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    Yes, I have that done to all my jeans/slacks. Works great.
  2. ValkF6

    Are you active with your kind of amputation?

    Judy, the foot sounds like an Echelon and you're going to love that and the vacuum suspension. I think it's about 80% of a real leg.
  3. ValkF6

    Reusing old prosthetic parts

    I return the used parts that I no longer need to my prosthetist who is involved in charity work and makes good use of them.
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    I recently got a leg I had to pay for totally, and I was unable to learn or even understand how much the components cost and how much the labor cost. Billing for these things has grown up around the way insurance companies will accept it and as best I could figure out, they started out with the cost of a 1970 leg (SACH foot and all) and then added on all kinds of surcharges. Some things (feet for example) got charged more than once. When I wanted to try out different feet, the price didn't change even though the cost of the different feet varied widely, according to rumor. My guy finally said, "Look, I'll just charge you 75 percent of what I'd charge the insurance company." So I agreed. The prosthetic industry has done a wonderful job of hiding the cost of everything. I've spent a long time looking and have been unable to find the cost of much of anything. Even socks. It's a clear example of one of the things that's wrong with the healthcare industry (US) where the customer has no effect or even concern about what things cost.
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    Sweating in liner

    Certain Dri works pretty well, put it on at night and you'll be in good shape the next day. ... Tom
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    Hi I am a new amputee

    Just another motorcycle rider who lost his left leg in the accident, July of 2005. Gee, there's more of us than anybody thought? ;-)
  7. ValkF6

    A Philosophical Question...

    IMHO, don't ignore your dreams. The apartment you're looking at in the city isn't the only one there, perhaps something more appropriate will come along. We all wind up managing to function in our living spaces (even if they aren't ideal) with a little creativity and accommodation. Perhaps this might be the time to try out that city lifestyle to see if it's as good as you imagine. You can always move again if the inconvenience of your apartment outweighs that.
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    New to the site, and I have questions

    You'll turn into as much of an evangelist as the rest of us with an EV system. It's hard to understand the degree of improvement until you actually experience it. Good luck.
  9. ValkF6

    New to the site, and I have questions

    Hi, Caper, I lost my left leg BK for the same reason you did and at about the same time. I started out with a pin-lock liner suspension and had good success with it for several years, but like you, I had some issues with sweating (Certain-Dri didn't help very much unfortunately) and overall stump health because of pulling on the skin. When I played golf, I had to take the liner off every three holes to dry it. Four months ago, I got a new leg that started off with a custom-made Otto Bock poly liner. My leg guy cast my stump in plaster just like he would for a socket and then sent it off to Bock to produce the liner. He added some extra poly material to protect areas that have been vulnerable for me. When the liner arrived, he cast for a socket over the liner, resulting in a socket that perfectly matches the liner with my leg in it. The next part of the solution was an elevated vacuum socket sealed up with a Bock ProFlex sleeve. There are a couple of companies making the vacuum pumps, both manual and electric (I use the Bock Harmony system manual pump) and I don't think it makes much difference the way you go. Vacuum is vacuum. Now I had to pay for this new leg out of my own pocket, and I've never regretted spending the money. The improvement in my stump health is incredible, I had several deep folds that are actually smoothing themselves out over time. Sweating is still a problem, but much less so than before. But the biggest improvement was in what they call proprioception, the sensation of knowing where your limb is in space. I could drive a stick shift car before, but was always uncomfortable with the idea, now it's no problem at all. The golf game is improving with the confidence of being able to get my weight shifted to the left side, not worrying about crumpling to the ground as happened a couple of times with the old leg. The best description I've heard of the difference between the two suspensions is that pin-lock is like holding a hammer upside-down with your fingertips and EV is like holding it normally in your hand. It's a far superior way of connecting a prosthesis to your stump.
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    Harmony vs LimbLogic

    Hi, Roz. Let me second Stubby's suggestion on the Otto Bock ProFlex sleeve, I ride a bike with it a lot and there's no problem with getting holes in it from bumps. It's very durable and flexible. Bending your knee can be restricted by three things: the sleeve, the liner and the socket. If it's the socket, your prosthetist can cut it down some in the back, although they're reluctant to do that because they fear a loss of stability. Just insist. The ProFlex sleeve solves the sleeve part and I'm using a custom-made Bock liner which bunches up a bit but works well enough. I hope the pin-lock system works for your bike riding, but I switched to an elevated vacuum socket from pin-lock and will never go back.
  11. ValkF6

    Skin Issues

    Thanks for the suggestion, Maggie, I'll ask the prosthetist about Silipos socks. I'm glad at least 50 percent of the riders on that motorcycle escaped unscathed. ;-)
  12. ValkF6

    Skin Issues

    I just got a new socket and have a similar problem when playing golf and sweating a lot. The prosthetist said it was a water blister and suggested that I try adding a sock when that happens. That doesn't seem to help much. He did say to not pop the blister, just let it alone. After a couple of weeks of this, a lot of dead skin is flaking off and it seems to be getting better. I try to make sure my stump isn't sitting in a pool of sweat for too long at a time, drying it off every couple of holes. I never stayed off the leg because of it.
  13. ValkF6

    Harmony vs LimbLogic

    Karla, you are going to be absolutely amazed at how much better an elevated vacuum system is than the pin-lock. There are so many areas of improvement, many of them small yet significant, that I wish I'd had this kind of leg all along. It feels like the leg is a part of me, not just something hanging off the stump. I take a half-mile walk each day, something I couldn't do before without causing minor damage and having to recuperate for a bit. I can sit to drive a car or in a restaurant without getting uncomfortable after five minutes or so. I played golf both days this past weekend without getting completely wiped out. But the best thing is that my stump is getting healthier. I've got skin grafts and had some folds on one side that would get stressed and bleed occasionally, and the vacuum is pulling those folds out, making it smoother with less to go wrong. I couldn't be happier with the way things are working out. If only my insurance had paid for it instead of me, it'd be perfect.
  14. ValkF6

    Harmony vs LimbLogic

    HI EVERYONE! Thanks for all the input. I'm still trying to decide between Harmony and LimbLogic. I really don't like a noisy leg. I also am interested in the perfect stride foot. I'm not sure I would have enough room for Harmony + Perfect Stride foot as I am 5'2" at most. Can anyone who uses LimbLogic + Perfect Stride tell me about their system. I have been wearing the urethane Ottobock liner now for 11 years and am pretty happy with it. However they have recently been making them much thinner and I do not like that. I like the thicker urethane. My prosthetist just casted me last week for a custom urethane liner and I'm hoping it will be thicker. Thanks again for all information shared. Karla I just got the Harmony manual system with a PerfectStride foot a month ago. Like you, I didn't want the noise of the pump running at an inappropriate moment, and the manual pump has been just fine so far. The PS foot is pretty tall, so space may be an issue for you. But just to get a comparison, I tried another foot, Bock's Trias+. The second I tried the leg on, I told the prosthetist to send back the PerfectStride. It's much heaver than the Trias, at least a pound, and I didn't see any increase in function that would justify that kind of weight. Vacuum is vacuum, and whichever way you go, an elevated vacuum system is a magnitude better than my old liner with pin lock.
  15. ValkF6

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    Wayne's in San Francisco and I'm in Virginia Beach with a leg guy I'm really happy with, but thanks for the suggestion. I hope the new setup works out well for you.
  16. ValkF6

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    I just got the same system you've got and love it. What happened to the liners?
  17. ValkF6

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    How many cost an artificial limb of foot ВК with system the Harmony and foot Trias 7 I'm getting the Harmony with a different foot tomorrow and it's costing me $16,000 U.S.
  18. ValkF6

    Harmony vs LimbLogic

    2) if you get a pinhole leak in the sleeve, it will run constantly, unless you shut it off, and then you'll have zero vacuum when walking (with the manual Harmony you at least get a "pump" on each step, even it the vacuum does quickly bleed off). People carry a tube of super glue with them to make pinhole repairs.
  19. ValkF6

    Harmony vs LimbLogic

    I've just started the fitting process for the Harmony manual vacuum system. Last week there was a seminar here with two folks from Otto Bock and two amputees who had the system, and I'm convinced enough to spend my own money on it. Both users had had the system for about a month and both were very enthusiastic about it. They said the attachment was so good that the extra weight made absolutely no difference. I picked up one of the legs and compared it to my pin-lock leg with a Ceterus foot and couldn't tell any real weight difference anyway. Two disadvantages of the electric pumps for me were the random noise when pumping and the need to re-charge the batteries every other night or so. Jerry, the Otto Bock guy who has been a BK amputee for 40 years, was using the manual version and said that vacuum is vacuum, he liked the simplicity and durability of the manual unit. Like you, Karla, the skin stretching of a pin-lock system limited the amount of walking I could do. My goal is to be able to walk a golf course again, and I wasn't getting there. I watched a video of the fitting process (at http://www.alloro.biz/case_studies/otto-bock-harmony-01.htm) and at the end, the prosthetist was told to have the client "walk around for three hours" to see how things were working. There's no way I can walk for three hours on what I've got now, so this has got to be a big improvement.
  20. ValkF6

    Sleeve Art

    Fred charges you $30. I did my last leg by buying 1/2 yard of material I liked for $3.
  21. ValkF6

    Ooch! Ouch!! Waah!!!

    Here in the Colonies, Juzo is a brand of stump shrinker. ;) Good luck with your golf. I just broke 90 for the first time since the accident two years ago. You'll get back out there again. ... Tom
  22. Beth Marie, I'm also pretty computer-literate and I also find this forum very difficult to use. All depends on what you're used to, I guess. The best I've been able to figure out is to click on "View New Posts" and go through them that way. I still don't know how to know if someone has responded to one of my posts.
  23. Funny post, but why is the Iceross liner better than the Alpha?
  24. The Alpha liner pin locking system is the only suspension system I've ever had. It's secure, the liner is easy on my skin-grafted stump and I've never had a liner that deteriorated to the point of being unusable. It's hard to imagine that anything else would work better.
  25. ValkF6

    How can we stop this?

    Amen to that - as soon as the job is done. If we could define what finishing the job means. The definition keeps changing with the mission.