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  1. Hello fellow amps!! I have bought myself a mountain bike with bike clips on the pedals. Everytime I have been on it I have fallen off because my prosthetic is stuck in the toe clip. Also, when I am cycling without the toe clip my leg pings out, this means stopping the bike and putting the leg foot back on. This is very frustrating as 1 mile can take about an hour!! Does anyone have any advice. for example do I take off the toe clips, do I purchase new pedals for cycling shoes, or is it just practice? I really appreciate your responses. Thank you very much. Linnitt29
  2. linnitt29

    Mauch Leg - no yield

    Thank you for your responses. I will nag my prosthetist like crazy now. A week ago I had a leather lining inserted - could that be the nuisance? Thanks again. I will post again on Tuesday when i have spoken to my prosthetist. Linnitt 29
  3. linnitt29

    Mauch Leg - no yield

    Hi, I am fairly new to being an amputee and have been given a Mauch leg as my leg. Everything was alright until Tuesday when all of a sudden I fell over i.e. my leg is giving way and not yielding. So far I have tracked up 6 falls in four days and I am starting to lose my confidence. Spoke to my prosthetist on Wednesday and he cant see anything wrong. I am going to see him on Tuesday but he advised that it is very difficult to daignose the fault without seeing the actual fall. Does anybody have any possible suggestions as to why the yielding function is failing? My prosthetist says the yield function is on maximum. Any suggestions would be very much welcomed as I would really like to stop falling. Many thanks. Linnitt 29
  4. linnitt29

    Pins & Needles

    Thank you for your responses. I feel more confident now. Best wishes, Linnitt 29
  5. linnitt29

    Pins & Needles

    Hi guys, I am currently a week and a half into my LABK amp. I have pins and needles in my left foot which is not there. The pins are constant and then I get a needle in the foot which makes me jump. The pins & needles do not hurt, but are more rather annoying than anything. In fact in time I can imagine it will drive me bloody crazy! Anyway, I presume this is just pins & needles or is it phantom limb pain? How long does pins & needles usually last? Does anyone have any recommendations to make it stop? I am exercising 4 times a day and am still on Garbopentin. Any ideas and advice will be much appreciated. Many thanks and best wishes, Linnitt 29.
  6. linnitt29


    Thank you for all your kind messages. I cam out of hospital on Saturday, and i feel fantastic. I feel like the lion who had the thorn removed. I am going to Exeter mobility Centre this afternoon - something to do with a pam aid. I am now officially an ABK amputee and I do not feel alone as there is so much support available. Thank you for your messages and I am sure that I am going to be posting a few queries over the forthcoming weeks. Take care for now, Chris.
  7. linnitt29


    Thank you all so very much for your responses. Your kind comments have filled me with hope. Just to let you know I am from Torbay in Devon, England.
  8. linnitt29


    Hello to you all. My name is Chris. I am 27 years old and I am married with a 17 month old boy and another boy due in November 06. I have been reading your entries for the past few months and I am amazed by you all. I am having an elective above knee left leg amputation on Wednesday 23rd August at 2pm (schedule pending). I was involved in an RTA 4 years ago and have been in out of fixation for the past four years. I now am left witha leg that does not bend, which means I cant play with my son, I am very restricted and it is also painful. I have approached the surgeons to change this and I have been told I have 4 options. 1, Remain the same. 2, Knee replacement, lasting only once, and the leg will not bend, resulting in amp in 8 years. 3, Fusion - my leg is already straight - no way. 4, Amputation - I have opted for this. Reason being because I strongly believe that with extremely hard work I will have a better quality of life, I will be able to ride a bicycle with my boys, and I will be able to walk unaided and if I am really luck I may be able to run. My wife thinks I am insane, my father sees and understands my reasoning and me, well i am getting really worried about Wednesday. I have Garbapentin coming out of my ears!! Anyway I think that it is enough of my waffle and I look forward to talking with you all very soon after my operation. Best wishes, Chris Linnitt. :(
  9. linnitt29

    C-Leg or Mauch

    Hello. I am having an elective amputation in August following 4 years of trying to save my leg. I have been advised that I can get the c-leg, but I will have to pay for this, and I found that it is very expensive. I have been tolf that the mauch leg is as good as the c-leg if not better and is available on the NHS. Which leg should I choose, c-leg or the mauch? Any advice would much appreciated. Many thanks, Linnitt29