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    pressure wound - socket

    Dear all, Thank you very much for you help. I'll try and let you all know. Warm hug Isabel
  2. Isabel Maria

    pressure wound - socket

    Hi, My name is Isabel and I live in Belgium. I lost my leg (hip desarticulation) due to an accident. I have been facing serious problems related with a kind of "permanent" wound pressure. This is due to the fact that the bone is to close to the skin. I want to believe that the solution must be on a new socket since there is not must left to cut. Nor in Belgium neither in Netherlands they were able to find me a solution. I am wonderring if someone could advice me on how to procede or recommend a center which could have some expertise on this kind of problems. Please. Thanks in advance for all your attention, Isabel
  3. Isabel Maria

    Hip disarticulation

    Hello Tracy and Mandy, Thank you very much for your reply and help. Best regards, Isabel
  4. Isabel Maria

    Hip disarticulation

    Hi again, I had a hip desarticulation following a accident. I would like to find out where to go to have the best and updated prosthetics. At the momment I am working in Brussels (Belgium). I visited some centers here but they were not able to offer me improvements. I have found a center http://www.awardprosthetics.com/frames.html the problem is...it is in Canada. I am sure that I can find something in Europe. I would appreciate any info that anyone might have. Best wishes, Isabel
  5. Isabel Maria


    Hello, Thank you very much for your reply. I live in Brussels and I will try to find here the products that you have mentioned. My best wishes for all, Isabel
  6. Isabel Maria


    I am pleased to have access to this forum. I am wondering if someone could help me and provide information/ experiences on pressure ulcers. I would appreciate any info. Thanks in advance. Isabel