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  1. Stumped!

    The journey has now begun

    Hey Bear!!! Long time no see!! LOL :)
  2. Stumped!

    The journey has now begun

    The fact is it that it might be a little more time before a "final" socket is made and stays "fit" for her. The limb will continue to "shrink" over time and my guys here in North Carolina say that 5 to 6 years is a good average to go by before a constint fit is achieved.
  3. AMEN!!! To the baby part Jim! ;) Stumped!
  4. Cheryl, OMG! Thank you very much! I had no idea even exsisted. I could really use this when traveling and when ambulating late at night. This is GREAT! I wish I knew of it a year ago! LMAO I do hope, as you have stated, that more good things come of this string. What a start huh? ;) Stumped
  5. Cheryl, [/indent]I'm so glad your gonna check it out and I sincerely hope it works for you. If we (people here remarking in this string) could pass the word, Yes, this sounds like an ad for the piece but it could really help alot of people and their outlook, if they know this thing is available and works. So, ........pass the word! You could be helping someone else. .........................and thats whats this is all about, yes? ;) Stumped
  6. Hey folks! I was just checkin' my email and I got a note from Bear saying ya gotta add your 2 cents to this string. Well, I'm hear to agree with her and to tell you that it is worth EVERY penny!!!! I've been using my now for just under a year. In fact, I saw the shower protector advertized in an ACA publication and from there I contacted Jim Thompson on the phone, bought it and he turned me onto this HHM forum. I owe alot of inspiration to Jim and stand by his product fervently. He's a great man and developed and sells a great product. For what it's worth, Sincerely, Stumped P.S. Bear? Thanks Hun! ;)
  7. Stumped!

    "One ..... More ..... Time!"

    Thanks Bear! Love ya Hun! Stumped
  8. Stumped!

    "One ..... More ..... Time!"

    Thanks Neal, I appreciate the feedback. Wish the Dr had told me but at least I know now , right? Stumped
  9. Stumped!

    "One ..... More ..... Time!"

    Hey Folks! Yup it has been a while since I last posted but things have been kinda bumpy and , well ... here I am ventin'. Since last we talked, I have have a severe infection back in the early part of November at the end of my "Stump" and have gone thru 9 surgeries in all since. Well, with all the ups and downs (mostly downs) I've been finally casted and fitted with my second "leg". Now the first leg wasn't really a problem learning to walk with. In fact it was almost natural. But now, with this one, which by the way I just recieved yesterday, the 19th, It is painful as sh--------, well you get the idea. Now, I had a "ertle" for my last amp.. And this one wasn't. Is this the way of this type of amp.? Don't get me wrong. I'm VERY thankful for getting back on my foot (gotcha) but it seems that since the Dr took off more, 2 inches in lenght, I've been havin' problems. I have missed you guys ans I'm sorry for not being more regular in the forum. But I do know that with being in and out of the hospital, it wasn't that easy to get to the computer and really sit and write, Forgive me, please. I know that I'll get the best ideas and insite from you folks. Not to mention some great senses of humor to go along with it. I love yaz all and happy to be back posting. Y'all take good care and hope to hear from yaz soon. "Stumped"
  10. Stumped!

    Senior Transportation

    Jim!, Well, I gotta give ya credit! It's deffinitly for a man that's on the go! :lol: :lol: Stumped!!
  11. Stumped!

    Do you name your prosthetic??

    NO Silly!! Stumpy!! :lol: When I take the beast off. In a loving way of course! :) (shruggin shoulders) What? :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)
  12. Stumped!

    Do you name your prosthetic??

    Ummm....Bertha?Bob?Ted?Carol? or Alice? YES1
  13. Stumped!

    Do you name your prosthetic??

    Ummm....Bertha?Bob?Ted?Carol? or Alice?
  14. Stumped!

    Do you name your prosthetic??

    Bear, I'm doin ok. I'm just driving around with my car and my camper!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :D Stumped
  15. Stumped!

    Do you name your prosthetic??

    Bear, you know what mine is named already . But now the other is called "The Camper"! :lol: :lol: ;) :D Stumped