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  1. sForza

    Marilyn's Absense

    My deepest condolences for your loss. It seem of late that life is giving you more strife than one deserves, stay strong and keep hope alive. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. sForza

    The journey has now begun

    I think she'll be fine, just give her time, you actually don't want to put on weight too rapidly as it's bad for the body. I've been putting on about 2lbs every week which is a nice steady pace, I'm still techniquely about 15lbs "underweight" but given time I'll get back up to around a "proper" weight, so will she. Anorexia isn't something that you can really test for, especially given the physiological and psychological changes she's experiencing, any "test" would be a fall-positive. If you're worried then pay close attention to her behavior patterns. If she's eating large amounts then purging, this would be Bulimia, if she's showing clear signs of hunger but refuses to eat, this could be Anorexia. It was about 3 days post-op before I was really ready for a full meal, I just had absolutely no appitite (not to mention hospital food isn't a far cry from prison food). If she was Anorexic, she'd probably be overlooking the amputation and focusing her attention on her weight. I'm only guessing, but I'd say when she looks in the mirror, she's concerned with the loss of a limb and focused on recovery, and not her dress size. An Anorexic may even seem oblivious and distant to the amputation process and view it as a positive development as it is a definate decrease in weight, and a way to get attention. A true Anorexic has blinders on to any aspects of life which don't have to do with weight, on the issue of weight and body image... they are obsessed. Everyone copes differently, it might take a while, but she'll bounce back. As long as there aren't any severe negative changes to her core behavioral patterns, then Victoria will be fine. -Sam
  3. sForza

    Lightning (Thunder and)

    You should be pretty safe, perhaps more so than a "normal" leg since carbon is a horrible conductor of energy/electricity, so are rubber and silicone as you are probably already aware. Nevertheless, being in any open field during a TS isn't a good idea, especially when swinging a golf club around.
  4. sForza

    The journey has now begun

    Hi, I'm glad Victoria is on the mend. I'm curious of who diagnosed her as Anorexic, was it a Psychologist/Psychiatrist, or just her Orthopedic or General doctor? The reason I ask is because from the pictures you've posted, she is nowhere near anorexic, and I'm saying this as someone with a degree in Psychology and my wife is a Psychologist. It's is very "normal" to lose weight after a major surgery especially an amputation, I'm normally about 160lbs and 3%-4% body fat, after surgery I was at 123lbs. The drugs she's on and all that's involved with the surgery itself tend to decrease the patient's appetite, and a decline in weight after such an event as an amputation is unlikely due to a suddon onset of anorexia. She may feel depressed or not have much desire to eat, but that doesn't mean she is anorexic. It seems as if the doctor is using the condition for shock value in order to get her to eat more, while a proper high-carb diet will facilitate a more speedy recovery, the use of scare tatics in this case would be quite unethical, especially if given by a doctor without proper knowledge of mental health. I could be wrong, I haven't personally observed her, but from the photos at least, a diagnosis of anorexia seems highly inaccurate to say the least. Good luck and well wishes for both you and Victoria. -Sam
  5. sForza

    Right Around the Corner, Roz!

    Best of wishes and health to you Roz, before you know it you'll be walking! -Samuele
  6. sForza

    Irate Would Be Driver!

    Well, "adapt and overcome" you'll get through it. Any time my wife or I are frusterated about "The System/The Man" I remind ourselves where we live, what we earn, our (now) good health, and I say "at least we're not in Iraq!"
  7. sForza

    Irate Would Be Driver!

    I understant the the situation sucks, but what would suck more is getting in an accident potentially causing more harm to yourself or others. Pardon me for saying so, but your signiture says that you've been an amputee for almost a year, the legistics of driver recertification could have been taken care of monthes ago, could it not?
  8. sForza

    Irate Would Be Driver!

    I don't really see a problem, it's logical that if one looses the limb used to make a car go and stop, they should be required to be recertified to ensure the amputee is safe to drive.
  9. sForza


    Buon compleanno ragazza, tanti auguri a te! Don't get TOO drunk.
  10. I can't wait until I can drive and get used to my leg, them I'm buying this... Toyota FJ Cruiser http://www.mobilewhack.com/reviews/fj%20cr...2%20(Small).jpg
  11. sForza

    Entice me

    I'd say we're relatively close (about 20mi give or take) although yesterday at 3:00pm it took 1:10 to go about 10 miles from our house to Hanger Prosthetics (south of the 110/10 interchange) for my first appointment with them. Yeah, gotta love L.A. traffic! When it comes time to get my perminent legs I think I'll go to the Hanger in Irvine, it usually only takes about 40min to get down there in bad traffic and my wife's family lives mostly in Newport and Laguna. I don't get inland much, I bet it's been uber-hot where you are. We were at about 97F-100F for a while, now it's about 80F and it seems cold. I wonder how many other members are in the greater L.A. area?
  12. sForza

    Entice me

    Yea, usually that's a good thing, as long as it's not a cheezy celebrity (I won't name names). We go to most of the movie premiers in Westwood as our schedule allows and at the afterparties we've met some very cool, and very NOT COOL movie stars. Be my guest.
  13. sForza

    Entice me

    Yes, pretty much the whole world IS experiencing higher than normal heat of late. The majority of the land mass in the southern hemisphere as well as population lays north of 23.5S, and is quite warm despite the "winter" season.
  14. sForza

    Entice me

    Sounds about like Seattle, I do like the climate ofthe British Isles especially the foggy north, but I couldn't live there, to me 75-80 is boarderline chilly/luke warm. It seems as if the whole world is in a heat wave at the moment, it got up to 100F today (120F in some places), we got back from a BBQ in Hunnington Beach with a bunch of family, at about 11:00pm it was 74F. Feel free to send some of that cool breeze my way. B)
  15. sForza

    Entice me

    What's do you consider "warm and sunny" in your parts? Me... I need a mediterranean climate 24/7, I moved from Seattle (Capitol Hill and Medina) for that very reason. I need to be able to hop on a bike at 4am and ride 60mi or go surfing at dawn in 65-70 degree weather.