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  1. Hi Judy, As another elective amp for whom it was the best thing I ever did - it looks a great book. I am also delighted to see I can get it through amazon uk, so often US books aren't available over here and I have to wait for a trip to the US. I was lucky in that I didn't have to fight to convinve the doctors it was my regular ortho surgeons suggestion that it would improve my life which it did. Sue
  2. Sue1

    New to amputation and new to here.

    Hi Katiebeth and welcome - I am also a LBK. I don't change temperature rapidly but I do notice extremes of temperature far more and find them difficult to deal with. This is a very friendly forum so feel free to ask anything - someone always seems to know the answer. Sue
  3. Sue1

    Segway - an update

    Hi, Some of you may remmeber that a few months ago I asked if anyone had used a segway as we were thinking of booking a segway tour as part of a family trip to the US and I had some very helpful replies. Well we got back from our trip yesterday and I did it! (I have tried to upload a couple of photos but seem to be having trouble with this) Everyone else absolutely loved them and didn't want to give them back - I enjoyed it but did find it very difficult. I also had the distinction of being one of a very few people to fall off sideways taking the segway with me and have the bruises on my 'good' leg to prove it. Just going forwards was ok but keeping it still once stopped and going up slopes was more of a problem as was getting on and off of it. Although it was a long tour thankfully we did stop several times and get to get off and sit down for a bit whilst she told us about the area we were in which gave my leg a break but I did really ache by the time we had finished. I would do a similar beginners tour again if we went to a different area and everyone else wanted to do one (which from their reaction they would) but if they were going to do an advanced tour - in SF they offer two alternative advanced tours involving more uneven terrain and steeper hills - I would sit out and go do something else instead as I do not think I would manage that. Not part of the segway tour but I would like to thank Cheryl for her help answering some questions for me when I was planning the trip. Sue
  4. Sue1

    Share my jy!

    That is fantastic - I have never been to the conference but I am sure you will have a great time.
  5. Sue1

    New to site

    Hi, I am also BK and would echo the above advice to get used to carrying around an assortment of socks etc as you will change constantly even within one day. As you settle down it will get a little better but you will still often change within a day so will always need an extra sock or two to hand!
  6. Sue1

    Everyones story

    Welcome - I hope your op is successeful but if not as you will have read on here amputation is not the end of the world. Mine was an elective procedure (due to deformity) and it was the best thing I could have done. I also have two teenage daughters so I sympathise with you on that one!
  7. Sue1

    1 year today!

    Happy Anniversary - I'm glad it has all worked out well for you.
  8. Sue1

    Need help!

    There is always a way - it just takes trial and error to find it. Hope you enjoyed the day.
  9. Sue1


    Welcome back - I look forward to reading your blog when I get a minute.
  10. Sue1

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    Ann - an excellent post. Whilst I have the utmost admiration for the high achievers who are frequently featured in the news and on tv - it does lead a lot of people to assume that all amputees have the same levels of mobility and that therefore you do not need extra help when unfortunately for many this is not the case. For the government this is purely a money issue and they are not looking at quality of life - I work with the elderly and it is the same for many older people, cost cutting measures are continually eroding their quality of life due to inadequate provision.
  11. I wish I could find a heavy duty shoe horn - I bend so many out of shape. I also change shoes daily so this is an ongoing issue. Cheryl - glad you haven't done too much damage and hope the pain goes soon.
  12. Sue1

    I am the new guy

    Hi Doug, Also not ignoring you but have not been on for a few weeks because of work (work would be easy if it weren't for people). Constantly changing size is a big problem at times - I usually have a spare sock in my handbag for adjustment during the day but that doesn't help if you don't carry a handbag.
  13. Sue1


    Hi Higgy, We are going to Las Vegas (4 nights) and San Francisco (10 nights). We have been to California before - Los Angeles and San Diego - but never Nevada. Our three children (well 21, 18 and 18) all wanted to go away on a final family holiday before the twins go away to uni later this year (our son is already at uni) and after much deliberation, discussion and changing of minds this is where we settled on.
  14. Sue1


    Thanks everyone. Cheryl - yes I am thinking of when we are up your way, it is something we have all wanted to try for a while but I had doubts about managing it but it sounds as if I probably could. OBL - that was great that you could try it first as tours aren't cheap but well worth it if you can manage. I will look into the tour options and let you all know if I do end up doing it - but it won't be until September. Thanks
  15. Sue1


    Hi, This may seem like a silly question but has anyone on here had any experience riding a segway? My family are very interested in a segway tour when we travel to the US later this year but I am slightly dubious about whether I would manage or not. The company indicate that if you can stand on two feet and manage stairs you will be fine with a segway but as i have slightly 'iffy' balance I am not so sure and think maybe finding somewhere to go sit and have a coffee may be the better option. On the other hand it does look fun!! Thanks Sue