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  1. skully cat

    Vacuum use with AK socket?

    My leg guy is awesome with vacume systems for AK, he just had a few guys from Germany training them on the use of elevated vacum for AK. I have seen great success with 3 AK's, I am BK and were his patented vacum, it is the strongest one I have tried. I have managed to break all but his so far on my motorcycle using the rocker to shift.
  2. skully cat

    my first ride

    Keep riding, enough said!
  3. skully cat

    new vacuum legs - input needed

    I am in elavated vacum. Love it, no other vacum has held like this one. I charge it about every month and a half.
  4. skully cat

    Happy Birthday Skully Cat

    I am Nov 26, but I celebrate on Thanksgiving cause I was born on it. But it's cool she is great regardless. I feel like I am coming out of the funk, cloud, depression whatever. Thanks Skull
  5. skully cat

    Happy Birthday

    Happy b-day to all. Skully Cat
  6. skully cat

    Happy Birthday Skully Cat

    Thanks. It was a btter sweet B-day. But enough of the pain stuff. I am now single, and a guy I am dating remembered how much I loved to swim and how I felt of others seeing me. He rented a room with a huge pool right in it and I swam for the first time since the accident. I added a picture, the help of my leg guy I got to swim in my leg. It was awesome. The best present anyone has ever gave me. Skully Cat
  7. skully cat

    A tragic Loss for Team Sabolich

    It makes my heart sad. I just talked to him Monday. What a great loss to all. RIP my friend.
  8. skully cat

    Happy Birthday Skully Cat

    Thank-you all. The foot is the best and I have tried 10 or 12 now. I can go up hill down ramps lots. I am in a trial electric pump that is off the hook. It adds 2oz to the weight that is it, it is awesome. I have been distant it has been a little rough, I am single now and it is different to say the least. Time will tell. Take care. Skully Cat
  9. skully cat

    Gone but it's OK

    I know I have not been on alot and no Shelby I don't think your stupid & you know how to reach me also off of here. I thank all of you for your thoughts, Mark or my mom are not bad they just can't cope well and I am choosing for it not to be my problem. I have been doing alot of rallys my pics or a few anyway are on y space. Check them out, I fel better than in a long time. Thanks, I have had a few dates and met some really nice guys so maybe the right one who wants to deal with a real life will come along. By the way thanks Dave I do have a great bike it has brought much stress relief to me. Skully Cat
  10. skully cat

    Gone but it's OK

    I have been distant for sometime and it has been the roller coaster of a lifetime. Mark is gone for good the divorce papers are being served this week. Longime coming. I had hoped it not to be at first ut now I am just relieved to be done with the games of pretend. Lfe is to short to live in a plastic bubble hoping to be salvaged from more disappointment & pain. You know the funny thing is my mom at first was so concerned, you know your not getting any younger and yu don't have a leg it's hard when your not crippled. I said you know the only one crippled in this is Mark, is mind is crippled not me I will be fine. Truth is my life has become more peaceful, ess stressful. It will get better I am sure of this. Thank you all. Skully Cat
  11. skully cat


    He is gorgeous. Love the pics. Keep posting as he grows. Skully Cat
  12. skully cat

    Goodbye, Jess

    So very sorry to here this. They are our most loyal friend. Skully Cat
  13. skully cat


    If his family should see this, Gil was a great strentgh in some of my most private hours. He will be missed greatly. Skully Cat
  14. skully cat

    Happy Birthday Cheri ! ! !

    Happy B-Day/ SKully Cat
  15. skully cat

    Shane in the news again...

    You knock there socks off Shane. Give it to them. You can do it. The world needs to see that differences don't just make us different it makes us rock. Keep going, when you think you can't do it anymore, do it one more time for people like me who thought they would never ride again and than we do. You are an inspiration. My buddy built a motorcross track on his farm, I am going to have to try it. I send pics. Skully Cat