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    Motorcycle accident
  1. ebtalley

    Treatment in U.S airports

    Seems everyone is getting a little testier than usual. Mr K is entitled to his opinion as much as anyone else. Why dont we all play nice together and drop the terrorist rhetoric?
  2. ebtalley

    Treatment in U.S airports

    Amen, your post brought a smile to my face after thinking back to my trips through the airport in a wheelchair. I am with you in that I dont really care if there is a .02% more chance of dying horribly due to someone using the plane as a statement I dont want any strange young buck tickling my privates.
  3. ebtalley

    Should I be classified as disabled?

    I might be off kilter here but I feel like we are getting hung up on the definition of disability. While the question is concerning disability in general her reasoning is to know if she should be able to collect assistance which asks what the state governments definition of disability is and whether we collectively fall within those guidlines. The first question of whether we are disabled as individuals is a private/personal question that at least I have been asking myself since day one. I can do less physically than I could before but I can still do more than those I know around me, so by comparison does that make me disabled and others not? Concerning the governments definition of disability, I can say that I use my tag every day and if I got a 50 percent discount on the bus I would probably spring for that too. I didnt even have to ask, my doctor filled out the form and sent it in. Maybe the doctor you talked to is mixing up his definition of personal disablement and the states definition. I would talk to a doctor that knows the states definition and doesnt mix that with his/her personal feelings.
  4. ebtalley

    Hey everybody :)

    Color me impressed, welcome to the forum
  5. ebtalley

    New to the board

    Your welcome to look me up if your ever in the area again. Sacramento I consider my second home, I was born and raised in Alaska. I just lost my leg in Sacramento :) . I've been here for about 3 years and I have to admit its kind of starting to grow on me. I like being close to Tahoe and this happens to be where my career is.
  6. ebtalley

    New to the board

    bonjour jerry
  7. ebtalley

    Top 10 Reasons It's Good to Be One Legged

    I can vouch for socks doubling their value. i bought two six packs of tube socks at wallmart and im set for the next six weeks
  8. ebtalley

    mixed results

    Whats four track skiing? The sit down sled? Im just on the cusp of getting my snowboard out for the first time since the accident. got any tips?
  9. I grew up skiing until I was 13 and then switched to snowboarding/telemark skiing until 27, the only caveat is that I haven't snowboarded since my amputation. That being said, snowboarding is much, much easier on the knees if only for one main reason. You have only one real axis of motion. On ski's there is much more risk of twisting the knees at funny angles, especially when the muscles aren't developed. That being said to begin skiing is probably the easier sport to pickup. If you have the hip control to do a pie wedge ( point your knees in towards each other and then push out with the inner part of your foot ) you will have much more control over your speed and it will be more natural to you going down hill. Im heading up to the bunny slope this winter myself and I have already cross countried once just to give it a go. You can do anything if you put your mind to it but it pays to take the right precautions. I took lessons growing up for years before I started going by myself. Im going to take lessons again when I go out because I know Im going to have to relearn the whole damn process but thats part of the fun. To be out there with the wind in your face and snow under your feet is a dream. You'll love it. Oh, and when you start out on skiing you dont use ski polls, in fact you dont really ever need ski polls to downhill ski. so you dont have to worry about that. The only place you will find poles help is when you are trying to traverse flat ground. Do something new, be safe and tell us all about whichever sport you decide to try. If you have more questions or want me to go more in depth feel free to ask.
  10. I have to work it into my work schedule but Im planning on going. Question; can I join ACA now to get the reduced rate?
  11. ebtalley

    Things lookin up

    This post is a thank you to all of you who have given their advice and support. Its been an interesting recovery and all of you have made it that much easier. -Eric
  12. ebtalley

    You Tube

    Did you get spanked as a kid? Faux News
  13. ebtalley

    You Tube

    two words HELL YEAH
  14. ebtalley

    Happy Birthday Ally

    Bon Anniversaire!
  15. ebtalley

    You Tube

    Prank a little racy but totally funny