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    Photography, Watching and making Movies and i love Fishing!

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    MC accident
  1. MiniMonkey

    Another video

    naa, not right now, they have done i little operation on my leg, but i got an infection :( so i got some antibiotics so its healing, its been a while since the operation, so now i can use the prosthesis again, but it hurts alot :( i hope it will be better soon.
  2. MiniMonkey

    Another video

    hey, thanks for all the comments :) Im glad that you liked the clip :D
  3. MiniMonkey

    Another video

    Here is another video of me, this was filmed this very day. I can run alot faster now then i could a year ago :) i hope you like it. Cheers
  4. MiniMonkey

    A video of me running for the first time

    hehe =D thank you all, glad you liked it =) Try it again now, for those of you it dident work for, it should work now.
  5. here´s a video of me running for the first time since the accident, it was in june last year this was recorded, havent thought about uploading it anywhere until now... well here´s the link: cheers
  6. MiniMonkey

    Foot help

    note: The Flexfoot: SureFlex was what i had.
  7. MiniMonkey

    sleeve help

    hi, i need some "sleeve help" i think my sleeve really stop me from bending my knee the amount that i want to bend it, so do anyone know a good flexible sleeve? that got some good skinecare, my skin i very sensitive, and the sleeve i´v got makes it really red and ichy after a days use. thanks in advance.
  8. MiniMonkey

    Foot help

    my first foot was the Flexfoot too , i know, it sucks =/, reeeeally stiff, ive tried trustep, pathfinder II and the Highlander feet, and the foot i think is the best is the highlander from freedom innovations, but i think it is different from person to person, some people may think the pahfinder or the trustep is the best, and the best way to find out is to test, that was the way i did it. So i think u should test a few different feet and se wich u think is the best for u, the most feet have a trail period, so if u dont like it, your prosthetist can just send it back and u can try another one.
  9. I´v tried collage parks Trustep, but i dident like it too much, it was to stiff, and hard at the heelstrike, even with the soft bumpers (compered to my "old" foot) it is quite good but not as good as i was hoping =(, so i turned back to my old foot, i have also tried th Pathfinder II, it has good some goood properties, like the adjusteble pump, and the rotation, But iv couldent seam to walk comfortible in it, and iv tried all sort of alignments, but nothing seamd to work, so again, iv turned back to my old foot, and when i think of it, is really great, and really nice to walk with real smooth and soft gait. And i have also just been fitted with the Endolite TT Pro shock Absorber, and it is great :D but it is quit long so u have to have som space between the socket and the foot, with it i can jump and land on the heel and it doesent hurt at all :) and it is much comfortible walking with it, and it got some rotations, so now iv got the properies i liked from the Pathfinder and i can walk comfortible, my system looks like this: A vaccum socket, a Endolite TT Pro shock Absorber and a Freedom innovations Highlander (FS 3000) foot, its the best system i´v tried so far. this is how it looks like
  10. MiniMonkey

    Which foot to you prefer?

    oops it should be do not to, sry
  11. I was just wondering which prosthetic foot you think is the best? I have only tried 2 different feet, Ossur Sureflex, feels like a peice of wood, very stiff, it was the first foot i were fitted with. And the one i have now, Freedom-innovations Highlander (FS 3000) It is waaaaaay better then Sureflex, feels good when walking around the city, you can walk in the woods but it dont adapt so much to the uneven terrain, walking down slopes is hard. walking up slopes is not so hard. I really like that it dont weigh much, a few 100 grams. I cant jogg in it. But i dont have so much to compare it with. I would like to try all the feet that are out there to see which foot is the best for me :D , btw have anyone tested thoose sprint feets?
  12. MiniMonkey

    How "active" are you?

    Hi, i was just wondering how active you all are, like if you can run and play sports and stuff like that, iv just learnd jogging again and it feels really wierd <_<