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    Huddersfield UK
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    I enjoy keeping fit by going to the gym. I like to surf the net!!mainly for football (soccer) forums, and for anything thats intresting.

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    Below the knee, of the left leg
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    The 17th Febuary 2006
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    Due to blood clots in the leg
  1. Kimbo48

    What do you say?

    I was asked by a total stranger i was talking to last week while waiting for a train. Just told him i had my leg amputated after a accident, and the look on his face said it all.
  2. Kimbo48

    New Nerve medication -- Lyrica

    I am on 900mg of Gabapentin a day and i still get phantom pains but not every day. Maybe i should ask my doctor to prescribe me something else?.
  3. Kimbo48

    nerve bundles

    I have been having a problem on and off for two years. I am now going for a scan on my stump, and if it is a neuroma! they will either take the nerve out or freeze it.
  4. Kimbo48


    Hi Dave, i have just recently had a new foot on my leg, and i am now feeling the benefits of it. I am a BLK, and have had nothing but problems over the last two years, but now its a lot better. Its more flexable but i dont know what the name of it. If you go to the seacroft centre in Leeds like i do, i'm sure they will get it right for you
  5. Kimbo48

    Where in the UK?

    I am in Huddersfield. Hi Maggie, i go to the Seacroft centre in Leeds, and i have a swimming leg. I took it with me to France last month on holiday, and did the same last year.
  6. Kimbo48

    LEEDS limb fitting Centre

    I use the Leeds centre "Seacroft" and its fine. The staff are brilliant, and you get to know other amputees and ahave a chat.
  7. Kimbo48


    I went swimming for the first time since my amputation in the sea in France last month. With the help of my swimming leg! i managed to swim a little, and it was brilliant.
  8. Kimbo48

    One way to keep fit...

    There might be something simular in Leeds? if not! there should be for the Yorkshire and North East areas., its an area with eight million people, so there should be something?
  9. Kimbo48


    I use an escalator for the first time just before Christmas. I was on Leeds railway station, and i had no problems at all. Do some people have a problem with them?.
  10. Kimbo48


    The way things are going!! it could well end up 5-0 :o
  11. Kimbo48

    Stitches out

    Its nearly ten months now since i had my op BLK, and its been a slow process but as a lot of people on here can testify ! you cant rush things. It was three months before i went for my casting done, due to the sluffing on my stump. Once i got that sorted out? i thought that was it and i would be walking soon!! no, i had a problem with the nerve in my leg, it was catching my Fibula and causing me a lot of pain and i was unable to walk. Back to see the Prosthesist twice, and they altered my sleeve and once again i thought thats it? i'll be walking soon. This time my stump was rubbing due to the sleeve being too big! this causing the skin to rub off in several places and several blisters appeared as well. Back to see the Doctor and the Prosthetist and now i am wearing a Gell Sock, but it seems to be working and i have started walking short distances with a walking stick. I asked one of the nurses how long it would be before everything is fine? she said " It takes as long has it takes". All the best
  12. Kimbo48

    DLA (question for Brits)

    The whole benefits system is so complicated!! i had to have a benefits advisor to act on my behalf. I believe that if someone is disabled by what ever means!! they should be entitled to the same amount as other people.
  13. Kimbo48


    I am a lbk and was awarded 18 months DLA and then it will be reviewed. This falls 6 months short for me to join the motability scheme, as you need to be awarded two years or more. I will still learn to drive, and it will be in a automatic!! but i think the motability scheme is very good.
  14. Kimbo48


    I am a LBK and before my amputation!! i went to the gym five times a week. I am slowly starting to walk again, and have set myself to be back at the gym in six weeks time. I dont half miss it, and it will be hard to get back to the level of fitness i was!! but i,m just glad that i will be able to go training again, and to start swimming again too. :)
  15. Kimbo48

    Hi, everybody

    Hello Tom, and welcome to the forum. I'm a LBK from England.