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  1. Freddy

    Hi, Mike from the UK

    Hi Mike and everyone else too!
  2. Freddy

    FORUM CHATTER........

    Well thanks for the email. I thought this forum was gone for good! Glad to know you are back up and running! Freddy
  3. Freddy

    Swimming fins

    Hi Jane, I am an AK and swim laps, 4,500 miles. I use one fin on my good leg. It is a split fin and has less resistance than typical training fins, easy on my knee. The main reason I use it is to keep my body horizontal at the surface so I swim better.
  4. Freddy

    Financial Help With a New Socket

    Hi Jane, I am sorry to hear about your problem. Who is your prosthetic company? I use Hanger. Did the company have any suggestions as others must have had problems with payment? These groups below may be of help. http://www.limbsforlife.org/ http://www.amputee-coalition.org/
  5. Freddy

    Prosthetic Insurance coverage

    My insurance company denied the c-leg in 2010. We appealed (Hanger) and I was granted the c-leg.
  6. Freddy

    Cost of the C-Leg in the UK in 2011

    I received a c-leg in May 2010 and it cost $47,000. The prosthetist had quoted a cost of $63,000 but the insurance company said they would only pay the lower amount. That is what was paid. Expensive leg at either price.
  7. Freddy


    Hi Clanrickarde, I was given a jar in May 2010 when I received my new leg. It does work well when my stump/skin becomes irritated.
  8. I am an AK since 1979. I swim laps about 3 miles per week, totaling about 4,500 miles. Good aerobic and flexibility workout. Adding hand paddles makes it a more strenuous workout.
  9. Freddy

    A/K Forum n00b With Prosthetic Questions

    Hi Arthur, I had an AK since 1979 with a very long stump. When I had my first revision in late 1979 they fitted me with a cast that lasted a day and had to be recast due to shrinkage. It is good that you are doing well with the temporary leg and attitude. I walked for 28 years on a Mauch knee and a solid socket until 1996. In 2008 I received an Otto Bock Compact knee from a fellow AK amp who had passed. In May of 2010 I got a new leg, C-Leg with a new socket. I love the C-Leg but I am 56. I am told running on the C-Leg is difficult. I am a big man and the C-Leg works well and I like the knee lock. For you it depends on what you plan to do. Do you want to run, work, hike or do other things? Talk to your prothetist about what knees will best fit your plans. Call Otto Bock and other companies to answer questions. My leg is very much like the one attached.
  10. Freddy

    Postural problems

    Hi Hema, When I used a solid AK socket I ran into the problem you have. For many years my AK socket is flexible on the top/front and bottom/back and allows the flesh to flatten so the socket is not being pushed up as high off the chair seat. Even the socket in the back at the seat is connected by a strap and not a hard frame. Click the links. My leg has only a strap in the back where this one has a frame that connects it. http://orthocareamerica.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/c-leg.11204600_std.jpg http://www.nextmed.com/images/mmvr17/thewells-ph2.jpg http://heathcalhoun.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/HangerProsthesis1.jpg http://www.oandplibrary.org/popup.asp?frmItemId=458FD0F5-6808-4540-B2D9-582595282FCB&frmType=image&frmId=2
  11. Freddy

    Swim Leg

    Just so you are aware I have 4,449 miles swimming since my amputation. I have never used anything but crutches to get to and from the water, whether to a pool, beach, or lake.
  12. Freddy


    Happy New Year all!
  13. Freddy

    I'm about to become disabled.

    Neal, Back in June 2006 I had stump surgery and was out of my leg for 3 plus months. It was hard not being able to walk. However, since the surgery I have had over 4 years of none of the fungal problems and pain in my stump. I have used the leg every day since the surgery that had been put off for many years. Looking back I made the right decision as the problems are now gone. Hopefully, in a few months your stump problems will be history! Best of luck, Freddy
  14. Freddy

    Post ERTL AKA Procedure

    Sorry to hear of your pain CaptainKB. I had nerve pain after my surgery. It included jolts that would last from a few seconds to a few minutes. As time went by their frequency, duration and intensity lessened. How is an ERTL AK done? As an AK I am very interested. What type of socket do you have? Are you able to bear weight on the distal end of the femur? Hope things get better! Freddy
  15. Hi Jane, I used a Mauch hydraulic knee for 28 years. It was always difficult going downhill whether it was a ramp or ground decline. After using the Otto Bock Compact and now C-Leg, going downhill is much easier, quicker, and safer. This article states on page 11 that C-Legs can be fitted to knee disarticulation amputees. http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:-fJYKRq9KMwJ:www.ottobock.com/cps/rde/xbcr/ob_com_en/im_646a221_gb_product_lin_c-leg_enduser.pdf+disarticulation+C-Leg&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjL0_XsGq7mMYmJ7Jhfg_PL_BAIjnGw5vE5j4n7hhtd_In7rFG_5R5ORwtzTl8zoRSOgYYWrJdakIhP_qN9JZlgl283yH3CxdlrLB4TDo1qsIZO2bFDesqaCqA53arheiiuPxRO&sig=AHIEtbRd10v2hZuLSixUsO1ju42di-uBiQ