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  1. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    Phantom Pain Relief Without Medication

    That's a really helpful post as I'm having a revision of my amputation next week and am bound to have a flare-up of my pain again. ;)
  2. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    Beyond Boundaries - Ecuador

    Two weeks ago I came home after spending a month in Ecuador filming the next Beyond Boundaries. We started in the Amazon basin, went into the Andes and down to the coast. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done but I feel so good that I did it!! I would have never considered even applying for the programme before my amputation even though I was disabled. I am in quite a lot of pain with my leg and cannot wear my prosthesis but I don't care, when I think about the achievement the team have made, it outweighs not being able to wear my leg for a few weeks.
  3. Powerpuff Ranger :)


    I just got back from filming the next series of Beyond Boundaries on Sunday, I should have posted something about it before I left but I completely forgot. How is everybody?
  4. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    I'm new

    Hi I was just wondering if any of you have or have had problems walking after you've been sitting down for a while. I find it quite uncomfortable for a few minutes until it eases off.
  5. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    I'm new

    :D I'm REALLY happy at the moment. After my leg eventually healed, I went back to the mobility centre and we have ordered the sock and some parts for my leg. I'm going back to do some walking on Thursday and back again on Monday to have my cast fitting. And THEN the following Tuesday I'll get my leg!! Well that's if it all gets delivered on time.
  6. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    Hip replacement and amputation

    I'd love to wait to have it done but my hip's already failing again and I'm on painkillers for my hip not the amputation anymore. I can't really carry on like this for much longer. I'll just have to see what the doctors say
  7. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    Hip replacement and amputation

    Hi I'm probably not much help at the moment with THR but I will have to have one in the not-so-distant future. I've already had to have my hip relocated once and I am quite excited about having this done as my walking will hopefully be better and I won't be in pain touch-wood. Good luck xx
  8. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    I'm new

    I'm back at school already in a wheelchair. I'd rather not be there lol but that's okay. It doesn't hurt 'cos it's literally on the skin but it's just really frustrating 'cos I had only just got my shrinker and was starting to walk so it's upsetting. Good luck with your wounds; doesn't sound right but there you go. xx
  9. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    I'm new

    Hi hope everyone's okay. Well yesterday I went to see the plastic surgeons because the dead skin isn't coming off yet, they have now said that it could take months to heal or weeks but this has really put a downer on everything for me because everything could take so much longer now. The doctors also said that I can't use the PPAM aid until it's healed up so I might not walk on that for a while either. I know that it might not take longer but right now it's upsetting and frustrating because I really want to be able to go back to school in September nearly sorted but it might not happen now. I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with dead skin or wounds? Thankyou so much for being so nice.
  10. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    I'm new

    cool. they're all really nice there and I'm looking forward to going back on monday to 'hopefully' get my sleeve fitted and ordered.
  11. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    I'm new

    I see Marnie and sometimes David but I think Marnie's my prosthetist. I'm not entirely sure
  12. Powerpuff Ranger :)


    I haven't customized my wheelchair but I have got one red and one green crutch which I have put flowery sellotape all over. It looks pretty cool although I may have to redo it as the sellotape's starting to peel off!!
  13. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    I'm new

    thank you all so much for your comments it's great to find somewhere with people in the same 'boat' to talk to. Yes I do get hey Jude! a lot but I just say yeah.. and carry on. When I can walk I'm getting three legs thanks to the wonderful Exeter Mobility Centre the people there are great and I am really happy with the services. I was wondering if anybody had ideas to help with phantom pains? I'm okay with them during the day but getting to sleep can be a nightmare.
  14. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    I'm new

    i could have possibly been looking at a different post when I said about the photo but I'm not entirely sure... ;)
  15. Powerpuff Ranger :)

    I'm new

    That picture is from where I go to do my walking training. How weird :) Thankyou all for being so welcoming.