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  1. nettie

    An Appeal to Kaiser

    Thanks Ann......and.....I WON!!!! They approved the repairs to my skin covering!!! WHOO HOOO!!!! Hopefully this will empower other amputees who prefer the protection of an outer skin fight the system!
  2. nettie

    An Appeal to Kaiser

    In case anyone was interested...my Doctors and the heads of rehabilitation are supporting my appeal and I just had a conference call with a panel of 12 peopel regarding the need for a skin covering for some amputees. Keep you posted!
  3. nettie

    An Appeal to Kaiser

    I'm over here in the UK,so insurance not an issue, but like Cheryl have never had skin covers either, I too have standard foam and stockings, though notice a lot of new amputees either here are given a silicone cosmesis almost immediately. I am not overly bothered, but wouldn't mind it on my main prostheses as there are some occasions where a girl likes to look her best. A disadvantage of the foam and stockings is that it gets quite dirty and the feet will often mark through the stockings, the stocking they fit is usually thin and ladders, though can be easily replaced with sticky tape, though if the foam has to be taken off for repeated repairs or adjustments, never tends to look as good when first fitted. I agree with you, sometimes it is nice for special occasions to have a cover. But even in everyday life it prevents so much dirt and staining! Wish me luck!
  4. nettie

    An Appeal to Kaiser

    Hi Cheryl~ Thanks for the advice! In the letter of appeal I have started I am focusing on that exact approach. Hopefully they will understand how important it is to even have the option of skin available. Thanks again!
  5. nettie

    An Appeal to Kaiser

    Hello Everyone~ It's been awhile since I have been on the forum, but it's great to be back! I am currently in the process of writing an appeal to my insurance company to cover repairs to my prosthetic skin covering. My previous insurance did cover it so I am hoping that I can make a change in the way my new insurance views prosthetic skin covers. It a battle, I know, but I am going to try! I was hoping some of you would have stories for me or reasons why a skin covering is a necessity for you or why you feel you need to have one. I don't believe that a sking covering should be labeled as "cosmetic" any longer. The more that we make our needs to insurance companies heard loud and clear the more of a chance we will have to get the coverage we need without having to battle for it. If you have something to contribute, please let me know!! Thank you! Janette
  6. Heather was AWESOME!!! I was so nervous watching her bcuz I know the things that can happen but she danced BEEEEAAAAUUUUUTTIFUULLYY!!!!! :P I can't wait to learn how to dance again!!!!
  7. Thanks for the input! I was out of town so I am just catching up with everyone's posts. I didn't think about a lot of these things before, so they're good to know!!!! And I wanted to say thank you all for the answers and support!!! Its nice to have a place to ask these things!!! :) Nettie Hi Nettie :D Most of your body weight is in your legs, so weighing yourself is 'horses for courses'. If you just need to know if you've gained or lost weight, you wear your prosthesis. If, however, you need to know exactly how much you really weigh (e.g, if you're having a general anaesthetic & they need to know your exact weight) then you weigh yourself on scales wearing your prosthesis and then subtract the weight of your prosthesis (your prosthetist can weigh it for you). Or you can have yourself weighed sitting down, without your prosthesis at your limb centre (as Ann said). Btw, foam won't have much effect on the weight of your limb as it's not a dense material. Most of the weight of your prosthesis is in the components. Different limbs & components weigh dufferent amounts; both my prostheses together weight approx 14 pounds & I heard a few weeks ago that someone's c-leg weighed 16 pounds! Lizzie :) PS Somewhere I've got a link to an online BMI calculator for amps, if you're interested. Although, it's a bit 'mean' on the calculations...my BMI is 21 and it says I'm overweight! :o
  8. And for all of you whose legs weigh 4-4 1/2lbs...do you have it covered? Foam and all?
  9. Its a crazy balancing act...but for some reason I feel better doing it that way! Thanks :D
  10. Thank you! I guess its different for everyone! A friend of mine told me a funny story though when I told her about my dilemma. Remember Jerry Mcguire and "the human head weighs 8lbs?" She saw a comedian that said she felt better when she heard that because now she could subtract 8lbs from her weight and it wasn't so bad then!!! :lol: I love it!
  11. Hey everyone! I have a question for the ladies (or gentlemen if they have an opinion!). When you weigh yourself, is it with or without your prosthetic on? Do you add the extra weight of your prosthetic and use it as your normal weight? Or do you use the weight when it is off? I would appreciate any input your guys have about the subject! Thanks! Nettie ( I havent filled out my profile yet...but I am a LBK, in case anyone is interested) ;)