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  1. Tom

    muscle pain

    Your trouble sounds a lot like mine. Well, I've had issues with the muscle in the same area of my stump, I'm a RBK, this has been a problem for many years. I had a tendon removed back in '96, that helped some, but not completely. I have less problem with it since I've been in the Harmony leg. I really believe this was due to many years of "pistoning" with all my previous legs, which was always a problem for me with other issues like skin problems. It was a few years before this started being a problem for me! Hope you can get the problem rectified, please post if you do!
  2. Tom

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    I just got the same system you've got and love it. What happened to the liners? I've had the Harmony system for 3 years now, and this is the best leg I have ever had, and I've had a bunch! Yes, there were some issues at first, but OttoBock fixed the problems. I have only had a problem with one liner, it tore, but not one problem since then! And let me tell you, the the ProFlex sleeve is the best sleeve I have ever had, my last one lasted a year! They have made great strides in improving this system! I did have to have the pump rebuilt after two years, but they sent a loaner to use until it was finished. It still worked fine, just got noisy. Your prosthetist needs to deal with them. Oh, and Ohio Willowood, now that's bad!
  3. Tom

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    I have been using the new OttoBock ProFlex Sleeve, with more flex in the knee/brim area, this has been the best sleeve I've had, been almost two months, and not one issue. I can feel the difference in the knee area, maybe OttoBock found the cure for us active folks! It is also lighter. http://ottobockus.com/products/patient_com...on_products.asp Okay, update on this post. I got a year out of the ProFlex sleeve, this is the best, longest sleeve, great job OttoBock. The old ones would just last a few months!