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    motor bikes (now banned by wife)<br />golf - hopefully <br />remote control helicopters<br />and my wife and two boys

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    9th november 2006
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    motorbike accident 2002
  1. hi many thanks for birthday wishes

  2. Saw it was your birthday so I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday

  3. raven

    Support Group North East England

    Bex the thing with putting up a poster at the limb centre is good but a lot of us dont go to the centre that often i havnt been for well over a year but would be interested in meeting up i live in durham please let me know if you take things further. craig
  4. grum many thanks for the reply much appriciated and dont worry about age whats 4 years amoung friends i hope you dont mind but i will ring you later this month . craig
  5. grum i have sent you 2 pms would love to chat or pm with you if posible please get in touch. gsalmons pleased to hear you have reached a settlement and thanks for you good wishes. caveman so sorry to hear about your position not being able to make a claim but many thanks for replying to my post. craig
  6. Hi everyone just wondered if any other uk bikers have made compensation claims following there accident and how its going or have they reached a settlement yet had my accident in 2002 and still now end in sight .
  7. raven

    Merry Xmas

    Hi everybody i have been missing for a long while but wanted to say hope you all had a good xmas and all the best for the new year will be vising more often now
  8. raven

    Where in the UK?

    hi all im in durham
  9. raven


    Welcome sara
  10. raven

    Good week

    me too sam
  11. raven


    he is perfect look forward to seeing pictures as he grows
  12. raven

    So Proud

    congratulations cat really good news :D
  13. raven


    Such sad news Gil will be missed by all. Raven
  14. raven


    now that made me smile :D
  15. raven

    Shane in the news again...

    Well done Shane and good luck. Raven