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  2. Cassie T

    Wife of amputee seeks advice

    Hi, everyone! Missy, I am at work and can't say much right now, but I had to respond to your post. My hubby, Shane, lost his left leg several inches above the knee in August of 2005. 100% someone else's fault, with the other party taking no responsibility financially for the accident while we suffer every day for it. I understand anger and bitterness. Shane deals with it better than I do. The first several months were very tough, with his phantom pains and his daily struggle to just get by alone while I was at work. Shane also was very active, and the doctors warned me that he would have a much harder time dealing with the amputation than a more sedentary person. I found this forum while hubby was still in the hospital, and it really helped me understand what we had to deal with going forward. I encouraged Shane to participate in the forum, but it was several months before he even looked at it. Since that time he has become a regular, sharing both the good and the bad with others here. Your hubby sounds like he is dealing okay and moving forward. Those breakdowns are a necessary part of the process, as long as they aren't totally disabling. As for the counseling, I wouldn't count it out. One or both of you may seek it out eventually, though I agree it isn't for everyone. You just do what feels right and keep on moving forward. The fact that your husband has a wonderfully loving, accepting wife like you is a huge help to him. I'm sure of it. Keep talking and reading on this forum. If you can get him to participate he will see what a great resource the people here can be. Cassie
  3. Cassie T


    Thanks for the happy wishes, y'all. For those who don't know (Jim!), I am Shane's wife of 16 years. Picture a tired, mud-spattered woman carrying body parts and gas cans and you've got me - Shane's race slave. Of course, we're enjoying the "off season" right now, so I have no excuse. I haven't been on the forum lately, but do enjoy hearing what's going on with you all. Shane keeps me updated. Again, thanks so much for the birthday greetings. Cassie
  4. Cassie T

    Hi, all. Time to introduce myself.

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I do expect to see some of you at the ACA conference next year. Cass
  5. Cassie T

    Hi, all. Time to introduce myself.

    Glad to know you all. I know most of your stories, as I read on here nealry every day. Shane talks about you, too. In another thread, Shane said I am his rock. Ahh, and he is my water. Often turbulent, he loves to "rock the boat." Sometimes stagnant. :P But most often he is deep and calm, with that perfect flow that trickles down, beautiful & soothing. He calms me when I get overwhelmed and outraged. I hope I do the same for him. Am I being too corny? I don't mean to. Now I have to address the question of what made his chin explode. I'll have to think about that one a little longer. Give me time, and I'm sure you'll hear all sorts of things! Cassie
  6. I don't know why I haven't introduced myself yet. You all are an important part of everyday life in my household, and you don't even know me. I am Shane's wife of 16 years, and his biggest fan, AKA Race Slave. I read the posts on this forum for entertainment and to silently cheer on those who struggle through every day. And it's like reading Shane's journal. I get to know that "new" side of him a little better. Nice to meet you. Cass
  7. Cassie T

    Question for all AK's and BK's

    Oh, I KNOW Shane would be there!