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    ACA Conference 2008 Review

    Hey, justwanted to let you all know that Greag Bauer and Jason at West Coast are my prosthetist's. Words can not express how awesome they are. take care! Mike
  2. mdrums

    AK Silicone Liner Issue?

    Hi Freddy, I tried the suction socket last year were you pull yourself in with a parachute material silk type sock. I my stump is so short it did not hold suction very well and it rubbed my skin so I went back to my liner and pin system. Today I meet with my prosthetist to tell him I am going to go see another prothetist to get a vacuum system done. My current prothetist want to put me into a belt type of system around my waist. I just do not understnd how a belt system will help my sweating isue and keep a comefortable fit in my socket. I did get my prescritpion for Dri-Sol and that and the less humid weather we are having this week in Florida is working wonders. I AM SO CONFUSED!
  3. mdrums

    AK Silicone Liner Issue?

    I am a very very high AK left leg with some residual tissue at the bottom of my stump. I've tried a suction system and it did not work really well on me so I continue with my pin system. I am having a problem with a new type of liner from Otto Bock. This liner does not have any vertical give and it helps with the pistoning up and down in the socket. This liner feels more solid on me and I walk a lot better but as I lose volume, especially in the heat and humidity of Florida in my stump during the day I get these friction rashes and burns on the tender skin of the inside of my stump since the liner does not give with my skin. I've found a little KY Jelly helps with the friction burning sensation but this causes the liner to slip later on during the day. Plus who wants to carry KY Jelly in there pocket all the time?!?! My prosthetist has already made me to sockets to go with 2 different sizes of this new Otto Bock liner and he will do what ever I ask. I do not want to go back to my old Iceross Comfort liner and it feels more mushy but it does not hurt my skin. Any AK's in a pin system? What silicone liner are you using?
  4. mdrums

    AK Silicone Liner Issue?

    Hi Paul, yes I take my liner off about 3-8 times a day depending on how hot it is outside and how active I am. I tried the talc powder a long time ago and with the talc of the liner would not stick to my stump and then it would really slip down my stump. I am now using Dri-Sol and it seems to help with the sweating issue. I did go see another prosthetist on Monday and he would like to take me out of the pin systme and put me in a vacuum system. This prosthetic is also a above knee amputee and he wears a vacuum system and most all his above knee customers do to. His name is Bill Copeland of Copeland Prosthetics in Tampa, FL.
  5. mdrums


    Oh yeah, also about people staring at you and your leg. Big deal....think of it like you are a movie star or something and people do not mean any harm they are just curious just like any of you would be. Smile at them, confront them and just explain your deal. Kids stare all the time...they need to learn about our prosthetic limbs...maybe if you explain it correctly you might interest them even more and they might persue prosthetics as a carrer.
  6. mdrums


    Great topic! "They" told my wife I was going to die. Obviously I did not. "They" told me I will never walk with out a crutch or cane. I walk with out any help. "They" told me I might never be able to do my job. I fly somewhere ever other week and continue to work. "They" told me my life will be very different. I continue to do everything. "They" told me my stump was too short for a proper fit. I basically do really well in a mild climate! "They" told me I would fall alot. I have not fallen in over a year "They" told me I am disabled. huh? What? "They" do not know the power of me or what the heck "They" are talking about!
  7. mdrums

    AK Silicone Liner Issue?

    Karen, thanks for the reply. I am interested in your liner with the vaccum system. It sounds like it keeps the socket sucked to you even during sweating and/or volume los in your limb. Am I correct? Do you have any pictures of your system? I see you live in Florida too. I am just west of you near Tampa in Apollo Beach! Yep Orlando is probably even hotter than Tampa. YIKES! thanks Mike
  8. mdrums


    I get a rash too from my liner. I am a very high above knee and use a liner with pin system. My rash seems to be cause more in the heat and is due to high friction. I have found KY Jelly in a small amount helps with the friction and rash. I also use Oatmeal soap to wash my stump and then apply A&D at night before bed. I am having this problem more now since my switched to the Otto Bock liner than does not have any vertical give. This liner feels more solid on me and I walk better but as I lose volume in my stump during the day I get these friction rashes and burns.
  9. mdrums


    All spouses of an amputee person are angles! I could not do it sometimes without my wife.
  10. mdrums

    smart adaptive 2

    Thanks oneblueleg, I will stick with my C-Leg but am always very interested in what is new and what other people are useing. Correct my stump/femur is only around 8" long (I am 6'5" tall) so it is very short and basically no muscel left in it. take care everyone! Mike
  11. mdrums

    Musicians on the Forum

    I am a drummer and use to make my living playing full time professionally. I now work for Drum Workshop (DW) as a sales rep/product specialist in the south east USA. I cover 9 states and travel a lot. The only other drummer I know that is a leg amputee is the drummer Billy Brimblecom in a small but upcomming rock band in the USA called Black Pool Lights. Billy is a left leg amputee and wear a C-leg. Rick Allen for Def Leppard lost his entire left arm in a car crash back in the mid 80's but he still plays the heck out of the drums for Def Leppard...a true inspiration.
  12. mdrums

    Osseointegration Part One

    Hi Paul, I am so very interested in this proceedure so thanks for sharing with all of us. I am a very very high AK left leg and can only imagine how much better I would walk in confort with my prosthetic leg connected diretly to my femur. Please keeps us posted and I can't wait for you to take those first steps! Congrats and prayers are with you! Mike
  13. Hi Shane, WOW I was just up in Jonesboro 3 weeks ago! I sell to a store in the new updated downtown area called Drummers Pad. I have a C-Leg and inquired about the Rheo knee. My prosthtist said it is much heavier than my C-Leg and since I am a extremely high AK with reduntant tissue that the Rheo would not work as well for me. Good luck with your leg and as a drummer I like your avitar! Mike Carter
  14. mdrums

    smart adaptive 2

    Hi Mick, thanks for the posts and replys! Do you or Endolite know the weight difference between a C-Leg and the Adaptive 2? I am a extremely high amputee and the lighter the leg the better. The Reho knee is very heavy so that will not work well for me. I have been a AK now for 3 years like yourself. see ya, Mike
  15. I do not get it....I have a 2" round hole that I just stick my finger in to help guide the pin from my liner into the socket. I have some residual tissue at the bottom of my stump so the pin never lines up so my prosthitist just cut this 2" hole into the bottom front part of my socket.
  16. mdrums

    Hello from AK Drummer in Tampa!

    Raven, what bike is that in your avaitar? I was on my 2002 Ducati 998R when I was hit. I just put on a smaller SMT sprocket, Ductai full race exhaust with new ECU. I also had a 2001 Harley Road King that I customized, won bike shows with but still rode 12,000 miles a year.
  17. Hello, just found this board and this place seems amazing! Major thanks to Heather for supporting this board. I am 41 years old and lost my left leg in a motorcycle accident 4 years ago. I am a very high AK with about only 6" of Femur left plus I am 6'5" tall! A guy in a mini-van took a head on turn right into me in traffic! I flat lined in the hospital twice, broke every bone in both arms, mulitpul bones in my left hand and broke my pelvis in 2 places and they did not think I would make it. I had awesome doctors an amazing wife and a strong will to live and the Lord above. Anyway, I am doing great, walking with out a cane and have been totally back to work for years. I work for DW drums who not only build the greatest drums in the world but are an awesome compasionate company that stood by me through all this. I have played drums all my life and worked many years as a drummer in Florida, LA and Nashville. I can still play but my skills with my left foot on my hi-hat have suffered some. I enjoy boating and fishing and taking my car to a local race track to drive with a local club. I had a standard hydraulic knee for the 1st few months and then bought a C-Leg and WOW how a C-Leg makes life so much better. Since I have such a short stump a suction socket has been hard to get to fit properly and stay on and it just does not agree with my active lifestyle of boating and living in Florida. So I have had good luck with a pin system and use a Iceross liner that does not flex length wise. If anyone has any questions for me fire away. Take care, Mike Carter Tamp[a FL
  18. mdrums

    Hello from AK Drummer in Tampa!

    You know how to tell if a drummer is sitting upright? The drool is slipping down the middle of his chin :P How can you tell if a guitar player is knocking at your door? The knock speeds up!
  19. mdrums

    Hello from AK Drummer in Tampa!

    ebtalley, hang in there it only gets beter especially with positive thoughts. I was told I would never do a lot of thing I am now doing. I was told I would have to walk with the help of a cane or crutch. My wife was told I was probably going to die the day after my accident. Forget all that you can do what ever you put your mind up to...remember if there is a will there is a way!
  20. mdrums

    Hello from AK Drummer in Tampa!

    Ally, if there is anything I can talk to your drummer friend about please have him get intouch with me. mdrums927@yahoo.com...or pm me for my phone number. Mike
  21. mdrums

    Hello from AK Drummer in Tampa!

    Thanks everyone....what is really cool is there are people from so many other country's on this board. A great drummer can make a so-so band sound great! I travel for my job with DW drums so much I really do not get to go upstairs in my house and play much anymore. I really miss playing around town with a band and I really need to make an effort to get back out playing again. Here is picture of me just after an aerobactic flight a few weekends ago...thanks to Breitling Watches! see ya, mike
  22. mdrums

    C-Leg versus Nabtesco

    I've never heard of the Nabtesco knee. Is it in the USA yet? I've been on a C-Leg for 4 years now and could not live with out it.