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    right AK, left BK, fingers/hand
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    december 2004
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    septic shock after meningitis
  1. punkie sarah

    do i like my body?

    hi people the whole family went on vacation to france, really a great time, i feel revived! next week the actual fitting takes place for my first legs! i'm really excited and within two weeks i will visit my first rock festival since the operations! hoping for no rain, so my wheelchair wil not be stuck in the mud :lol: to make a long story short i'm back!
  2. punkie sarah

    do i like my body?

    thanks people, after all these great posts you really got me crying <_< but seriously i really want to thank you for all these encouraging words they really helped i sang along with a couple of my most brutal punk songs and i think i can handle it again for a while! i will keep you posted on how i do and this forum will be a great help thanks to you all here!
  3. punkie sarah

    do i like my body?

    hi don't know if im being a crybaby, but i had a sort of a bad week . within the next month they are going to measure and the i wil get fitted with legs. so, you would say that is a good thing. but i'm so scared that it will not work. i had pain this week in the stumps i looked in the mirror at myself and i cryed, i don't know if anyone has that to, but how long does it take to be happy with the way you became? i thought i was ok with it, i'm not sure now. the doctor said the shape of the stumps were nice and good and all i was thinking was, "shut up the, the size and shape of my legs and arm was good!!, i hate this socalled stumps!" hope you don't mind this story, but it gives some reliev to typ it down xx sarah
  4. punkie sarah


    thanks afet this newbie is helped a lot!! :D
  5. punkie sarah


    girly wales, what you have done is sooo cool. i sure hope to do that one day first the next thing i want to do is swimming again. i saw that you are also bilateral amp, do you have those special legs for running? long way for me still, but it is good to read these things, you are all my lighthouses (weird sentence) and who said that punks don't do sports!? :D sarah
  6. punkie sarah


    at the moment i still use my wheelchair i hope to get fitting for prosthetics within two months when the last skingrafts are done. i don't know if i can use crutches, because of my "hands" are there people who also have amputations of fingers or hands, who can tell me if there is a way to use crutches or is it not necessary at all?
  7. punkie sarah

    hi people!

    never thought that so many people were here, feels great to be (missing) part of the gang. ;) and i saw that afet, mike and sanicki had the same way to go as i did. this board really is great! and beside the old people (i want to use all the experience so that is a compliment) here also youngsters, after al what happened i had the feeling of being the only one with it. be prepared to recieve mail from me and if you want to know any good punk music feel free to contact me B)
  8. punkie sarah

    hi people!

    thanks for all the positive reactions don't you worry i will drop in from time to time for the much needed advice. for now as an answer to some questions: social distortion is great!! and i had a mohawk on my head, but with my hands like this it is not easy doing it for myself. i already found my sisters and friends willing to help for a new one ;) i satified my mom long enough without :D (she doesn't mind really but i like to tease her) and for being so unashamedly young, that was not how i feel sunday morning after a night out
  9. punkie sarah

    hi people!

    hi people i'm sarah, and 18 years old. two years ago two days before christmas, i caught meningitis and that caused a septic shock i survived! my left leg is through the knee and the right just below the knee. my left hand has still a half thumb and at the right hand they amputated all the fingers and the most of the hand itself still in the proces of skin grafts i haven't got any prosthetics, but that is to come soon.! so hopefully you can help me with some advice when i need it :) and then maybe this rookie can provide you with some advice <_< the name punkie sarah is because choice of music and the absolute great hair those people have :D beside that i like swimming, hope to pick it up soon again and still looking for another sport i can do in the future. feel free to e-mail and hope i introduced enough