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    June 2005
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    compartment syndrome
  1. AnnieRUH

    What Do You Call Yours?

    I call mine "falsie". No reason, it just kind of caught on. Now, my whole fam calls it my "falsie". I think giving your prosthesis a name kind of makes light of something that is difficult to deal with at times. :) Annie
  2. I can't make it this year...I look forward to next year when the conference moves west. Last year was great though. It was a very worthwhile trip and a memorable experience. Have fun! Annie
  3. AnnieRUH

    exercise and gel liner/sweating

    Thanks so much for your reply Mike, I'll look into the drysol...it sounds great! Annie
  4. Hi all, I am wondering if any one has any ideas regarding sweating and gel liners. I am LBK and have an alpha gel liner with a pin-lock system. I am so frustrated b/c I can only walk approx. 20 min and my leg is starting to slip off and become uncomfortable. Even if no where else on my body is perspiring, my residual limb is and my gel liner/leg are slipping off. I really want to walk in a marathon (10 miles) this summer, but I can't if I have to breaks to dry off and put my leg back on. I know there are lots of amputees who run great distances and work out hard...how do they do it? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Annie
  5. Hi all, My husband and I are planning on definitely attending the conference this year...we really wanted to last year, but internships and jobs interfered. We aren't letting anything interfere this time though! We are excited to learn and have a good time! Hope to see and meet lots of you there! Annie
  6. AnnieRUH

    Phantom Pain & Pregnancy

    Thanks so much for your feedback ladies! I really appreciate it! :)
  7. AnnieRUH

    Phantom Pain & Pregnancy

    I have constant really bad phantom pains which are greatly helped by taking 100 mg of Lyrica 3X per day. I have been trying many alternatives to medication, such as accupuncture and alpha wave therapy, but none have been helpful. My husband and I really want to start a family, but I am afraid that I could not function without the Lyrica b/c the pain would be too unbearable. My doctor's have told me that it is possible that the hormone changes experienced during pregnancy may help my pain. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with pregnancy and it's effect on phantom pain. Any insight around this would be helpful as I feel really alone and with out help as to how to make my dreams of becoming a mother possible!!
  8. AnnieRUH

    Prevention of Phantom Pain

    I have constant phantom pain and sensations. The sensations don't bother me much nor do they interfere with my life, but the pain is a different story. I take 100mg of lyrica 3x's a day. It takes the edge off and without it I don't think I could go about my daily life. I have tried accupuncture and various other remedies meant to help but have had no luck. My "foot" is constantly burning, pinching, and painfully tingling with occasional "lightning bolts" and I am soooo tired of it!!!!!!!! I desperately want to be medicine free and am constantly in search of new ideas for pain relief!!!!! I was in a drug induced coma for a week as doctor's decided what to do with my leg that had lost most blood flow. I believe that I was sedated as well as under general anesthesia during my amputation...obviously it didn't work for me!!
  9. I have been notoriously clumsy in the past (drinking or not) even before I lost my leg...so I don't really notice a difference. I did have a bit of an embaracement at my wedding though...I had a few glasses of wine and was pretty tipsy (and wearing heels which didn't help with stability)...went out on the dance floor, bumped into someone, and fell over! Every one was so scared that I was injured, but it is really not a lot different from falling with both real legs. My hubby quickly pulled me to my feet and I was fine :). I think as long as you don't get too out of control, having a few drinks is fun and safe to do even with a prosthetic.
  10. Today's the day! Being a big fan of dance, I am so excited to see the show and watch Heather perform. I am sure she will do great!!
  11. AnnieRUH

    I thought I was OVER this!

    Hi Cheryl, I hope you can have a good wkend and don't stress about Monday too much. I am a yr and a half past my lbk amp and have phatom pain all of the time with it being worse when I am stressed or worried. I have found relaxation techniques such as taking deep breaths in and repeating the word calm to myself as I exhale or stretching with deep breathing to help. They don't take the pain away, but they help me relax and better deal with it. Most of all I have found that I have to consciously try not to focus on the phantom pain or stress evoking thoughts. I think about something else and try to stay focused on those thoughts not allowing my phantom pain to have all of my attention (so hard to do, especially at night!!). I hope these things help you if you find yourself cramping up again. But, since last night was good for you, I bet you will be just fine! All my best, Annie
  12. AnnieRUH

    Everyones story

    Thanks for welcoming me!!! :) Annie
  13. AnnieRUH

    Where Y'all from

    Hello from Montana! :) Annie
  14. AnnieRUH

    Everyones story

    Hello All, My name is Annie and I just joined the forum. What a brave bunch of people you all are...it was so interesting to read all of your stories. I am from Montana and there really is not much available here as far as support groups for amputees goes, so I am so glad to be part of this group! So, here is my story. In the summer of 2005 I was home on a quick break from grad school. I went in for my yearly checkup with my doctor who heard a heart murmur and suggested I see a cardiologist right away. I was feeling completely fine and had planned on leaving the next day on a road trip with my boyfriend (now my husband) so I was going to ignore her suggestion. However, with the urging of my family I went to see the cardiologist and it turned out I had an atrial myxoma which was almost completely blocking my pulmonary artery. So, the next day I was scheduled for open heart surgery. Everything seemed to have gone fine, but 12 hours after I awoke from surgery I had a cardiac arrest and woke up 3wks later without my lower left leg! Apparently due to several factors, which mainly included lack of blood flow, I developed compartment syndrome and my family had to make the difficult decision to amputate my leg. I believe I was in shock for quite awhile, and still at times feel confused as to how my heart surgery led to my losing my leg, but I now feel a sense of peace and acceptance. My life has been changed, but mainly just because of the constant phantom pain. I have done almost everything I did before I lost my leg, some a little differently, but I know what ever you think is possible truly is. I look forward to learning and sharing through this forum and am excited to be a part of the group! :) Annie