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  1. The XT-9 looks great! Best of luck with it. I really need to get more active. sigh. What leg do you use for walking? Best, Susan
  2. I am doing some research about going from a C-Leg to a Rheo or a Plié. Has anyone done this? I am 54, not real athletic, and have been in a C-Leg from day 1. I'm looking into options and would like to talk to others who have been in C-legs and who have gone to the Rheo or Plié, or for that matter, tried those others and stayed with the C-Leg. I understand that the Rheo works totally differently from the C-Leg. I do like the idea that the Plié is more water resistant. My one big issue is I have a small neuroma and some cement coming out of my residual limb, as well as some adhesions, so if I use my muscles a lot, they cramp and cause pain. So a knee that is harder to use (muscle wise) might not work for me. I also cannot use a lower profile vacuum assist socket because of this. Also, has anyone heard anything about the new water resistant C-Leg? Any feedback would be appreciated. Happy Holidays! Susan
  3. Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't been around for while - started a job 4 days a week in the Spring - big transition from not working, lol. I don't know if canceling subscriptions is the answer - writing letters is good - maybe a threat of canceling? maybe a petition? Sorry I missed you all this year at the conference. Hugs, Susan