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  1. K31Scout

    3R60 Tech question

    Ally I found this one on ebay...http://www.ebay.com/itm/USED-OTTO-BOCK-3R60-EBS-PROSTHETIC-ARTIFICIAL-KNEE-JOINT-PIECE-/350587172598?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51a09fb6f6#ht_5020wt_175 Who knows what shape it's in.
  2. K31Scout


    I really have to try that at least once.
  3. K31Scout

    3R60 Tech question

    I have the R360 knee and I've heard plunging noises from it lately. I think I'll be in the same boat as you. Mine is 5 years old this fall so I'll be able to get a new leg soon. I agree that the seals would be the hard part of a rebuild and the fluid not so much. I'd make a strong plea to Otto for some new seals. I'm tempted to get another 360 on my new leg but I've got to watch costs and might go with a simpler knee. I am WAY AK and don't need or want to run. I think I've fallen more with the R360 than any of my old legs, since 1967. That stance flex whatever trips me up on occasion around the house. It's great when I'm motoring down the road with somewhere to go but short little steps forward and back etc screw me up 6 or 7 times a year. I'm an expert at falling but starting to get a little long in the tooth for hitting the floor.
  4. K31Scout


    I've been watching everyday at work and home. I have a cheap cable package and don't get anything but NBC so I've missed archery, my hobby/sport. England has done a wonderful job, none better. I live close to Sault Ste Marie Canada but am a little too far away for their TV coverage. I'm sorta burnt out with them but will miss them when they go away for 4 years.
  5. K31Scout

    Celebrating 10 years survivorship 22 March 2012

    Congrats on the 10 years! I'm going on 45 years this coming October 13th. Wow, 1967 was 45 years ago??!
  6. K31Scout

    Stump Nicknames??

    My wife named my stump "Herbie" years ago and that's what it's still called. She has a name for something else but I'm not telling. "Residual limb" is so PC and clinical but "stump" isn't so great either.
  7. K31Scout

    I'm looking for some tips and tricks...

    You have some work cut out for you and like Higgy said; don't get hurt yourself. I agree that he should sleep downstairs on a twin bed thats well up off the floor. Get a toilet seat that raises the height so it's easier to get up and down. Get a walker that he can grab onto for support if he can even get up on his own. The danger is he may keep re-injuring himself if he struggles and stumbles early on. I've never dealt with anyone with those problems. If you get some home health care visits, have a list of questions ready for them. Sounds like a great time for him to go on a diet. I had so much success with Atkins low carb diet 6 years ago that I'm still singing it's praises.
  8. K31Scout

    sweating in liner

    Good to hear you love yours Marcia. I'm going to look into them this summer and find a leggist who can build one for me this fall, in my area. So far I've googled up the Otto Bock Harmony system, the Stan Patterson vacuum socket and a VASS vacuum assisted socket. Barb, From the little I've read they should help in the sweating department by forcing moisture out of the socket. I like the idea of the negative suction and have to read a lot more to totally understand this new to me technology.
  9. K31Scout

    sweating in liner

    I agree and am looking at those vacuum sockets with curiosity. I want to keep it simple though. As far as sweating, I've done that for more than 40 years in a leg and this is the first leg I've had such a problem with slippage.
  10. K31Scout

    sweating in liner

    Thanks for the reply barbklim. Beta blockers are normally blood pressure drugs and keep the heart from beating too fast. They may have an added benefit that controls sweating. Let us know how they work for you. I'm still having trouble staying in my current leg. After an hour or less I'm slipping out of it whether I'm sweating or not but it's much worse when I'm sweating. I gained 20lbs and it's better but still no where near the fit of my old leg. I have no solution and carry a kite/pull sock to get myself back into it when it's really bad. If I'm at work I have to stay in the bathroom until my stump dries enough to pull myself back in and then it never feels the same. I'm going to drop the extra 20lbs and have a new socket made and not pay for it until it's right. I never had this problem 4 1/2 years ago with my old leg. I know since I hit 56 I'm loosing muscle tone in my stump and maybe thats the reason I'm loosing suction but that was never suggested by my leg guy. All he wanted to do after 2 sockets and 4 liners was to have me wear a "belt" of some kind. He only took one casting of me and that's where the problem lies I think. Anyway, I'll be seeing someone new for the next socket.
  11. K31Scout

    Pin vs suction socket

    Thank you all for the reply's. I think I'll avoid the pin system unless all else fails. I think I'll avoid the company I used last time as well. There is another shop in town that has a good reputation. Bill
  12. K31Scout

    Pin vs suction socket

    Thanks Jason.
  13. I've been struggling with my current leg (AK) with a suction socket for 4 years now. It has never fit right and I lose suction especially when I work up a sweat. I've gained some weight and it fits a little better but I seem to twist in it and my foot ends up pointing toe-in big time. My leg guy, who no longer works for the company, made 2 hard sockets and 3 liners of varying thickness but I still lose suction. I think he needed to re-cast me but he never did. I think he got it wrong from the beginning. At the end of our relationship he said all he could do was put a belt on the leg. I never had these problems with past legs. I'll have insurance again in September so I can start looking at other options. I have a short stump, probably not more than 6 inches. Because of my suction problem I really want to try a pin socket but am not sure if I'm a candidate. I've read here a few times that you have better control and "feel" with a simple suction socket vs the pin socket. But I am so tired of this suction problem that I'll try anything. Has anyone got experience with both these types of sockets that can comment on the pros and cons of a pin socket?
  14. K31Scout

    Fly Fishing

    Lynne, No I don't wear my leg in the canoe; I'm much more comfortable without it. I've got an old Coleman canoe that is fairly wide, long and stable so I haven't rolled it yet unless we actually want to for fun. Of course lakes are more friendly than rivers with current although a stiff wind is hard to paddle against and it helps to have a stong partner in the bow. I've got an 9 foot rod and can cast from the canoe with no problem. In Michigan, our good trout stream banks are overgrown with trees and brush so the long rod is hard to use from there so I use a shorter bamboo rod from there or use spinning tackle. Your streams out in Calgary might be more like the streams I've seen out in Yellowstone where the banks are more grassy than brushy and more fly rod friendly. Maybe you could try some hip waders and just get off the bank in some shallow water to cast. Out there in fly fishing heaven you should be able to get some good instruction on casting and generally handling the equipment. Just remember, a good old leaf worm on spin tackle will out fish dry flies all day long! LOL I'm glad you're all recovered from the gallbladder surgury. My Dad had his out years ago and he was miserable too. I would'nt know how to compare it to labor though! LOL Good luck with the fly fishing and let us know how it goes. Bill
  15. K31Scout

    Fly Fishing

    I tried it when I was 19 with my waders...once. It took a while but I managed to get the waders on by the car. Walked to my favorite spot and walked into the river which was about 3 1/2 feet deep that spring. They river had a pretty good current that time of year and it was tough to stand and the big ole wooden leg definetly wanted to float up on me. In hind site it was a really dumb idea but I had to try it and it was pretty dangerous. My old waders were not like the newer neoprene of today and if I went down they would have filled with ice cold water. Shallow streams would have been a better idea. When you wade a deep river it really helps to feel the bottom with both feet! Once I got out there it my first thought was how am I going to get out of here. LOL Now I flyfish from my canoe on lakes or use the spin tackle river side on the bank. Becarful and stick to shallow streams.