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  1. tjusa71

    becoming a double amputee

    i too am a bi-lateral amp my stay was only 3 days here in the us but when i got home the hospital sent someone to make sure i had everything i needed to get around my house like rails for my privy a slide board to get in and out of my chair but my last amp took almost 12 months to heal well enough for a fitting on the leg and it still is not working properly but that is do to other issues you will be fine once you get your new leg and get used to it good luck on your surgery and may your recovery time be quick TJ
  2. tjusa71

    Our Marcia

    Marcia I am glad that you are going down that wonderful recovery road I hope that it is fast and short road for you get well and take care my friend TJ hugs and cheek kisses
  3. tjusa71

    Apple Pickin Time !!!!

    70 is my best so far guess I better do better soon LOL
  4. tjusa71

    A really strange question

    I've had this situation myself. Wanna know what's good about it? When it stops. If that's not the truth I don't know what is LOL
  5. tjusa71

    Prosthetic "Discomfort"

    I aggree with the no pain if done right I know when I got my second socket for my left leg I was walking and having as much fun as my left hip would allow me with no pain but for a few seconds it took me to get where my additional socks where so that I could adjust the fit but now getting a good fit with the deformity of my left leg it is getting harder to get a pain free fit but atleast I am starting the process of walking again good luck with the fitting of your socket and try half socks I know they help
  6. tjusa71

    A really strange question

    I have never had that problem my liner always seems to roll down on me did anyone see where my wife hid the super glue?
  7. tjusa71

    Apple Pickin Time !!!!

    I think some of those apples are programmed to jump outta the way of the basket LOL
  8. tjusa71

    At Home Sick

    get better soon my friend I know how bad it is to be sick and would not wish that on anyone
  9. tjusa71

    Did you know?

    I know this says for UK only but I just had to say I am sorry to liz I know she is an able bodied person she kept me going and that this is not just in the UK I applied for a job one time and they would not even give me an app said that they where out of them then the very next person walked up and got one oh I was ready to tare down the store brick by brick myself Keep smileing and make them think something is wrong with them not you myfriend lots of love to you and your family liz TJ
  10. tjusa71


    well it could be considered cool down excercise LOL :)
  11. tjusa71

    New challenges

    Is that possible...that WOULD be quite a challenge!!! yes it is possible butt who would want too LOL
  12. tjusa71

    Good week

    best wishes prayers and lots of luck to you and your family and may your monday be more like friday
  13. tjusa71


    any ideas on how to walk on the toes of a pro foot? the heel of my new leg is too spongey
  14. tjusa71


    do 12 oz curls count as exersise?
  15. tjusa71

    Family Update

    tell marsha gl on her surgery and I hope all gets better in your family and bleach really stinks LOL