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  1. I've been doing well since. I seem to be back to my old ways and doing everything I need to. I'd never been on that antibiotic before as far as I know. Its the first time having the leg cause to be on antibiotics since the accident. I could have had a reaction to the antibiotics. I don't seem to do antibiotics well!
  2. The antibiotics with me keeping the leg off is working. The antibiotic make me feel rotten and give me a headache but I'd rather that then infection. I've been putting the leg on a for about 2 hours a day to get certain chores done and I must admit that having it on really raises the spirits! I notice the change as soon as it is on.
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice. I went to the doctor today. He put me on antibiotics alright. He gave me a pile of sterile bandages to put over it, but I think he was assuming I would keep wearing the leg. I'll keep it off and only put it on for short trips to the local shop for food etc. I don't think that I'll need a leg with a hole Lizzie. I've never had one, the hole I mentioned was in the liner (it formed after a few months of having it. I felt it was a flaw in the liner but they wouldn't warranty it ) I'll certainly be steering clear of any liners with holes! haha
  4. galway

    Scuba Trip

    Did you think about a possible AKA swimming prosthetic? I have a BKA swimming leg and although its not good for walking it does work well in the water for the most part.
  5. galway

    Alpha Max liners

    A quick question for any amps in Ireland using the Alpha Max liner (non pin system). I hate asking but what are you charged for a alpha max liner (3mm)? I was thinking of ordering a new one and my limbfitter quoted a price of 550 euro (which is roughly what it was the last time I ordered) but he would need to verify the price. He called back and said it was 750 euro. Ouch. I called my previous limbfitters and they said 550 euro. I'm thinking maybe that they may now be buying them retail (not wholesale) and charging me that much more...
  6. Hello all. I have a question that no doubt someone here has dealt with before at some time. I have acquired a small but very painful red bump on the side of my knee from wearing my prosthetic.I'm 50 ,thin, very active and I've been an amp since 2000. I've had this leg for a year or two. The bump may have been caused initially by a previous alpha max liner that had a small hole in roughly the same spot on the side of the knee where my bump is now. It would cause a bump that could get slightly painful but I stopped wearing that particular liner with the hole a while back and all was well. I'm now wearing an older liner but no holes. Then a week or two ago a bump formed and has been bothering me (off and on) but got bad about a week ago. I left the leg off for a few days and it seemed to go away. I did a few hours of strimming (cutting back tall weeds with a strimmer/'weed wacker') yesterday as the leg felt fine and after I got back to the house within a hour the bump was back, inflamed and worse than ever, so I'm back on the crutches without the prosthetic. The bump appears to be on the skin itself (as opposed to on the bone), its about 1/4'' or a bit larger, red and very painful even though I haven't had the leg on for about 16 hours. It should slowly fade in a day or two but I worry that it will just come back. Any advice to get rid of it once and for all?