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  1. pauls


    Hello My prosthetic leg is a little bulky. I find it quite difficult getting Jeans & Trousers that fit well. They often look tight / rucked up on my prosthetic. G Star used to make some baggy jeans which were great, but don't seem to sell them any more. In fact skinny jeans seem to be generally in. Anyone know of any baggy jean styles easily available in the UK? Or failing that, any recommendations for Tailors in the London area who could make casual trousers / jeans & perhaps have a bit of experience in fitting an amputee Thanks in advance Paul
  2. I'm a bit worried about suddenly switching to a standard automatic, as have got used to the pedals being in the opposite order. Is it tricky to get the hang off?
  3. Lost my right leg a while ago & now drive a converted car in the UK. Its an automatic with left foot pedal. Does anyone know if it's possible to hire a similar vehicle abroad whilst on holiday? Cheers Paul