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  1. The XT-9 looks great! Best of luck with it. I really need to get more active. sigh. What leg do you use for walking? Best, Susan
  2. I am doing some research about going from a C-Leg to a Rheo or a Plié. Has anyone done this? I am 54, not real athletic, and have been in a C-Leg from day 1. I'm looking into options and would like to talk to others who have been in C-legs and who have gone to the Rheo or Plié, or for that matter, tried those others and stayed with the C-Leg. I understand that the Rheo works totally differently from the C-Leg. I do like the idea that the Plié is more water resistant. My one big issue is I have a small neuroma and some cement coming out of my residual limb, as well as some adhesions, so if I use my muscles a lot, they cramp and cause pain. So a knee that is harder to use (muscle wise) might not work for me. I also cannot use a lower profile vacuum assist socket because of this. Also, has anyone heard anything about the new water resistant C-Leg? Any feedback would be appreciated. Happy Holidays! Susan
  3. Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't been around for while - started a job 4 days a week in the Spring - big transition from not working, lol. I don't know if canceling subscriptions is the answer - writing letters is good - maybe a threat of canceling? maybe a petition? Sorry I missed you all this year at the conference. Hugs, Susan
  4. Sorry I missed you guys this year. I've bitten the bullet and am working 4 days a week. It is good for the budget, but not so good for my social life, lol! Thanks for sharing photos! Looks like everyone had a great time. I would've loved to do the horseback riding. I'll have to check out the place in MA. I may be going up that way for a family reunion the end of August, if I can get a housesitter. Hugs to you all! Susan
  5. SusanI

    Travel shower chairs??

    "Dot2Dot is a convenient new airport transfer service for London, transporting customers in style and comfort between Heathrow Airport and central London." www.dot2.com/ I found it when I was on tripadvisor, looking at hotel ratings. I was really happy with the service since it was reasonably priced and very convenient. While it's not "green" transport, they picked me up at the hotel and dropped me off at my terminal. I couldn't have been happier! Beth Marie, I'm working as an interviewer for the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. It is 4 days a week, and I'm not used to getting up so early, lol! It will be a challenge for me - my residual limb has been "tired" and my phantom pains acting up this week. Can't get in to see my prosthetist til next Friday (work schedule, lol) but they are going to cut out some of the back of my socket to see if that helps. I think some of the issue is walking around more than I usually do and also sitting on that ischial containment socket a lot. Neal, have one for me in Atlanta! Hope you all have a great conference. Best, Susan
  6. Not sure if there are any openings left, as I received this last week when I was away, but I thought it worth forwarding. Susan "I just found out about a Soaring Event on June 6th & 7th here’s your chance to take a 20 minute – free ride in a glider. Freedom’s Wings International is a non-profit organization, which provides the opportunity for persons with physical disabilities to fly in specially adapted sailplanes. The event will be hosted by the Philadelphia Glider Council at their airport in Hilltown, PA located approximately 40 miles North of Philadelphia. Interested participants should call the toll free number to reserve a time slot for a 20-minute ride. There are only a limited number of flights available so call now if you want to experience the thrill of soaring. Those interested should check out our website at http://www.freedomswings.org especially the Member Experiences tab. There are only a few slots left on Sunday the 7th so if you’d like participate call the Richard Fucci, President of Freedom's Wings International (800) 382-1197 & leave a message he will get back to you in the evening."
  7. SusanI

    Travel shower chairs??

    Thanks everyone for your help. I got back on Wednesday and had a great trip. I managed without my shower chair, and with staying on the second floor of my friends home in Devon. I even rented a car for a few days and drove with my left leg successfully! Not sure if it was legal, but we managed. :-) Found a wonderful place to stay by Hyde park, and since we decided to only stay in London one night, I justified the cost, though it was pretty reasonable for London - £139, including a decent breakfast and a nice sized bathroom. (last minute good deal at the Darlington Hyde Park) We took the Heathrow Express into the city, and walked the few blocks to the hotel for £16, but then I found out about Dot2Dot and they picked me up at the hotel the next day and dropped me off at my terminal for £19! Well worth it to me, and cheaper than a taxi. Starting a new "real" job next week, so big changes for me, hopefully good ones. Hope everyone who is going to the conference has a great time. Hugs, Susan
  8. HAVE FUN EVERYONE! Can't make it this year. Starting a new job the end of this month. A REAL JOB! YIKES!!! It's been a long time. I am taking a quick trip "across the pond" to visit a friend in Devon and meet up with my son in London for a few days next week, since if this job works out, who knows when I'll have free time. Hope I'll acclimate to the job and to people telling me what to do, and being on time and getting up early! lol!! I'LL MISS YOU ALL!!! (and Cheryl and Beth Marie - I don't think I snore, but I don't know) You were great roomates, though. Plus the price was right, lol! Best, Susan
  9. Have fun Beth Marie. I'll miss being your roomie. Hugs to your girls. Susan
  10. SusanI

    Travel shower chairs??

    Thanks everyone! I have been practicing standing and leaning and getting in and out of the shower with my crutches. Not as nice as using my shower chair, but it will work. Another issue is that have is I usually sit on the side of the tub to clean out my silicone liner before I don it. From the looks of some of these hotels in London, there won't be a tub and it is doubtful a chair will fit next to the shower either! I'll manage and it will be good for me to be flexible! Best, Susan PS My son's friend lives by the Langham Court Hotel on Gosfield St, in Westminster. Any suggestions for decent reasonable priced hotels/rooms in that area? (or should we stay in a different area and just take the Tube to get to her?
  11. Hi Everyone! Blessings to all of you! Sorry I haven't been hanging out here too much lately... I cannot go the ACA conference this year - I should be starting a "real" job the end of this month! Yikes! What I am doing before the drudgery of work, lol, is taking a quick trip "across the pond" to visit my friend Christine in Devon, and then I am going to meet up with my son in London for a few days, who is in school in Sweden. (I think we're going to rent a car and travel around a bit, and stay in London a night or two) I have a folding shower chair that fits into my big suitcase, but since we won't be stationary, I do not want to be responsible for that large suitcase. Since I am RAK, and wear a C-Leg, a shower leg cover is not an option. I was curious as to what options you have found to deal with this if a handicapped room isn't available. I have one friend who will use an overturned trashcan in a hotel to sit on, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to do that, lol! Any suggestions? Best Regards, Susan PS hugs to all of you who get to go to the conference this year. I will miss you! Beth Marie, are you taking Prairie?
  12. SusanI

    Thank you SusanI/ ACA posting

    Hi Everyone. Thanks for the acknowledgment, Higgy. Below is basically what I wrote. I responded to the post I received yesterday and addressed it to Ms. Calhoun, the ACA President, but I will call Susan Tipton to see if I can get e-mails and addresses of board members so I can send them letters also, and a "snail mail" to Ms. Calhoun. I understand that the aca e-mails of our reps won't be working after today? I suggest that if this is important, that other letters be written. Higgy and Johnny and others here as well as other "reps" that I've met have made a huge difference for me in my adapting to be an amputee. Best, Susan PS I've taken out some "real" names, since this is a public forum. Please PM me if you need more info. ******************* 'm really sorry to hear that you are discontinuing the Regional Reps. As a fairly new amputee, several regional reps were very, very supportive to me in helping me acclimate to being an amputee, even though they were not the reps for my area. John V. totally made me feel comfortable during my first conference in 2007 - 6 months after my amputation. "Higgy" did the same. They are both moderators on the Heather Mill's forum - a very important forum that helped me in my transition to becoming an amputee, and in helping me overcome the hurdles involved with being an amputee. They are dedicated to the amputee community, and your decision is disheartening. At last year's conference I met other area reps, and was able to spend additional quality time with John V. and "Higgy" again. These people are my peers and were a very important part of my having a positive experience at both conferences I attended. Johnny did a skit at the dance last year. Such fun! Several reps were there during the whole conference being ambassadors for your organization. At Lobby day this year I had a chance to spend time with several Regional Representatives. One of them made our tour to Walter Reed a reality. It was a very important part of my trip to DC. I think that getting rid of the Regional Rep program is a mistake. These people are the soul of your organization. They are in the trenches, and know what life as an amputee is like. While I am happy to see that there are several amputees on the Board of the ACA, I have wondered about the lack of amputee staff at the ACA. While several staff people have been absolutely helpful and supportive to me, the lack of amputee staff in this organization, especially now that Paddy is gone, is disconcerting. This was particularly noticeable at last years conference closing. Your organization should include more amputees, rather than less. Your organization needs to set an example of supporting amputees in the workplace. I'm sure many are discriminated against. Maybe instead of stopping the Regional Reps, you should upgrade them to paid positions. They are worth it. Sincerely, Susan
  13. SusanI

    ACA Lobby Day

    It was great seeing you too Jerry and meeting Stagger Lee also! I think we all did a great job! They won't forget us soon! Susan
  14. SusanI

    ACA Lobby Day

    Neil, I hope the rest of your trip is fun and relaxing! I hear there is a Pompeii exhibit in the National Gallery, if you're into art at all. I would be interested in their aquarium too, and the IMAX is fun. Guess I'll have to go back. I loved Networking with you guys at Walter Reed on Monday night at the Malonge House, for the families of Wounded Warriors. (it was nice to meet Ryan, and Stella and Colin and a few more I did not know since I am relatively new to ACA.) It was wonderful seeing Tammie and Neil and Barb again. The weather was perfect for this time of year in DC, on Monday evening. Jean and I shared a room to save on expenses and we did well together. We both live in South Jersey. Tuesday was a long tiring day, but we met with our New Jersey representatives - well, their staffers anyway, but Morgan Sheets said that they meet with so many people that often the staffers are the ones who make suggestions to their bosses. There was also a bus from Amps in Action in New Jersey, who came with their group T-shirts supporting proper medical coverage for prosthetics. (can't remember the exact theme- but it was good) We made a great showing in Lautenberg's office - there were about 20 of us there, mostly amputees. Same as in Andrew's office. Congressman Andrews was very helpful and possibly key in getting the NJ legislation passed, so we thanked him for that also. Walter Reed was awesome yesterday. Neil, thank Ryan for setting that up. We didn't really get to interact with soldiers very much, but I was very impressed with their facility for their wounder warriors. They definitely have some state of the art equipment, and seem to have a lot of their ducks in a row - psychiatric counseling for ALL - so no one is stigmatized. Therapy Dog in the Gym. Group outings for warriors with limb loss to help them reacclimate to the community. Really, really cool simulators - one cost a million dollars and was one of three in the world - boy I wish I had access to that! I also brought a portable DVD Play to donate to Ward 57, but wasn't able to go to Ward 57 myself because of time constraints, but I was told by the very nice woman involved with our tour that it would be given to a wounded warrior that could make good use of it. It was wonderful seeing Jack Farley also - I love talking to Jack since he is AK as I am and is in Stan's negative pressure system - I always learn a lot from talking to him. I'm glad we stayed for lunch so we could network before going back to the "Real" world..... The weirdest thing for me was having breakfast with no tables on Tuesday morning. THAT was interesting, lol! I was also wondering if we made some of our own appointment and then notified Morgan if that might be helpful. Sheila said they looked into some type of shuttle for the Hill, but there is only one vendor that you can use and it would've been $5000 I think. I think getting back and forth is difficult at best - LOTS of walking! I think for only the 2nd year, they did pretty good. Over 200 participants from 34 states. Not shabby at all, and we were noticed! This bill needs to be reintroduced since the old one died during the last congress. They are looking for co-sponsors for the bill, so talk to your state people if you weren't able to attend. I'm sure Morgan can give you talking points to do that. It sounds like it will be reintroduced soon - then the issue of getting it passed - so the work continues. Sometimes this process takes years, so we still have to just keep plugging. I think the fact that since the Wounded Warriors are mostly getting proper prosthetic coverage means that the Government FINALLY acknowledges what proper prosthetic coverage and care means. This will hopefully help us civilians at some point. Hope to see you all soon, though I'm not sure I'm going to conference this year - I'm looking for work and money is tight. Hugs, Susan
  15. SusanI

    ACA Lobby Day

    Not sure how many on the bus....I feel bad coz if I come down and stay overnight, I won't be taking the bus, and I'm imagining they need the numbers..... Looking forward to seeing you all. Susan