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    How far can you walk?

    Hello everyone, I have a question for mainly Bi lateral below knee apmputee's but any one can churp in. I have had my left leg off for five years and my right leg four years. At first I thought I was doing well, able to walk with two sticks then eventually with non when I'm indoors. But I feel as though I should be doing more than I am. When I went to see my prothetist, I asked her what range should I be able to walk, (I know there is no right answer to this) just wanted a guide. Her answer was I am doing too much! I'm only walking about my house garden and the supermarket when I go out, surely this isn't going to be the rest of my life is it? So folks the question is, if you don't mind me asking is how far can you walk? Thanks for any input you can give me, I feel so frustrated, when I do try and improve my distance, one of my legs breaks down and I end up back in my wheelchair. Thanks Ian
  2. Hello, Long time since I have been on here, as some of you may remember I'm a Bilateral Below Knee Amputee. I'm having awful problems with one of my limbs, it keeps breaking down, I've been told that I'm doing too much (I don't agree :-)) I've been told to leave my leg off for three month to allow it to heal, also been told that I might not be ever able to walk again! So I thought "how am I gonna get around?" I can use my wheelchair in the house, but I need to go out into a out house to get my ebay supplies, (yes, I do ebay lol) so how was I going to do it? Brain wave, I'll use my Zimmer frame to walk with, it was a bit scary at first but I'm managing. Have any of you ever tried things that others have never dreamt of trying? Ian
  3. Hoggett

    Walking with a Zimmer Frame

    Hello Ann, Yes I am wearing one limb, I might do it once or twice a week only. But thank you for telling me the problems that it can cause, I'll give it a miss I think. I have noticed I'm getting a bit more pain etc in my knee so I will stop ding it. Regards Ian
  4. Hoggett

    How to toughen up my skin

    Hi everyone, hope you are all well. I've got a problem with my skin on my stumps, it is very fragile, the slightest problem and it breaks down, has anyone got any good ways of toughening up my skin please? I'm spending half the year in me wheelchair cause I cannot wear me limbs, it's so frustrating! Thanks for any advice you can give me. Ian
  5. Hello, I'm a Bi-lateral Below Knee Amputee, using Ottobock Vacumn legs, my problem is that I am not keeping my suction, if I do a qucik walk on the spot the vacumn builds up straight away but once I stop the I lose it all, has anyone any tips to solve this please? I have recently had a replacement blue sleeve ( I don't know what you call them) on one leg but it still doesn't seem to be working right, the other leg the blue sleeve is starting to wear so I will be getting that one replaced when I go to the leg place on the 3rd Aug. I've only had these legs for about a month and I think they are great legs if only they would work right :-( Thanks for any input you can give me. btw, my legs have a valve on the back of the l Ian
  6. Hello Stubby, Thanks for the tip about the cream, it works great Hi Ed, To be honest I don't know what type I have, it is simple a one way valve inserted into the back of the socket, when I don it and walk a few steps it creates the vacumn. I think it might be a ad hoc type of system. another problem I am getting is on my left knee, the tek liner seems to be causing friction on the top of me knee, has this happened to anyone else, I'm having to wear a thin dressing to protect my skin (I've nearly got a break down) Regards Ian
  7. Thank you for the tip, I will ask them for two Proflex sleeves. I am new to this system, I used to use the cuff strap before I got these. Regards Ian
  8. Hoggett

    New Limb for me

    Hi, Just got back from my limb centre, I saw the boss man a Mr. Fyfe, he says I needed another casting done of my left (older) stump, so I have had the casting done and now just waiting of my older limb being picked up by a courier then should have my new limb in a few weeks time, hopefully I won't need many more on this leg, this is the 3rd limb in 18 months! They all say I am doing so so well, personally I can't see it, I think I expect too much off my self and also expect too much from other people at times. So fingers crossed it all goes well. Ian
  9. Hoggett

    Cold Stumps anyone?

    Hello, I have had my limbs off today, wearing my shrinker socks, however I have noticed a few times that if I leave my limbs off - in bed or when I am in my chair, they are freezing cold, so today I wrapped them both up in a blanket, to try and get them warmed up, I was like that for about 2 hours, checked them still freezing, is there something wrong with me (I know that already :lol: ) or is that the norm? I don't have a warm house, firstly because of the dog, Blackie and secondly I can't afford to keep it warm! Ian
  10. Hoggett

    Think test

    Hi, Thats a good one, I scored 15 out of 25, not bad. Ian
  11. Hoggett

    Cold Stumps anyone?

    Hi Cherylm, So it appears that all of us suffer from this problem, I thought it could be to do with the plumbing and how they have to sew everything back together. As you say mine are often icy cold even if it is a nice warm day. Thanks for your replys, it seems I'm not alone. Ian
  12. Hoggett


    Hi, I have a similiar problem, on a morning when I get out of bed, my stumps are fairly hard and very cold. I can just say get my sockets on, and often have to weight a few minutes before I can get my stumps right into my sockets - they warm up and everything goes ok. Has anyone else got this problem? Ian
  13. Hoggett

    I'm a bit angry at pyshio

    Hi, I have been going for pyshio now on a Tuesday for about 8 weeks, I'm out the house for a total of 5 hours every time I go, just to have about 20 minutes of physio time, which is spent doing the same exercises that I do at home. So today I went again, and again same old routine. At the end of it the head pshyio says "Well we can't do anything more for you, you're discharged" So I have been messing around in there all these weeks for nowt! I asked about more training for going up and down stairs, and for slopes, there answer was "Oh, we don't do anything like that, that's up to you to learn the best way" GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! Ian
  14. Hoggett

    I'm a bit angry at pyshio

    Hi Lizzie, Yes they know about my stumps bleeding, I honestly think that I just wanted to know things that they hadn't a clue about, that's why I was discharged. The Limb Centre know about the bleeding and the prothetist has actually seen the wounds, that is why I am going in at two week intervals to try and alleviate the problems. They are all amazed at how I'm getting on - going up and down stairs, walking about 100 yards outside, going to the shops etc. They are mistified how quickly I am walking (I learnt to walk again this time in only 12 days) I think the problem may be that I am too good for them but I think I'm not good enough. You asked how I would get up from a fall - in the house, I would take my limbs off, and skoot along on my bum until I got to my stairs and lift myself onto the second stair, then get my limb's and put them on again and stand up. If I were upstairs and fell, I would either take them off and skoot along to my bedside chair and lift myself onto that or go to the stairs and put my limbs on there. (I would take my limbs off because of the extra drag/weight and the discomfort) I couldn't actually get up with out using a chair/stairs etc because when I bend my knee (even sitting) the shin bone presses against my socket, this is what has caused the bleeding in the first place. Waiting times - up here the place I go does most of the North East, from Durham to the Scottish Borders, they have a lot of amputee's to look after, that is why it takes a long time to get a appointment, I think they deal with about 20 patients a day - between 5 prothetists. I can do most things, but I want to be able to do them right, as you say bad habit's are easily learnt. Thanks everyone for your input. Ian
  15. Hoggett

    I'm a bit angry at pyshio

    Could the reason why you've been discharged have been your bleeding stumps? If they have little or no experience of amputees then they will jump when something like that appears. Two other reasons for your discharge could be either that they need to improve their waiting list (I was recently sent an initial appt with just 6 days notice, after waiting 3 months) or that they were out of their professional depth. As far as physios goes (Lynne agrees with me here) you need to insist on being seen ASAP. As you're bilateral and you're desperate to get back to doing what you were doing pre-amp, it's very easy to just 'go for it' and get into bad habits. Bad habits are very hard to unlearn, believe me... :( Anyway, apart from all that (both you & the single amps on this thread can try to answer this one... ;)) how on earth are you going to get up from falling if you have no idea what to do? I can get up from the floor with two stiff knees very easily, but I'm very supple and I've been 'doing it' since I was a baby...I know for certain that you wouldn't be able to get up off the floor the way I do. Go on Ian, bite the bullet...lift the phone tomorrow morning and just go for it. It's better than worrying and it's better than us nagging you...anything's better than that. ;) As far as prosthetists are concerned, you (and everyone else at your centre) need to start applying some pressure here. Those waiting times you quoted are far too long to wait for someone who has bleeding stumps (btw have you told them you have bleeding stumps? And if so, have they actually looked at them?). I don't have to wait that amount of time to see my prosthetist. You need to find out if there's an active User Group at your centre and you need to contact whoever is in charge. You also need to contact the administrator who is in charge of the centre and contact them. You need to tell them that the waiting times are far too long and unworkable for a new amputee such as yourself. They need to know that their service isn't up to scratch. It's OK writing here, but the people who matter (people with the power to change things at your centre) probably don't read this forum. I think I'll send you a PM too... Lizzie :)
  16. Hoggett

    I'm a bit angry at pyshio

    Hi everyone, Thanks to everyone who has posted, but I was a bit upset by what some people were saying. Yes at times I do need a bit of a push. But I am doing most things that I could do before my amps. What I was getting at was the fact that I had been discharged out of hospital being told that I was going to be taught how to get up from a fall, how to rise and sit on a low chair, how to correctly go up and down stairs and slopes, I have not had any of this training, the things I can do for my self I have learnt, they may be the wrong ways but it gets the job done. Basically where I live they are happy if you can plod along using two sticks and be able to vegetate in a chair, they give you know motivation at all. When I had my first amp done, I asked "how do you get up from the floor if I fall" (what's the best method) the answer was "Oh you'll be shown what to do in the future" I'm still waiting! I asked "what's the best way to get onto the floor if I want to do a job etc down there?" there reply was "Why do you want to be on the floor?" That's why I'm so annoyed, you are basically left to your own devices where I think a small input would be helpful and appreciated, by whoever in the NHS. Regarding my appointment with the Limb Centre, two weeks is the quickest they can see me, as they are so busy andf my prothetist only works part time there, as do all the prothetists. Actually two weeks is quite quick it is usually one or two months before you can see anyone. Regarding seeing a physio and getting what you need. I think this is why I was discharged, because I started to want to know things they hadn't a clue about. But I have also had some advice off the Limb Centre physio's too which was much better but still not of mush use. I am sorry if I seemed to have ignored your advice, I haven't, it is just that sometimes as Ann says everyone is different and at the moment I have the added problem of the bleeding stumps to contend with, once I get these healed I will be away. Thanks Ian
  17. Hoggett

    I'm a bit angry at pyshio

    Hello Lynne, Great to hear from another North Easterner. Yes you are right, I used to go to another physio Chester-le-street, (don't know if you know where that is) but I go to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle for the limbs etc. and according to them I am out of there catchment area, however I do get my limbs there (very confusing.) I don't think I need any more learning apart from general tips etc. Ian
  18. Hoggett

    I'm a bit angry at pyshio

    Hi, The limb centre that I go to are very good, any probs I have they deal with it straight away so I will wait till I go there on Thursday week, I'll ask them for some more pysio. Don't get me wrong I do go up and down stairs and slopes, but I need to be told little tricks etc to allow me to do it easier/quicker/safer etc. Ian
  19. Hoggett

    I'm a bit angry at pyshio

    Hi Ann, You're so right, the thinking here in the NHS is that as long as you can hobble along you are doing fine. But that is not what most people want, at least I don't, I know I will never walk the way I did, I don't want to be able to walk miles either, but I do want to be able to get about near normal as I can. I'm 43, 44 this year, I had my first bka done a year gone last September and my latest bka don last November so I know I am fairly new but would like to be told if I am doing things in the right way or not. The next time I go to the limb centre I am going to ask them again if I can join there pysio groups. Ian
  20. Hoggett

    I'm a bit angry at pyshio

    Hi, The only places there are in the North East where I live is either to the North about 25 miles away or to the South which is about 20 miles away, they are the only two places you can go here, and also you haven't really any say on where you can go. I just wish I could find out what we can do and what we can't. Ian
  21. Hoggett

    I'm a bit angry at pyshio

    I'm not surprised you're angry - I'd be angry too! But, really it's not you who should be angry, it's them that should be embarrassed...that they haven't broadened their professional skills. Are they just a general physio dept, Ian, or are they attached to a limb centre (i.e. they know what to do with amputees)? Lizzie :) Hello Lizzie, It isn't the fact that they can't help me, it is the fact that I was told that this place was going to help me improve the way I walk etc. Then to be strung along like this it not right. Also today they told me to do a exercise which I thought was wrong, I may be the one that's wrong though, what it was is that I had to lie on the plinth (bed) and with my limbs on raise each leg in turn, I tried to do it but told them that there was too much pressure and therefore pain on my shin bone, they were standing there looking at me as though I had gone mad! Also I was told by the Limb Centre that it was unadvisable to sit on low chairs withouth arms, they wanted mer to sit on a very low chair without arms and were puzzled why I couldn get up easily, I could have if I only had one leg off but not both. BTW I weigh 14 stone which I know isn't light, and been advisded by my GP not to lose anymore. This pysio place is just a normal general dept, the only one there is that is only for amputee's is at my limb centre which aparently is out of my area, yet they make my limb. When I go back on Thursday week I am going to ask them again if they can help. I know that I will improve myself, it is just I wanted the proper way to do things and get some extra knowledge from them. Ian
  22. Hi all, I'm sick and tired of my stumps bleeding/watery blood. It is happeneing right at the end of the shin bone, I told my prothetist about my left one the last time I was there, she said it should be ok and didn't do anything about it, apparently she thought I needed another sock on it to stop it from bottoming out in the socket, but now both of them are doing it now, think I need to see her again. Have any of you had this problem? and how did you fix it? I'm a Bi lateral BKA Ian
  23. Hoggett

    Sick and tired of stumps bleeding

    Hi Cherylm. Yes I am wearing a shrinker sock on both of them however in the night they both slide off, I'll have to get some smaller ones I think. I'm going to sleep downstairs for a few days. I'll only put them on when I need to go out on my scooter which once or twice a day. I am getting there, it has taken some time but it is working! I have to go back to the limb centre in two weeks time, they are at last keeping an eye on me. (They need too!) Ian
  24. Hoggett

    Sick and tired of stumps bleeding

    Hi everyone, Haven't been on for a while, had computer problems and also nothing to report. But things are getting better, well hopefully. The nurse is coming in twice a week to change the dressings on my wounds, one is healing quite well but the other one isn't to good. I have been back to the limb centre last Friday and she has told me I was wearing too many socks (was wearing 3 thick socks and 1 thin sock on each stump) and squeezing the bottom of my stumps, so she re-lined the top part of my sockets and I have to only wear 1 sock on each stump. They feel totaly different, much better and I have found that I can go upstairs much better now than before. However I'm supposed to leave them off all the time, but I find it awkward to do that as they have a tendency to swell and I need to put them on to go to bed. But the light is at the end of the tunnel, thank god. I hope you are all keeping well. Ian
  25. Hi, I just feel like getting a bit tipsy, but then just wondered if anyone has got drunk while wearing there limbs, and how did you cope with walking etc. I'm just being nosey really. :-) Ian