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  1. Saker

    echelon foot

    Hi Darren i have been using the Echelon for some time now and find it really great, especially on slopes both up and down. It has a really smooth rollover, and feels like i have my old leg back. I know it sounds odd but the moving of the ankle feels so natural. It was a real WOW moment when i first used the Echelon. I really recommend it , if you get a chance to try it you will love it. Regards Saker
  2. Hello all it's been quite a while since i last posted. Things are going really quite well, i am doing some running or maybe i should call it jogging but it's really cool and feels pretty fast.I have also managed to start cycling again and only fallen off a few times, fortunately it was only my pride bruised. My big news is that i am going to take part in a Douglas Bader Foundation Challenge in March 2008 It is a sponsored event called HIKE CUBA .From the 2nd to the 10th of March i will be hiking about 15 to 20km per day through some of the eco- forest and non tourist areas near Santa Clara region and towards the town of Trinidad. It's going to be a huge challenge for me as an above knee amputee but it's 18 months since my amputation and i want a challenge and a chance to give something back to other amputees and their families via the Douglas Bader Foundation. I have to raise a minimum of £2500 sponsorship and contribute £250 myself before i can go on the challenge. I then have to submit 80% of the £2500 sponsorship by the second week in Jan 2008. If any of you guys would like to support me in this charity challenge you can go to a web site that has been set up for donations Thank you in advance for your support. I hope my next post will be telling you all about my great trip. Take care Nigel Kingston
  3. Saker

    got first leg today

    Hi Raven Good luck with your first leg, and remember to listen to your body. It really is the best judge of "how much to do" and "when to do" Enjoy your new life to the full. Nigel
  4. Saker

    New Member, Happy New Year

    Hello Susan The running is really quite hard., it started with a hop skip and a jump across the gym gradually getting a bit faster, and gaining the confidence to know that my prosthetic leg will be underneath me when i put my weight through it. Whilst i was at this stage i was lucky enough to have an Elite high activity foot fitted to my leg, this gave me some sping back and the added momentum to give me a good foward motion. I have fallen over quite a few times but that makes me more detirmened to get it right. The hardest part is getting my arms swinging and getting used to the speed. I can't run that fast but it feels like it. The latest thing i am doing at rehab is having a belt put on, and then with a physiotherapist either side they run quite fast along the gym and i have to work hard to keep my prosthetic leg going so that i can keep up. It's great fun but scary. The bike riding was great, i had problem keeping my foot on the exercise bike but on the real thing it seemed to stay on ok, starting and stopping took alot of concentration but i really enjoyed it. I hope you will let us all know about your experiences. How long have you been an amputee? and what kind of things are you aiming towards. Speak to you soon Nigel
  5. Saker

    New Member, Happy New Year

    Hi guys many thank's for all your good wishes and kind comments. I have just un- packed my new exercise bike, so i'll be giving that a whirl this week Regards Nigel
  6. Hello all , this is my first post. I am a left above knee amputee with a very positive outlook to my new situation. My operation was 06-03-06. After 13 years of chronic pain and inability to weight bear as well as chronic swelling i was informed by my vascular surgeon that the only sensible long term course was amputation. I was terrified to hear the word and after a year and a half decided it was the best thing for me and my wife and son. An elective amputation is a frightening prospect but after the operation i took a look under the bed sheets and knew i had done the right thing. My hospital stay was only 9 days, things went well. I was fitted with my primary leg on May 9th 2006, and worked very hard with the help of a brilliant rehab team at Crystal Palace. I suffer from alot of phantom pain mostly due to a sciatic neuroma, but i try not to let it get me down. I have recently started running with the physio team and last week Emma one of the physio's let me have a go on her mountain bike, which much to my and everone's surprise i rode three times round the rehab centre block. I am still very new to this huge life change and find all the changes a challenge for good and bad. A positive attitude goes a long way to helping yourself and others who are not having such a good time. I have loads of thoughts and feelings and questions. I hope to talk to you all in the new year. Happy New Year Nigel.