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  1. Hi, I have been a member of this forum for some time, originally joining on behalf of a very close friend who did not have access to the net, but now sadly is no longer with us. I have remained a member, finding some of the topics both interesting and informative, but to date have not felt either qualified or the need to respond. However regarding this thread I would like to say that I am in 100% agreement with Linda. The greatest assett we have at our disposal is choosing to be involved or otherwise in events taking place in the world around us, that is providing they are legal!!. Interestingly there were reports in the UK media a few years ago of 'Playboy' featuring a paraplegic model, all of which were positive and praising the furthur integration of disabled people into a world that still sadly lacks a breadth of mind on this issue. I would wish this particular lady the very best. I see in reports on the net that she is already a neophyte model and branching out in this direction should be seen as a part of her career development. Finally there was as I remember a thread on this site about Amy Purdey, which said she was taking advantage of being an amputee to star in a film. I don't remember this getting any criticism. Each to their own but please remember it's a big real world out there. Bob. (waiting for the flak).