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  1. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    Thanks for your replies and well wishes Cherylm, mmarie, ann and oneblue, I will give you another update as soon as I have made more progress. Regards, Paul.
  2. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    Hi Karen, I am not doing as well as I would like and am not able to walk without the sticks at all at the moment. The pain has increased and nobody can tell me why! I haven't been right since I got hit by a car when I was crossing the road, but on the plus side it is very rare that I have a day when I can't wear the leg and I wear it all day every day. I am still walking every day and I am still able to get on with work on the cars and house. Dad is now in a nursing home, mum needs care now and I am coping with that which I wouldn't have managed before. I am trying to get back to only needing one stick but that seems to be taking months, I can manage around the house and garage with one stick so I can walk and carry things when needed. It is not what I had hoped for but I am sure it will improve in time. I am told my bone density is not as good as it should be and because i have a high amputation things will take longer to improve. Sorry I can not be more positive with my reply but I am still here, still walking and still able to enjoy life. Paul.
  3. insane

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a great time.
  4. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    Thanks for your post Marc_1_ If you decide to go for the osseointegration it would be better if you didn't have to travel too far. I had to make many 500 mile round trips during my rehabilitation. If it meant travelling to a different country for every appointment I probably wouldn't have been able to afford the travel costs. Please bear in mind that it is not an easy option and there is plenty of pain involved. Even now I don't think I am fully rehabilitated as I still have a lateral bend when I walk without any aids. I still have discomfort when I start off first thing in the morning and if I have been sitting watching television for an hour or two I have the discomfort again when I get up. It gets easier after a few steps but I expected it to have gone after two years. However, this system is wonderful and I have no regrets. Every day is a good day and every day I can wear the leg. I have achieved another goal too I can do the walk I do without using the walking stick (cane). I have been managing that for a few months now and I meant to tell you all before, I haven't been able to do the first walk without the walking stick yet but slowly I am getting there. About the summer then Oneblue, it has been a bit bad with the weather but at the moment it is dry and sunny. I am certain all the damp weather we have had hasn't helped me but if it didn't rain like it does we wouldn't have such a beautiful country. My wife and I have had a few days out during this summer and my wife likes seeing castles, some of them have involved considerable walking and I have had no trouble getting around. We wouldn't have done anything like that before and I am finding more and more things I can do that I wouldn't have even considered before. I will try not to leave it as long before my next update and thank you for all your input.
  5. insane

    Where in the UK?

    Wigan :) that is just down the road from me. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine we are having at the moment. I am in Standish.
  6. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    thanks Liliana I am very well. Thanks too Ally
  7. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    Thanks for your replies Oneblue, Cherylm & Ally. Thanks too to JudyH but I didn't understand that one. I found at first when I got home and resumed my walks that things seemed a little more painful. Today it feels a lot better and I can only think it could be this miserable damp weather we have here. I have spoken to friends about it and they say they don't ache as much on holiday where the climate is hotter and the humidity is lower. I have heard people round here say that the dampness gets into your bones. Maybe there is some truth in it.
  8. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    They had guys with machine guns at the check-points too and metal detectors everywhere. I wore short trousers to save me explaining why the metal detectors kept going off when I walked through them.
  9. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    Update time again Just got back from a holiday in Egypt. Walked round the pyramids, saw the Sphinx, went in many temples, saw the valley of the kings and went into some of the tombs. It was very hot and the leg was really good. I had no problems whatsoever and I managed without assistance throughout the holiday. I am now back to the cold damp weather but I have some great memories and the holiday was an experiment to see if I could do as much as everyone else. I achieved that and the only problem was that I was a little slower than the rest of the group on the tours but I wasn't that slow to cause a problem. The leg seemed better there than at home for some reason so I am looking forward to another holiday when ever that may be. I still have some pain but on a score of 1 to 10 it is about 1.5 when I first put the leg on in the morning and by the afternoon I would say it is less than 1. As I was not sure on the cleanliness of the water there I showered with a liner over the leg and after the shower I used an anti-bacterial soap and rinsed it off with bottled water. The sea wasn't that warm so I didn't attempt to do any swimming this time. The hotel pool was also very cold and I was advised against going in there. It was about 35 degrees C the day we left and I had the leg on all day until after midnight when we arrived home. I used to dread the heat but now it is no problem.
  10. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    I do like that song Thanks Ann, Oneblue, Marcia and Kep. I won't stop the updates.
  11. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    I had a fall on some black ice a few weeks ago. Fortunately I did not do any harm to the implant or the abutment. My muscles ached a little afterwards but it did not stop my progress. It has made me a little more aware of the ice and we had quite a long period of it. It stopped me doing the daily walks for a few days but now the ice has gone things have returned to normal. I am nearly there with my rehabilitation I think but I still need one walking stick when I do my walks. My walking without a stick has improved quite a bit and I am still aiming to be able to manage without a walking stick. Life is so much better now than it has been for many years and I am progressing so well that I am begining to wonder whether I still qualify for membership on this forum. Best wishes to all.
  12. insane

    Osseointegration questions and issues

    They scanned me to check whether my bone density was good enough before they went ahead with anything. My heart was monitored for 48 hours and blood samples were taken too. They also strongly recommended that I stopped smoking and ate a more balanced diet. There are risks involved and I am sure you will have been informed about them. There could be a problem with the bone not integrating properly but if he can't cope with a socket then this may be an option to gain back his mobility. The rehabilitation back to mobility is lengthy and he will need lots of determination, there is also considerable pain to go through but the rewards outweigh all of this. I thank God for the opportunity to be able to use the Osseointegration system and although I still have some rehabilitation left I am far more mobile than I have been for many years. I too have had back problems in the past but I seem to be fine at the moment. My physiotherapist gave me some exercises and I am sure they have more or less cured it. As far as the prosthesis goes it will have to be a hydraulic knee and the preferred type is the Otto Bock C-Leg at the centre where I attend. I hope whatever decision you arrive at will be well informed and successful.
  13. insane

    Osseointegration questions and issues

    Hi Samantha, Here is a link to the topic: click here Let me know if there is anything else you need to know after reading my posts about the Osseointegration and I will be pleased to answer any of your questions.
  14. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    Thank you for your reply Erik. It is good to hear from you again.
  15. insane

    Osseointegration Part One

    Socket!! ewww! horrid things. I couldn't imagine life with a socket anymore. Although I am not at the end of my rehabilitation I am far more capable of things now than I have ever been. I can rely on the leg every day and I can even make plans knowing that the next day will be fine with the leg. I still remember the sockets, the sweat and the abscesses but fortunately now they are memories. I would say that 2 years is probably normal for someone with an implant as high up the femur as me as there is more bone growth to make at the neck of the femur than someone with a longer residual limb.