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    Amy Skydiver and Stagger Lee SCUBA trip pics

    You don't look like an idiot. Things happen.
  2. Well we did it. After a couple of marathon drives up from Virginia and Minnesota respectively, I and Amy got together on a charter boat out of Port Sanilac, Michigan for some scuba diving. Here's the two of us. She's the one with the extra yellow air tank. The second pic is Amy playing with a bottle on the steamer Regina, ninety feet under water. We dove four shipwrecks in two days and camped out two nights and had a great time. Much fun. And my Activankle swim foot worked great! I could lock it out at forty-five degrees for kicking, and then set it to ninety degrees for climbing the ladders and walking around the boat.
  3. Stagger Lee

    Amy Skydiver and Stagger Lee SCUBA trip pics

    Aw, come on...it was funny! Plus you got to see parts of downtown Detroit--something that you'd normally have missed by seventy miles! Besides, we only beat you to the campground by an hour or so. After I set a new speed record on the drive up from Virginia, I found out that my pal hadn't even began to pack yet, so it's not like we actually got away from his place in any sort of good time. And trust me, you didn't get even a fraction of the ration of crap that I gave him over that. In the end, it all worked out. No harm, no fouls...just stories that will only get funnier the more that they're re-told and exaggerated.
  4. I'm swimming regularly now. and I've gotten past the awkwardness of only having one foot kicking, at east enough to let me swim a whole mile! Yay, me! Blogged (as usual) here: http://lagniappeslair.blogspot.com/2008/12...day-yay-me.html
  5. Stagger Lee

    Amy Skydiver and Stagger Lee SCUBA trip pics

    Oh, I don't know...maybe to actually get to the tour guide? But that's all I'm gonna say about that.
  6. Stagger Lee

    Amy Skydiver and Stagger Lee SCUBA trip pics

    Yes, she packs well. Everything except a map. <laughs at private joke on Amy.>
  7. Stagger Lee

    Amy Skydiver and Stagger Lee SCUBA trip pics

    It was good...it was good. Amy camps in style, too. Packs a week's worth of stuff for an overnight, including a six-person tent, stove, grill, washer/dryer combo and kitchen sink, but it seems to work.
  8. Stagger Lee

    Checking back in

    Sorry folks, I've been seriously scarce since they started me back to work. It only took almost three years, despite being medically cleared by MY doctors TWO years ago. I've spent most of the last three and a half months sitting behind a desk in an administrative office with no actual job to do. My "duties" there consisted of showing up in the morning, catching a nap until someone else arrived, then going out to run for a bit. (And I logged 102.5 miles in three months, basically just running to get out of there.) after running, I'd shower, then play on the internet until lunch. After lunch, I would play on the internet some more until it was close enough to quitting time that I could just slip out and leave. Every now and again, I would be assigned strenuous tasks, such as putting more paper in the copier, answering the phone if, by odd chance, it actually rang into my cubicle, and--my favorite--going down two flights of stairs and carrying up new jugs of water for the water cooler so that none of the people who actually have two legs would be troubled. But all of that changed again a month ago. After a complaint from me to my latest medical claims examiner, he made some calls and suddenly I was notified to begin actual training. (This was to start just prior to the Atlanta convention, resulting in my leave request to attend being denied. But then my grandmother passed away that same week-end and one of the brass who'd denied my leave decided that I was pulling somer sort of scam when I used family leave to go to the funeral (Would have had to leave the convention anyway...) and tried to nail me on that. But since I was able to prove that I did have a grandmother, that she did die, and that I did not kill her myself just to get the leave time, that eventually blew over and I began training anew. As I write this, I am still tired from spending most of a day running up and down hallways and stairwells clearing buildings of fake bad guys (alas, bad guys with guns that shoot real paint bullets when encountered--OW!) This after a week of self-defense and fighting techniques in which I showed more than one person that a prosthetic leg is impervious to pain but quite handy for administering it. One more day of building clearing, and then I get to spend most of next week re-qualifying on all of the nice weapons that they took away from me when I got hurt, plus a new pistol that I seriously do not want because I like my old one so much. Following that, I spend a week-end scuba diving with AmySkydiver and then I return to finish my training, hopefully in time to qualify for the next round of promotions since I'm arguably eligible and quite high on the list. Much fun, but little time to be on here, particularly since the work computers won't let me access this forum. So what'd I miss?
  9. Stagger Lee

    Checking back in

    It's all good. I showed 'em that I could take the worst of what they had to offer, out-performing several of them as we ran up and down stairs in this hot, dusty building all week. Admittedly, my leg got pretty sore from all of the stair descents (going up is never a problem but the jarring impact of going down does get noticeable after a while) but I tried not to let them know. I'd also learned from my running that I need to keep hydrated otherwise my leg will shrink a bit and start to take damage from the fit not being tight enough, so I drank a ton of water throughout the exercises and had no problems with it. Oh, and I can kick doors in like nobody's business!
  10. Stagger Lee

    Checking back in

    Thanks, Neal. Oh, and screw the Capitol. There's already 1500 Capitol Police watching the building. I'll just handle the rest of the greater DC area. Spent most of today practicing tactics in an old, unused hospital building with no air conditioning. Much shooting with Simunitions, which are like paintball but they fire from actual firearms and hurt much more when they hit, IMHO. The biggest argument of the day revolved around whether or not a "hit" to my prosthetic leg counted or not. I claimed that since it doesn't hurt and won't affect my performance, it should just be a freebie and I should be allowed to continue engaging bad guys. Training staff mulled it for a bit and decided that even though it's only a plastic leg, a bullet hit there still counts for training purposes. Darn it.
  11. Stagger Lee

    Got to drive a truck.

    So I was in working overtime for the 4th of July, basically doing odd jobs instead of what I should be doing (don't get me started...) and the supervisor I was working for asked if anyone could drive a large stick-shift truck. I volunteered that I had done so all through college and he gave me the keys and a list of deliveries. OK, I kind of forgot to tell him that I had not driven one since losing my leg, but heck--it's a government truck, right? It's not like there's no insurance. All worked well. No problem shifting with the prosthetic, and all my old pals took great delight in seeing ME driving the large stick-shift truck through the major vehicle and pedestrian traffic associated with our local 4th of July celebrations. Only downside was that they did not allow me to wear my Monty Python "Just a Flesh Wound" t-shirt with my shorts...Had to wear the issued uniform shirt. Pity--that's a great look.
  12. Stagger Lee

    Tennis, anyone?

  13. Stagger Lee

    Hello from Kansas

    Hi David, I'm very active outdoors myself--I do a lot of hiking and running with my BTK leg. (Well I have a special one for running, but hike just fine with the regular walking leg.) You can do it-just work with your prosthetist until you figure out each and every sore spot on your leg that comes with exertion and knock them all out, one by one. It may take a while, but it's possible. And ditching as much weight as possible is key. The less weight on the end of that leg, the less pain, and every few pounds makes a difference. So no more cheeseburgers---get to like carrots instead.
  14. Stagger Lee

    Sir Douglas Bader

    Wow. Great pic. I'd read Reach for the Sky a couple of times before getting injured, but it really didn't mean much until losing my own leg. It made me want to push to get my pilot's license back, and I frequently invoked his name and accomplishments whenever I ran up against some FAA nitwit who told me that amputees could not be granted licenses. (A lot of them think that, but it's not so.) If he could fly Spitfire fighter planed with two 1940's-era prosthetics--one above the knee--then dammit, I could fly any POS Cessna or Piper with one modern below the knee job. And I did, thanks in part to Bader's inspiring me.
  15. Sorry all... I could not make it. Bad timing and a degree of pettiness on the part of my job, as they decided that after three years of ignoring my demands to be returned to work that they would start my retraining this past week and nix any plans for time off. So this is me, hating my job but still stuck here for now. I'm glad that you all had fun--I want more details--and I WILL be seeing Amy in a little more than a month...if she doesn't decide to just stay in Cozumel, where she's at right now. (Hmmmm..... Minnesota or Cozumel... Tough choice there.) Oh--and had you slid down the banister at the Lincoln Memorial, you'd have gotten my stock "This is a memorial, not an amusement park" lecture. And I'd have probably locked Higgy up, just because.
  16. Stagger Lee

    How I lost my leg

    I confess that I too like to make up stories about how I lost mine, usually ones that get sillier and sillier as the tale progresses, just to see how long I can keep the asker on the hook. Now if it's a little kid asking, I usually tell them about how when I was their age, I disobeyed my parents or told a lie, and the monster under the bed snatched it off one night. It's amazing how little kids believe such things. :-)
  17. Stagger Lee


    Real men sweat. Live with it. Oh wait--I forgot...I'm taking to a firefighter. Sorry. Go with the Secret. Seriously, when I finish a run and take the liner off, I usually end up pouring water out. But it's never affected the fit or my comfort.
  18. Stagger Lee

    Well I'm out...

    After three years of fighting them to get them to put me back to work, my job finally started the process--and set up a retraining program that will preclude me from going to the conference this year. So I'm out. Sorry, folks. Would have been fun. And now we come to the make-or-break question. I see on the confirmation e-mail that I got that there is a clause that says "No refunds after 5/26/09". Considering that this isn't my fault, and seeing as how ACA has incurred exactly no expenses on my behalf nor rendered me any services whatsoever, I will be speaking with their representatives tomorrow about a refund, as I am not in the position to just up and donate $250.00 to this organization. My hope is that they'll be reasonable and accommodate me, and if they do, they'll have earned my support indefinitely. If any of you here who are ACA reps could help out with this, I'd be seriously grateful.
  19. Stagger Lee

    Has This Ever Happened To You?

    I had minor issues with my prosthetist's secretary always trying to schedule me a week or two out when I needed service immediately. I got around this by just bypassing her and contacting him directly. He always slips me in, schedule be damned. Eventually the office staff got used to me and now they just accommodate me and fit me in when I call because they know that I usually just need a quick in-and-out adjustment and that if they don't, I'll just bypass them anyway.
  20. Stagger Lee

    Hi, would you please help?

    Sometimes you have to respect their wishes and back off. When I lost my leg, I'd just started seeing a girl--first one in years. She was nice enough, and supportive, but it was more than I could deal with, what with everything else going on, so I broke it off with her. I still feel a little bad about it, because she was very nice, but I wouldn't have been able to do her justice for quite some time even if I hadn't been otherwise preoccupied, so it was probably for the best.
  21. Stagger Lee

    Conscious about body "image"

    When I wear long pants and my walking foot, no one can tell. Lots of people that I am around regularly still don't know. When I go running, I wear shorts and my running leg is out there for everyone. Today I ran six miles downtown Washington DC, mostly on the tourist-filled National Mall. Let 'em look. I may have a prosthesis, but I can run--probably farther and faster than most of them.
  22. Stagger Lee

    Conscious about body "image"

    When I got my first one about two and a half years ago (my, how time flies...) I got a skin-colored stocking of sorts to go over it, to make it look a bit more "normal". I don't bother with that now. It was too flimsy and always tearing up, so I just do without on my walking leg. When I run--something that I now do more days than not--there's no hiding or camouflaging a running foot. But I don't worry about it. I figure I'm out here RUNNING, and that means that I'm doing as good as any other runner and a hell of a lot better than anyone NOT running, so let 'em look .Look and be amazed, people. Check out what I can do!
  23. Stagger Lee

    Stick shift

    Well it's a cute little car. A bit smaller than I'm used to, but... Here's s stick shift truck like the ones that I used to drive. I think I'm going to buy another one, just to cheese the neighbors off.
  24. Stagger Lee

    Stick shift

    Well today was another "first". I drove a friend's manual transmission car for the first time since getting my leg. I used to drive sticks exclusively, everything from small cars to large trucks. As luck would have it, I actually owned the second automatic transmission-equipped vehicle I'd ever had when I got hurt, so at least I didn't have to deal with clutches right out of the gate. I took a friend to lunch today, and since she didn't know downtown Washington DC traffic, she asked me if I wouldn't mind driving. It wasn't until I'd agreed to do so and went to get in the car that I realized that not only was her car one of those little Japanese Toyota cars, it was also a stick shift. Well being a guy, I couldn't really back down. And it's not like it was my car, so what the heck... It took a few shifts to get the hang of where the clutch pedal was, and I did miss it once and hit the brake instead, bringing the car to an abrupt stop in the middle of the road. No harm to us, but the people on the tour bus right behind us probably weren't too happy when their driver locked up his brakes to avoid drop-kicking the Toyota. Welcome to DC, tourists. But I got it down well enough to drive in traffic, and other then a tendency to ride the clutch if I don't remind myself to take my foot off the pedal, it went well. Much fun.
  25. Stagger Lee

    Stick shift

    Hell, it wasn't my car. And yeah, it's always good to be able to check off another activity on the list of things that I used to do and want to do again.