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    The Silence of the Amps

    I have been very busy over the past few months too. As far as my amp and pegleg is concerned, there's nothing much to say. I've had this new leg with a flexible foot for about a year now and it's just fabby! The only think of note has come from from my involvement with Diabetes UK as a media volunteer. It's mainly concerned with my dealing with diabetes (incredibly badly) I did a stint on ITV news on Diabetes Awareness Day and some interviews with BBC radio 5 and some national press. I was also asked to do some filming for Jamie Oliver's "Dream School". The production company sent a crew and a couple of the lads to my little flat and we chatted. I suppose I was a reverse role model. I'm still not sure if or when I'll be on. If I'm going to be a TV star (not) I'll post it on here...if you miss it I'll post the address on the on demand site. Best wishes to all amps of whatever configuration! Regards Roger
  2. Falstaff1485

    Just wondering?

    I decided to pack it in after my amputation. I was a drama teacher and that involved being on my feet pretty much all day and sitting on the floor of drama studios. The first was very painful and uncomfortable at the time. The second was ungainly, difficult ugly and laughter provoking! The trouble is I’m an old, unfit and fat amp! I know, I know, I should be leaner and fitter, but there you are. And do you know what? I don’t miss it a bit!
  3. Falstaff1485

    Suction Socket

    I have had my new Echelon foot and it’s great. It has transformed my way of walking. It has led to a problem with my leg, however. This foot sits a little higher than my previous foot, and because I’m a shortarse with quite a long socket, my pylon with its lovely shock absorber was cut to its absolute minimal length. In order to have this shock absorber I have to have a longer pylon and this necessitates a shorter socket. My wonderful leggist has suggested, and I quote, a “total contact style of socket fitting and combine it with a suction suspension system in view to gain space under the socket to accommodate for the Torque and shock absorber.” I went for the recast this morning. The liner feels lighter and more comfortable than my present gel liner with a pin, but obviously I won’t know what it’s going to be like until the new leg is fitted. I thought that I would ask my fellow amps if anyone has experience of this, and can make any comments or give any suggestions or advice? Anything you say is, as always, gratefully appreciated. I’ll keep you posted on progress. Cheers, thanks and regards Roger
  4. Falstaff1485

    Smoke and mirrors?

    From "The Daily Telegraph" 15th June 2010. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/steve-jones/7829753/Phantom-limbs-and-smoke-and-mirrors.html
  5. Falstaff1485

    Suction Socket

    I thought that I'd report back after a week of wearing my new leg. Overall I'm very pleased with it. The suction socket is much snugger than my previous pin socket. It's moulded closer to the bottom of my stump and this allows me to have my shock absorber on the pylon, which combined with my echelon foot is really lovely. During the process my wonderful leggist found why I'm having horrible pains in my right ankle (the amputated one). A nerve ending receives a lot of pressure from my prosthetic leg and this causes the referred pain. I've had it since my amputation; at least it's nice to know the reason. At present I can't find any negative points about the new leg, but I'll let you know. As always thanks a million for all your comments and support. May the Easter Bunny nibble gently on all your peglegs! Cheers Roger
  6. Falstaff1485

    Echelon Foot

    I've just come back from an examination by my leggist. He wants to prescribe me an Echelon foot in the new year. I've had a quick peek at the website and it looks great. As we all know the only people who REALLY understand these things are amps. Have any of you any experience of this particular foot, and if so, were those experiences good, bad or indifferent? Any observations or advice would be much appreciated. Regards Roger
  7. Falstaff1485

    Echelon Foot

    Had the echelon foot fitted this morning. Obviously very early days, but it feels fantastic! Thanks to all who responded. Roger
  8. Falstaff1485

    Echelon Foot

    Just had an e-mail from my prosthetist. The new foot is arriving at the limb fitting centre next week, so I'll be going over there for a fitting as soon as pssible after that. Aftrer listening to people's experiences on the website and readingthe comments here, I'm very excited. I will report back when I've been using it for a few days. Thanks for your comments Roger