C-leg for my knee with a ComforFlex socket made by Hanger....I'm a hockey player, used to ride horses, I run...so, anything is possible! :D :D
  5. Mr_Phil

    hi..new here

    Hi Bella, welcome! I'm not sure the name of it, but I can ask my prosthetist about this knew below knee prosthesis that's VERY flexible and will make dancing easy for you. I just saw him fit it on someone the other day. Anyway, I'm Phil...25 right above knee. Hope to hear from you
  6. Mr_Phil

    Hi there

    Hi karen, Welcome to the forum! Being an amputee takes a lot of mental energy...there's a lot to accept, even for those of us who have been one for years and years. I'm Phil...25 right above knee since I was 14months old and I've got a few things that I cope with each day too Hope to hear from you
  7. Mr_Phil

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    Well folks... my amputee specific training center may be a reality. I'm taking steps to make this dream come true for those of us who want "something more" in our lives as amputes. I've been in touch with some very influential players in the amputee world. Please continue posting your comments, advice, support and ideas!!! I want to hear what YOU guys need in a training center!!!!!
  8. Mr_Phil

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    Mr. Phil - I sure hope you get the amputee workout thing going. I would love to see you develop a program that could be implemented in other cities. JudyH Right now, I have a few leads on how to get it started on a very small basis. One thing I aim to do is finalize some initial plans and ask if my prosthetist knows anyone who'd like to try it out as the first experimental group with me !
  9. Mr_Phil

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    I sure have been busy lately! Between hockey playing, amputee hockey planning, meetings with amputees, driving around finding good sponsors for my amputee hockey league and the rest of my life, time has been moving quickly!! Thanks to JohnnyV for all his help in New York City this week, I'm that much closer to launching my amputee hockey league!!! Johnny also gave me some great pointers on how to start the amputee workout program. All this is very exciting! Thank you guys for all your input!
  10. Mr_Phil

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    THAT"S EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO!!!!!!! Wow, Cheryl, you've earned a gold start today for effort! Thanks so much for the news!! I'm going to add those details into my notes now...I spoke with my prosthetist today about this wacky idea of mine and he's behind it! Your news made my day!
  11. Mr_Phil

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    Bear, Judy and Yvonne, Thanks so much for the feedback!! I really think this is something I need to develop. England, Michigan...who knows what will happen once I get this idea off the ground!! "if you had to take off a leg or arm and add or remover socks" hmm...a bunch of sweaty gym goers all missing limbs! haha
  12. Mr_Phil

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    Hey everyone, It's me again....just writing in to refocus my ideas. I appreciate everyone who has written into my thread! judy, glad to see you joining in! Welcome! Cheryl and Bear, excellent advice and comments! But now, if you will please allow me to share my newest thoughts... In previous posts I have mentioned my plan to build an amputee hockey team. I'm working hard on that plan each day....as a matter of fact, I have a meeting in New York City this Tuesday to talk with the ACA board as well as Amputees In Motion. While in NYC, I will present my plans to both groups in hopes they can point me in the right direction....participants, funding, brainstorming... After writing to and reading mail from Cheryl I got thinking. Perhaps my plan would benefit from some expansion. All of us as amputees want to be happy with our bodies...especially when each day we wake up we have to don limbs, liners, socks and other aides reminding us of how "different" we are. I go through it everyday...and I've been an amputee for 24 of my 25 years. To make matters worse, there are days when we don't want to go out into the world b/c we're going to be stared at, it'll take extra effort to focus on daily tasks and we just don't know if we're physically/emotionally strong enough to cope on those days. Those days are not uncommon! But, the newest part of my plan is this...to open a center for amputees to go and work out at a gym where they are surrounded by amputees of all ages and limb differences. I want to give US a place to work out, learn how to keep fit without the pressures that may come at a conventional gym...I want to reach out to the amputees that do not feel they are ready for hockey or other high end sports. This is where I how I want to help amputees to reach a better sense of self both physically and emotionally. What do you guys think? As amputees who may want some extra physical activity, but aren't ready for Gold's Gym, is this something you might enroll in? Please offer feedback!
  13. Mr_Phil

    Just Lookin' for Friends!

    HI Stumped! Hope to talk to you soon!
  14. Mr_Phil

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    no problem!
  15. Mr_Phil

    Guess what I did today?

    A lil Joe COCKer huh? :P Ok, Cat.....I know back into the holy water. haha...wow, this thread never ceases to amaze me!