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  1. stinker

    Bone Spurs

    It is on the outside, as for asking questions about it I do the math before going to see the doc lol. if THEY don't like what I say they can take a long ride on my upright finger lol. I ask tons of questions :). Its my right to ask :) as well yours so keep asking stuff.
  2. stinker

    Bone Spurs

    Sorry its been so long, but I have been extremely busy with to much on my plate grrrrrr lol I was told they want to cut higher, NOT lol I managed to fix up the inside of the socket to make it work for me so I am happy camper.
  3. stinker

    Bone Spurs

    I have a rather large spur on the tip of my AK and its on the right side of the stump. I am wondering if others have this problem and what was done?
  4. stinker

    The People Who Stare

    Whats up cant add pics at all no matter what I do grrrrrrrrrrrrr..
  5. stinker

    The People Who Stare

    Peeps who stare at me when I am doing this are usually watching us play :)
  6. stinker

    The People Who Stare

    ROFL....I like the camera thing and when I catch someone staring with evil in there eyes lol....I scratch another body part and that usually takes there eyes away from the leg lol....once I said see something you like??
  7. stinker

    3R60 Tech question

    Hi Ally, long tome no see but i am still around hehehehe..aboutt he knees you must first go to a store that sells hydrolic stuff and they should be able to help big time. They can no doubt tell what kind of fluid is it in to. Bring one of ur knees espically if one of them is leaking, they can look at the fluid and no doubt determine what kind it is. Dont forget to adk how much fluid is in any type od cylinder and ask if its proper to fill it completely. You might not have to do so..Heck they might even help you out in refilling it.
  8. stinker

    my first ride

    Now Jack you be careful with that thing no wheeles hehehehe.
  9. stinker

    Happy Birthday Holly

    Belated Happy Birthday to ya Holly and many more. I do hope yo got what you want for a special day and had tons of fun. Birthdays are special there are only so many that we are allowed hehe so enjoy.
  10. stinker

    Getting walking again.

    Hello! I'm in central Illinois -smack in the middle of the state. I know what you mean about not sleeping well. I don't know the last time I really slept all night and then you get up to go to work and you are tired. I agree with everything everyone said..just have to be patient. Your wife and everyone will need to try and understand that everytime you try to do anything, you are burning energy like crazy, it can wear you out quickly. It's tough with the kids I know...maybe for a year don't coach, but go along and offer tips if they want them..or just be there if you can. Stagger Lee's comment about buying a tool box is pretty darn hilarious you have to admit! As a woman, I think it's pretty funny! Because of what has happened,it just may take you longer to get the house done now than it normally would. It will all come together. It just is tough to wait. I am impatient too. I think we all get that way, but you're going to be just fine...just don't go climbing on any ladders to work on anything yet! Woooo hooo a woman woth tools. Got to love this one lol. I do all my own carpentry andM AKA for many years. I use a table saw band saw chop saw and well most of the tools that I can get my hands on lol. I do framing and just about everything else that needs to be done here in my house. Perhaps get someone over to help you get started. There has to be someone there that can give you a hand to get started. Oh and I do go up 30 foot ladders all the time. BTW I am 58 years ole FEMALE lol good luck with this. If I was closer I would helpl out but there must be some MEN that could get of there duffs lol. After all if a woman can do it a MAN should be able to to heheheehe. Ther emust be s moe relatives or nieghbors that can help at first. My next project os to drwall the bedroom and re do it.
  11. stinker


    Good topic and tons of great answers. I am wondering if there was a fire would the insruance pay out 50000.00 if that is what you are covered for? The leg cound be paid for out of contents without them knowing. After all fruniture isn't that expensive.
  12. stinker

    Happy Birthday SusanI

    Happy Birthday susan and many more to ya. I do hope you had a real good day and had lots of fun.
  13. stinker

    Favorite Hobbies/Crafts

    Lets see hobies, I am a musician, I like to play golf, kayak, do carpentry round the house, computer stuff. Mostly general stuff I guess and oh ya riding my 4 wheeler.
  14. stinker

    Happy Birthday Kep!

    Happy Birthday Kep and many more to ya. Ya I agree a party would be nice.