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  1. TinTin

    Where in the UK?

    Hi everyone, Have been a RBK amputee since Nov 2000 due to cancerous tumor. I live in near Accrington Lancs and attend Preston Limb Centre
  2. TinTin

    American Idol Comment Demeaning Amputees

    I dont know what you must all think of Anne Robinson then from the Weakest Link aka the Queen of Mean I dont intend to open another can of worms but her intentional witty quips or those that dont take them as such, far exceed Simon Cowells comment by a mile. The mole hill has turned into a mountain, lets keep it in context. :lol:
  3. TinTin

    make me welcome??

    Hello and welcome :) :) :)
  4. TinTin

    Are you happy

    I think that's a real valid point Jim. There ARE good prosthetists out there and I bet the good and the very good outweigh the bad ones. My fella is an awesome guy and makes good legs. We really take them for granted sometimes and I'd personally like to hear more good stories about our limb makers :) Cat Absolutely Cat. I have no idea of percentages, but I would imagine that the good ones far outweigh the bacd ones by a long shot. Unfortunately, like everything else, they don't get the attention. Bad news always travels further and faster than the good news. My hat is off to them, without which I would still be crawling around. Sorry if I sounded ungrateful, just getting it off my chest LOL TinTin.
  5. TinTin

    Are you happy

    Ain,t that the truth, spot on Jim. I am due to go to my local centre shortly to review my situation. I think they are so fed up with me, that they dont want to treat me further, but no more than I want them to !!! I am suffering vascular problems in my stump and I am waiting results of an MRI scan. I feel that this is a consequence of tight fitted sockets. I also had an Elation foot that was adjusted two years ago and caused me horrific pain from then on. 10 wks down the line and umpteen appointments after seeing various pros, I had to fathom out myself what was causing this pain. By then it was too late and the damage was done - icy cold stump and muscle completely deteriorated. I was at rock bottom for months as I couldn.t bear any weight when wearing my prosthesis.I decided to try and rebuild the muscles back up by flexing the muscles in my stump. I was told by a couple of "professionals" that this was not possible. I carried on regardless and have recovered about 25% muscle which has made things a bit easier. The worst bit is the bottom of my stump, the scar line which I could once see, is now at the back of my stump along with the muscle gain. I am now in a position whereby it is not just a question of finding a decent prosthetist.My stump is so painful now that it will be difficult to obtain a comfortable fit wherever I go. I was told by one consultant that wearing a very tight socket would not affect my vascular system. This doesn,t sound right to me, what do you think? Sorry to rant but like Jim says in this kind of situation don,t walk Runnnnnnn :( TinTin
  6. TinTin

    operation now next week rbk

    Raven, I had acupuntunture prior to my amp. I have a close friend who is an acupunturist and she treated me for fear. I was as cool as a cucumber the morning of my amp and slept like a baby the night before. I woke up in the recovery room , literally sat up and had a natter with the nurse about acupuncture. I didn,t need to go to the scheduled high dependancy unit. I went straight back on to the ward, had a dish of rice pudding and stayed awake all day much to the disbelief of all the staff. You can always book yourself in at one of the acupuncturists which are usually located in shopping centres. I dont know how much they cost. but if the jitters get too much, I should think it will be money well spent.I earned the title of wonder woman and all the other patients said I looked as though I,d had an holiday instead of an amputation. I hope all goes as well for you. The best of luck TinTin
  7. TinTin

    Are you happy

    my last six limbs have been atrocious. Like Rachel I have been led to believe this is my fault. This is certainly not the case. My first socket, I could have fit into it twice, my second was far too tight and I was told to break it in gradually. A year later a different Pros measured it and said its way too tight. The shape of the third one didn,t match the shape of my stump at all. The fourth was very tight at the top and loose at the bottom The fifth one again did not resemble the shape of my stump and was so heavy I couldn,t put one leg in front of the other. The six one which I have been wearing for two years was cast and a check socket made so that I wore a thick and thin terry sock to cushion my raw stump.I couldn,t get any socks on the finished item and I had to remove the pads to get into it. My stump has suffered the consequences of ill fitting limbs as well as my joints due to poor alignment. I went to another centre and they tried a suction limb which was a good fit but due to the pain in my stump I have to take my prosthesis off a lot and found this inconvenient especially when outdoors with this type of limb. I have felt in the depths of despair at times and cant help wondering why the fit of the sockets has been so bad. I know I am not being fussy in expecting a good fitting socket as I see it as a necessity. I have seen various prosthetists at my centre and this adds to their reasoning that it is me being a problem patient but I can,t say its a good fit when it is anything but. I sailed through my amputation due to cancer but the limb fitting saga has been something else - square peg round hole syndrome LOL. If anyone else has had this type of problem I,d love to know. :(
  8. TinTin

    The journey has now begun

    I,ve just read your story and found it inspirational.Anne you have done a terrific job in supporting vicki, I lost my mother before my amputation and I desparately wished she could have been there for me ,as in times such as this we all need our mothers. Keep up the good work. I have a very close family who gave me tremendous support and for those who have to cope alone, this wonderful forum is a blessing. :)
  9. TinTin

    Gentle Relief

    I had a blocked artery in my stump and had to have an angioplasty last year. I had a pretty bad experience and have recently found out that I have another blockage. I came across this website http://www.vitamincfoundation.org/ and thought it was worth giving it a go. I have a neuroma in my stump and found that the doses of Vit C gave me huge relief with the pain and the tingling.I was wondering if it may be useful for you guys with phantom pains, I.m all for avoiding prescription meds wherever possible. I rubbed my stump literally day and night for 6 weeks after my amp and told myself that this was now the end of my leg. I fortunately have never had phantom limb pain and don,t know if it is cos this worked or I.m just lucky.
  10. TinTin

    NHS Leg

    I have only had one low definition cosmetic cover which also made the prosthesis feel much heavier. I wore an elation foot at the time and the cover caused the ankle to become rigid and so it had to be removed. The colour was nothing like my remaining leg anyway so I found it pointless I do however wish the pop socks were more flesh coloured and not that awful orange colour. I have recently had a foam covering on my latest limb and that felt much heavier. My prosthetist looked at me like I was stupid when I told him.He said the weight was minimal but it didn,t feel that way to me. I got used to it after a week or so. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. I tend to lose my balance if I take a step and my prosthetic foot decides to have a mind of its own and go in the opposite direction :lol:
  12. Has anyone had problems getting a good fitting socket? I,m a BK amp of almost 6yrs.Once shrinkage stabilized I have had half a dozen Iceross limbs made and the finished product on receipt has been far too big, too tight, or not fit to wear at all. Am I on my own??? :(