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    Proseal Socket from Otto Bock

    From the 2 people I have seen with it, I am yet to see a long term successful socket. Difficult to make it tight enough to keep the seal I think.
  2. ali.hall

    Where in the UK?

    Hi and welcome :) I am an RBK for 12 years and the best way I have found is to go to the ladder at the side, grab with both hands up high, put good leg on bottom step, pull up and then push my stump onto the next step (just below the knee where the bar in the socket pushes onto the edge of the step) and use that to move the good leg up higher. Works well for me anyway.
  3. ali.hall

    Ellen from Holland

    Will do :) but welcome Ellen. I've had my share of ups and downs, but generally good. Keeping busy as ever. Speak up more often.
  4. ali.hall

    Ellen from Holland

    Hi Neal, I just loiter around every so often and say something and disappear again. I am finished and now a fully qualified fitter working in London. I have just been working away and getting up to mischief. How are you?
  5. ali.hall

    Ellen from Holland

    Hi and welcome, I'm Ali and am from Ireland. I am also 24 but I have only been an amp for 12 years (right below knee).
  6. ali.hall

    Rheo 2 Knee

    I haven't used one (mainly as I am a BK) but I am also a prosthetist and we were demonstrated it by Ossur. It looks like a fantastic piece of kit. If you are fit and active I believe it to be the superior product to the C-Leg. It doesn't offer any of the stability of a C-Leg, but it was designed to do that. The guy that came to demo for us could throw it around really well, had full confidence in the knee when weight bearing and it allowed him excellent movement, including running. He was an excellent user however and has been wearing Rheos right from the off, I would imagine it takes a lot of training to get to that level, it definitely isn't a bolt on and off you go job. As long as it doesn't break down as much as the old Rheo then it will be a great product, if I was an AK I would want one.
  7. ali.hall

    Lubricating a suction liner

    Anything that will evaporate away, alcohol wipes work well as do the hand sanitising alcohol gels!
  8. ali.hall

    Help....too many feet!

    Hi there. This is an ankle joint that bolts onto any foot with a pyramid adapter: http://www.endolite.com/ankles_brio.php and if you want lots of multi-axial movement, bolt it onto this: http://www.endolite.com/foot_epirus.php Worth a try since you have tried most of the other big players :) Ali
  9. ali.hall

    When to make a change???

    These things take time, quite often feet that feel better because they are softer will cause socket problems because of the same reason, especially in recent amps. If the original foot was going fine then it might be worth going back and letting your stump recover and become stronger. Walk before you run and all that :)
  10. ali.hall

    What foot arou wearing?e y

    Echelon or Talux, depending on my mood :)
  11. ali.hall

    Seattle Catalyst

    I think a lot of emphasis is put on the hardware to get you walking. In the first couple of years you are best to take something like the catalyst and use it to gain your strength, then you will know better what your limitations are and look at how to improve your walking with a more specialized foot. A good walker can walk on any foot well, it just takes the will in your head to improve, remember the foot doesn't walk for you, you only get back what you put in and in the early stages, you wont be able to put in very much when it comes to the high end feet.
  12. ali.hall

    Any travel hints for a newbie?

    I am the same as you Fiona, and no accidents in 10 1/2 years, touch wood :D I usually put my good leg in the bath and then take my leg off when my good leg is in the bath or shower. I then prop this near enough to the shower so I can put it on straight after my shower, having a towel handy is essential too. As for legs, I use a tennis bag, like the one the pros use to carry multiple rackets. It is the perfect shape and also gets a great convo going with the people at the airport. Telling the lie that I am Britain's number 7 always works well! So far no problems with this either, maybe I am just very lucky though :D Whatever the problems, you will always find a way round them, just don't give up. We can tell you all our ideas, and then you will go somewhere with a different problem and have to make up a new technique anyway. Just go for it and have no obstacles!
  13. ali.hall

    Travel shower chairs??

    There is a very quick and reliable transport link to the centre of London so staying in the suburbs is usually nicer. The restaurants and bars will be cheaper also. Go west, as the Pet Shop Boys sang :D
  14. ali.hall

    Conscious about body "image"

    I agree completely with this. My leg isn't covered up and it never will be, my leg is much cooler than anyone else walking down the street, why would I want to cover it up? I think this acceptance has largely come from America, over there, more people stay uncovered than get it covered.
  15. ali.hall

    Travel shower chairs??

    Sometimes you can use the bin turned upside down, unless it is one of those really small ones! I always try and balance in the shower, with minimal falling so far.
  16. ali.hall

    vari-flex foot

    To the original guy, hi and have a look at the College Park Tru Step (http://www.college-park.com/trustep.html) - if you are likely to be stepping on uneven ground and/or ropes and wires and the like, then this is a very good foot. It has two very wide prongs at the front that mean they can move up and down different amounts. The place where I found it very useful was an electrician who had problems with stepping on wires losing his balance. This foot worked really well for him.
  17. ali.hall

    Water/beach activity leg

    Be careful, it is an expensive mistake to put right. You can get covers for it but I am not sure how effective they are. The new C-Leg will be water resistant from what I know however.
  18. ali.hall

    New LBKA & Foot

    All you get with the mechanical joint is more side to side compliance, which you get with the Esprit foot in the Echelon anyway, there really isn't that much difference (except the price). Both give passive ankle motion front and back. Epirus is just like a Multiflex ankle with an Esprit foot really. It has to be said, they are all pretty good feet though, even the Esprit. Nice compliance and good energy return. With a torque adapter, all would perform well on the golf course.
  19. ali.hall

    New LBKA & Foot

    Echelon has no torsional element (as said before). Epirus is similar to the Echelon except with a mechanical ankle joint, not hydraulic. The Esprit is the same as both those feet, without the ankle joints. Otto Bock do stand alone torsion adapters it you want to try different feet. The TruStep has very good uneven ground compliance so a similar foot is the Ossur Talux, which I will be trying next, after the Echelon. When I put it on for a wee dander, everyone (prosthetists and physios) were saying I was walking better than ever before in it, I wasn't vaulting which I do with all feet, even the Echelon. It would be good for golf as you can stand with your foot at any angle, and it is flat on the ground, something none of the Endolite feet will properly do. It has some Polyurethane membrane between the carbon fibre plates to let it do this. The foot I used to wear for golf was the Ossur Ceterus, which has an integrated torque absorber, it was pretty good, but once trying other feet, I much preferred them :D. Hope this helps, oh and welcome.
  20. ali.hall

    Exercise- what works best?

    Some people are currently working on a guide to show what are the effective exercises for an amputee to pursue on a Nintendo Wii and WiiFit. It is a surprisingly good piece of kit to help build your core stability and muscles!
  21. You picked a good time to come over anyway, I was just out for a run in the park and it is beautiful weather :D
  22. ali.hall

    suction fit

    That cream is good for your skin and it helps the flowing properties of a TEC liner however it is no use for silicone liners, which need a spray that will evaporate (such as the alcohol sprays like Ossur sell) or else you will have a sliding surface and cause high levels of friction.
  23. ali.hall

    how do people beat the snow?

    or as Trekkie said really
  24. ali.hall

    how do people beat the snow?

    You can get special add ons for your shoes that have spikes in the bottom of them. You basically clip them onto your normal shoes and they give loads of support in the snow and the ice. My friend in Canada uses them all the time, and they work great for him. You will fall if you use them on paving slab though
  25. ali.hall

    echelon foot

    This does look like a great foot, I am desperate to try it out. From what I can see, it will be as good, if not better than the proprio and at half the price, that is good going. This does mean it will be a walking foot though, not for hill walking, etc, which is where this would be really helpful. One worry is that it is a hydraulic unit, which famously break down, but they have given a 3 year warranty on it, so they must be pretty confident with it. I will try my hardest to get one to try out anyway, and will let you know what I think if I do get one.