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    sking accident
  1. stinker

    Bone Spurs

    It is on the outside, as for asking questions about it I do the math before going to see the doc lol. if THEY don't like what I say they can take a long ride on my upright finger lol. I ask tons of questions :). Its my right to ask :) as well yours so keep asking stuff.
  2. stinker

    Bone Spurs

    Sorry its been so long, but I have been extremely busy with to much on my plate grrrrrr lol I was told they want to cut higher, NOT lol I managed to fix up the inside of the socket to make it work for me so I am happy camper.
  3. stinker

    Bone Spurs

    I have a rather large spur on the tip of my AK and its on the right side of the stump. I am wondering if others have this problem and what was done?
  4. stinker

    The People Who Stare

    Whats up cant add pics at all no matter what I do grrrrrrrrrrrrr..
  5. stinker

    The People Who Stare

    Peeps who stare at me when I am doing this are usually watching us play :)
  6. stinker

    The People Who Stare

    ROFL....I like the camera thing and when I catch someone staring with evil in there eyes lol....I scratch another body part and that usually takes there eyes away from the leg lol....once I said see something you like??
  7. stinker

    3R60 Tech question

    Hi Ally, long tome no see but i am still around hehehehe..aboutt he knees you must first go to a store that sells hydrolic stuff and they should be able to help big time. They can no doubt tell what kind of fluid is it in to. Bring one of ur knees espically if one of them is leaking, they can look at the fluid and no doubt determine what kind it is. Dont forget to adk how much fluid is in any type od cylinder and ask if its proper to fill it completely. You might not have to do so..Heck they might even help you out in refilling it.