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  1. Heather is featured on the cover of the March 17th issue of HELLO! Although it is a UK magazine, it is also available in the US at newsstands that sell foreign publications.
  2. Heather it was very kind of you to post the thank you message. You have done so much for others and have touched the lives of so many. You deserve to be treated with respect and admired for your hard work. I hope that Fiona and Paul's words will soften people's hearts and open their minds and bring and end to the neagtive and spiteful press. All the best, ~Tashi
  3. Heather is to receive the award today at a ceremony in Washington, DC. Congratulations Heather! :D News
  4. Photo Britain's Queen Elizabeth © talks to British model Kate Moss (L), author J K Rowling (2nd L), landmine campaigner Heather Mills-McCartney (2nd R) and singer Charlotte Church (news) ® at a reception for women achievers at Buckingham Palace in London, March 11, 2004. REUTERS/Kent Gavin Article Photo 2
  5. stylegurrl

    America Plans Landmine Agreement

    Telegraph UK
  6. Good afternoon to everyone :) Today I came across a poll on the Femail UK website which asks people to vote whether they think Heather should be treated more kindly by the public. (this was in response to Paul's recent call to the Sun) To my dismay, I saw that people thought she was getting what she deserved (her comeuppance, as they put it). I was able to get enough people to vote to turn the tide a bit but I hope to get more. Please visit the site and vote in support of Heather. It takes only a few seconds and hopefully we can send them a clear message. Femail UK Poll Thank you, ~Tashi :)
  7. Below is a link to a recent story about Laura Range, the young girl who lost her leg in a train accident. She cites Heather as an influence and inspiration. Heather has met with her and is helping her to adjust and return to a normal life. Liverpool Echo Story on Laura Range
  8. Below is a link to the Adopt-a-Minefield site. It offers a preview of Heather and Paul's menu for their Night of a 1000 Dinners. You can also read more about the organization and ways you can help. Adopt -a -Minefield UK
  9. stylegurrl

    Take no notice, Heather....

    Heather, I admire you greatly not only for your charity work, but also for your intelligence, strenth and resolve. I hope that you realize things such as that so-called documentary are only a vehicle for the jealous and bitter who seek fame (or infamy) at the expense of others. You are loved by your husband, family and friends and you have many fans that hold only the best wishes for you. Please don't be bothered by the rest-they don't matter.... ~Tashi Note to Claire: You should be truly ashamed of yourself for posting such a message here. It was disrespectful, not to mention unnecessary. Of course no one ever knows the truth about any person but who are you to defend those who stand to gain financially and otherwise by commiting character assassination? Do you know the real truth about THOSE people ? (btw, how do you know that Stella isn't jealous, selfish and spoiled? Do you know the real truth about her?)