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  1. Rikk


    Hmmm, my area doesn't have anyway to appeal they say no and that's it tough. The one thing I did notice to late is when it mentions distance walked, it's distance you can walk without being in sever discomfort which for me is zero, as with chronic arthritis and a very boney stump it always hurts. So next time I'll actually read it properly and fill it in accordingly. May get another this week and re-apply. It does annoy the hell out of me that i got refused but 80% of people I see with them get around much better than I do.
  2. Rikk


    I'm rather interested in what or how people are doing things to get DLA or mobility being a BK. I'm a rbk with my left leg having really bad arthritis and 40% muscle loss. I've been refused twice for DLA and now have been refused a blue parking badge as I'm to mobile. Am I missing some trick here or are there such massive differences in the way this is done around the country?
  3. Rikk

    courtesy car problems

    I think the thing is it's a "courtesy car", ie a freebie they offer as a courtesy in which case they have no obligation to supply anything. Why not just use one of their standard auto's, I drive with my left leg and have never had any real issues using a standard configuration. Occasionally the fit is a little awkward on hire/loan cars but fine for just getting around a bit.
  4. It's only about 3mm thick so should be fine, also if it is to thick have the leg shortened by the same amount so you end up with the same length. Alternatly, shave material off the foot to make it flat then put the new sole on that.
  5. Try this company http://www.feetfirst.resoles.co.uk/cycling...shoe_repair.php they resole all kinds of shoes/boots with stealth rubber which was made for rock climbing, it's VERY durable and VERY grippy. I'm sure if you phoned them and explained the issue they would sell you some of the sole material to use. I got one of my mountain bike boots done in it.
  6. Rikk

    let's see your bikes

    Your didn't specify "motor" so it is :)
  7. There are lots of different seats out there, also don't just go with what's on offer, buy a couple of cheap ones off ebay and alter them around, cut bits out and see what works for you. It mat also be that you need a leg specifically for cycling, I used my normal leg for about 3 months till I knew this is what I wanted to do them went back to my fitter and got one made up just for the bike.
  8. Why not go to a local gym and use an exercise bike a few time to get the feel of it. Also worthwhile putting the seat down while you practice your getting on/off, but DON'T leave it down, it's very very bad for your knee's and especially as you only have the one doing all the work.
  9. Rikk

    Wobbly thigh

    You'l never get them to look the same as the majority of muscle in the thigh are to control lower leg movement which unless you have a very long stump you won't be able to generate anywhere near the force of a normal leg. I've been cycling now for 3 years and go out 3-4 times a week doing about 40-50 miles of strenuous cross country and although I've put on LOADS of muscle on the tin leg side it's still nowhere like the good side. You really need a combination of strength and toning, squats as mentioned above is good but the best is stairs, just go up and down the stairs till you drop ;) then for toning you want easy and repetitive like walking or gentle cycling.
  10. Rikk


    Why not ask if you can go back on a voluntary basis for 2 weeks to prove to both parties you are still capable of doing the job? if at the end your fine take the job, if your not shake hands and leave but your still on your disability. If you can do but with a little difficulty and your walking is mostly outside how about asking if you could part fund a segway to help you?
  11. I've updated the article massively, have a peek here and let me know what you all think..
  12. Rikk

    Osseointegration Part One

    Thanks for the update, been following this with great anticipation :) Would it be possible to have some pictures of the stump/implant, and also how it attaches to the socket?
  13. Rikk

    What you look like?

    LOL, nice and thin now although I've never been what you'd call fat :) I really should change my avatar, no idea why I use that.
  14. Rikk

    What you look like?

    I'm easy enough to spot, and don't normally look like a mincer just whenever a camera is pointed at me 8)
  15. Here's a couple of good links, the first shows body weight % per part and the 2nd will calculate you ideal weight etc and also compensates for amupations. http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=zLniRal...hl=en#PPA736,M1 http://www.dietitian.com/calcbody.php