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  1. nellyboy

    Sweaty Stump Sorted!

    Hi Friends Old and New! Been away for too long but had to share this with you all. When the hot weather comes I like many of you suffer from a sweaty stump, last week my chiropodist gave me a tip, been doing it ever since and it works no more sweaty stumps! He told me to try Witch hazel a natural product applied with a cotton pad, don't ask me ehy or how it works but it does may also help swelling and itching. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witch-hazel Take care all of you Neil x
  2. nellyboy


    Hi Everyone Quick update! The docs have decided not to operate at this time, however i have a new prosthetist who really seems to know what shes talking about! A new casting was done friday takinging into account my prominent tibia and hamstrings get the new leg next week so will update then! Thanks for the help and love! Neil
  3. nellyboy


    Hi Neal The prosthetist have been working on the legs for over 8 months trid many different things but the problem persists there just isn't anything past the bone as a cushion. Ann thank-you for your mail, i have replied to you. neil
  4. nellyboy


    Hi Everyone! Hope you all well, I am off to see the Doctor at the prosthetic clinic tommorrow to see what can be done about my stump. For some time I have been having problems with my legs have had lots of changes to the three legs I have, but the pain when walking has been very bad. I have noticed over the last few years that I have lost almost all of the muscle and fatty tissue at the end of the stump and the rest just sags down. This has meant I have been walking directly on the bone causing rubbing, and lots of pain in the stump and in my right hip. Also due to the wastage of tissue my stump is now only a few inches long. There are two option cut out part of bone and re-shape stump or remove the knee. Other than the this i am fine and well! Has anyone else had similar problems? thanks Neil
  5. nellyboy

    hello old friends i need a favour!

    Hi there please see my new post and comment after which i will delete this posting thanks neil x
  6. nellyboy

    Any experiences of Devotees?

    Hi Cheryl thanks for that hope your doing ok!
  7. nellyboy

    Any experiences of Devotees?

    Hello friends I recently posted a topic asking for help with a "new friend" I had made contact with. I was beinging to get close to her, however when i went to post a letter to her "address" found out it did not exist after several checks found out her house was demolished 5 years ago when confronted "emma" confessed to being a devotee, anyone else had experience of these people? Very upset and confused neil xx Also if anyone knows who this girl is please let me know so I can inform her of her stolen identity thanks
  8. Hello everyone I hope you are all well and your lives are going well. My life is going well amelia is growing up fast and is getting more beautiful by the day, I have had a few issues recently with my legs but have a new prosthesis and its getting better. I have recently had a new bespoke kitchen put in at wheelchair height to help me (i use a chair at home i find it easier) which is a big help. Still looking for a job but no luck as yet, still doing my bit it the community as well. I do have a favour to ask! I have recently met someone very special who like me has an amputation its early days but she is very special (although we are seperate by many miles). I have sent her a link to this site but also would be interested in chatting to any arm amps out there so i can get a greater understanding of life without an arm. Many thanks and much love to you all neil xx
  9. nellyboy


    Like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love & Best Wishes Neil & Amelia xxx
  10. nellyboy


    Hi Dennis I have been an amp for just over 3 years right leg below knee welcome to the forum happy to answer questions if around alth tend to pop in and out a lot. However the regulars on this site are excellent and helped me so much in my recovery and new life with my leg!
  11. nellyboy

    Hi To Everyone

    Hi Steve Good luck with your first cast and take it easy at first!
  12. nellyboy

    back again

    Welcome Eric Another old hand on our ship of hope Neil
  13. nellyboy

    ~ hi from canada ~

    Hi Guys Welcome to the forum! Neil x
  14. nellyboy

    another lost sheep has come home!

    Hi Lizzie yes she is a poppet, and is my world, but like most 4 year old little girls can be a little madam at times!
  15. nellyboy

    another lost sheep has come home!

    Hi mate trust your well neil