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  1. keano

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    @FordGuy48 how about the heat and sweat. I do remember it (I was in Los Angeles) being very warm with the sleeve and liner. Do you get out walk much summer? Thanks
  2. keano

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Thanks @JohnnyV for the feedback. That is good tho know. @FordGuy48 Mind me asking do you have a bony limb? After sitting for a long time do you find yourself having to roll the sleeve down and pulling it up again to get it right?
  3. Do you have issues with the Triton Harmony such as puncturing the sleeve often? Or finding the vacuum no always the same? I had a harmony system awhile back and it was hit and miss. Right now have a Seal In X5 which is easy to deal with but lacks the same grip.
  4. keano

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I use used to use a Pin and then tried a harmony but had mixed feelings until we had so many problems it sat in the closet. When it worked it was good but the sleeves kept puncturing. I had to pull the sleeve down and up since I sat a lot at work. So I had to keep pulling my pants down at my cubicle LOL. I then tried a Seal-In® X5. I was good. I still get sores. Bad blisters. Does everyone go through this? Hematomas. Anyway, the Otoobock clinic near me recommended the harmony system and triton foot or a new Seal-In® X5. I am on the fence. The Seal-In X5 pops on and off easy though lacks the true snugness of the harmony but its more dependable... I hate these decisions.
  5. keano

    Prevention of Phantom Pain

    I notice for myself I get phantom pain if my limb gets very cold.
  6. keano

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    Went to see my leg guy. I brought up vacuum legs and he said he doesn't work with them since there heavier, bulkier and tear. I still am interested though. Might do a visit to another guy for opinion.
  7. when I get a new leg it takes me months to get it right. Wonder if others are the same? I am a little OCd but I am trying to get as close to normal as possible.
  8. Interesting. Good luck keep me filled in on how the fitting goes compared to the pin socket. Easier to get it right and so. does it still work the same or is the socket different for vacuum type legs?
  9. keano

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    Ah I see. What is the norm for suction if you don't have the battery type?
  10. keano

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    Charge mode. Sorry I don't have a vacuum leg what does charge refer too?
  11. Curious on who is considered really good in this line of work for someone young and athletic? Wish I could find a prosthesist who is an amputee now that would help!
  12. LOL!! Fiona I know the groan ha! they are like what is it now. But they are really nice ha! Can you ask them next time what they did and what shuttle lock you use?
  13. Is anyone here slightly bow-legged and have issues with pin sockets and feel like there tipping over slightly to the side since the socket/lock can't be pushed out enough to feel normal? does this make sense? Thanks
  14. I went to BH Prostethics seemed like good ppl but wouldn't take my insusrance.
  15. I have it turned out now but still isn't doing it. Kind of don't know what to do.
  16. Hi. The pin lock I have now is the type where it has no ridges. It is smooth and locks on somehow so you get no in-between clicks and what not. With the other lock we were able to mess with it and put a small dime like metal piece in between the lock and that made it go out further. It kind of looked awkward but felt better/stable. So I was just wondering is it just me that has this tipping issue. It isn't drastic. It is a feel thing. Slightly noticeable.
  17. keano

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    I seemed to have slowed down in shrinking. It has seemed to have stayed steady for awhile now. Slider I will ask about. I think he does use this because he says he is maxed out. He said that with a vacuum system there is more room for adjustment. Wonder if this is true. Would love to talk to another leg guy somehow email or what not to get opinions.
  18. keano

    Suspension System

    so when it lets air out as you walk do you hear it come out? that would be awkward.
  19. keano

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    What is the negative pressure system? I am a 3yr BKA. 38yo used to be very active. I use a pin socket and have typical issues. At night my leg has sores in particular areas. Sweating walking 20 minutes. Not comfortable or maybe secure is a better word because the fit or leg doesnt feel very secured to me. One of my main issues in every fit is I am a bit bow legged. With the pin socket my prosthetist said there isn't much room to move it out because the pin design goes straight down. So when I walk I feel like I am kind of slightly tipping over to the side since the prosthetic isn't out enough. Should I try and make the switch to a vacuum suspension socket? If so what type is best? My residual limb for a BKA is a little on the longer side. I just want to be active, walk without pain, and not have tipping over feeling due to being bow legged and pin socket not having the versatility to remedy this. Sorry but I have probably more bad/so-so days then good days.
  20. I am a 37 BKA and since operation 15 months ago I haven't really met another BKA. Curious on how they are doing compared to my progress etc and who they see doctor wise.
  21. I have been an amputee since March of 2005. I have just got my new socket and new foot. This is my 3rd socket. I am already wearing 10 ply in it is this normal? Also I don't feel comfortable in it. I have gone back numerous times and he is really nice guy but sometimes I wish I could get the 2 tools to make adjustments myself and have him finalize them. Can this be thought. When I walk it feels as though I am walking on the outside of the prosthetic foot. Like I on a slight downward slope if this makes sense. I am guessing that the socket is angled inward more then it should. I am slightly bowlegged but not horribly so I know thats why its that way. But I think thats the problem with me riding the outside of the foot??? And it seems looking down as I walk that the prosthetic leg shifts slightly to the middle when I walk. Rather then straight?? We have been going back and forth on the feel of the foot overall for a while now. First 2 feet didn't work but this 3rd is better. I know if I bring it up he will say no that not the problem your leg nees to do that for your shape. I would just like to get a second opinion and pay for it myself to try out my idea for whats might work. But when I call prosthesists they want medical coverage even though I am willing to pay for a visit.