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    New to the board

    Welcome Jerry, I have been a BK for 28 yrs..
  2. clearcna27

    Top 10 Reasons It's Good to Be One Legged

    That is too damn funny! LMYAOTF!!!! :lol:
  3. clearcna27


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYL!!!!! I hope you are having a great day..
  4. clearcna27

    Where's everyone gone?

    good luck on the new job!
  5. clearcna27

    Where's everyone gone?

    CONGRATS on the new job! I hope you like it.. Don't eat to much ice cream.. I love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough..
  6. clearcna27


    Well here is the scoop! Friday I was working, and I was grinding on the drum sander, and it kicked back on me. I just thought that I tore off my thumb nail, and I was fine.. I got up to go to work, and the boss looked at it, and it was swollen, and purple. I got sent to the doctors office, and come to find out I have a very deep laceration with a level 2 infection, and it is shattered.. The top of my thumb is shattered to the knuckle. I am on antibiotics, and pain killers. Needless to say I am off till the doctor releases me, which I hope is tommorrow at my check up. so that's about it.. Oh one other thing! GO GIANTS!!!! WWOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ok, i went again this morning to the doctor.. they are going to send me to a hand specialist.. My thumb is now wrapped, and in a splint. as soon as I have more info, I will spread it to you..
  8. clearcna27


    well I went today, and the doc thinks I might have to go to a hand specialist.. It seems as if I crushed the fingernail into my finger, and it needs to be removed. The infection is going away slowly, still hurts alot. Pain meds are kickin my a++.. I have to go back again in the morning, for another check up.. so i will talk to yall tomorrow..
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    i have to go back this morning for a check up.. I will keep you updated, as for now I am clueless
  10. clearcna27

    Where's everyone gone?

    I'm here too! Sorry just been busy with work, and taking care of baby, and wife due to her health problems.. We have been running for the LAST WEEK SPENDING OUR INCOME TAX, SO IT'S BEEN KINDA FUN! I am ok personally, but there has been a terrible accident with me at work, and will post that on a different post, so go there if ya want to know the scoop.. Miss you all.. Sammy J
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    Lizzie Day

    happy birthday sue!! I hope its a good one this year
  12. clearcna27

    A bit of news

    congrats Tammy! You go girl! GO REPRESENT, LOL!!!!
  13. clearcna27

    Happy Birthday Caroln

  14. clearcna27

    Happy Birthday Skully Cat

    Happy Birthday Skully.. I hope you get what you wish for, and have tons of fun on your day!!!!
  15. clearcna27

    Happy New Year

    HELLO 2008 FROM OKLAHOMA!!!!!! WE ARE HAVING A BLAST! I LOVE ALL YOU GUYZ.. I hope 2008 is a good year for all of you, and hope to meet some or all of you this year... Thanks for all the wonderful friendships..
  16. clearcna27

    Happy New Year

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Out with 2007. hello 2008! I hope everyone has a safe time partying, an I also hope 2008 is good to you..
  17. clearcna27

    Happy Birthday Ally

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY!!! I hope it is a good one..
  18. clearcna27

    Garth Brooks Cake

    I know all you guys know, but today is my Bday!!!! I went to work, and my boss took me to lunch, and this afternoon presented me with a cake with Garth on it, then Marsha has me a cake with Garth also! How kool is that???? I love them both!
  19. clearcna27

    So this is Xmas

    I wanna say Merry Christmas everyone! I will miss you all in the next 2 days.. I only had to work till 1130 today, so now off to the inlaws, and then back late tonight! So MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
  20. clearcna27

    Happy Birthday DaveH and Dave 06

    Happy Birthday Dave!!! I hope you have a good one!
  21. clearcna27

    Happy Birthday Sam (clearcna27)

    I wanna say thanx for the Bday greetings! We had a blast last night.. Pizza, beer, cake, and kareoke...We stayed up till like 1 AM singing, and drinking.. So THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!
  22. clearcna27

    Garth Brooks Cake

    Sorry Here is the other one, LOL..
  23. clearcna27

    Happy Birthday Sam (clearcna27)

    Having step-brothers/sisters, we celebrated Christmas on the 24th (my birthday) so my siblings can see their father on the 25th. Later on, when they married, it was so the can see their inlaws. Its really like you dont have a birthday, when everybody else is opening presents too. Dont even get me started on BIRTHDAY presents wrapped in CHRISTMAS PAPER !!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes Okiegirl, My wife changed that too. :D :D Happy Friggin Birthday Sam !!!!! Enjoy......."YOUR DAY" AMEN!!!!!!
  24. clearcna27

    weekend update

    Yes we had a blast! Some guy got a pair of eatable panties from the dirty Santa game we played, LOL... Neal, I know you wanted to be there, but you had things loaded on your plate as well. Me, and Marsha kept you in our thoughts. I wish you was at the party, I would love to hang out and had some drinks with you..
  25. clearcna27

    weekend update

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I wanted to post to let you all know how my weekend went. Saturday was kinda a downer, but an upper, LOL.. As you all know about Theron, we attended his funeral Saturday morning. It was quite a show! Alot of crying, but also alot of laughter. People got up, and told stories about him, that was just so funny, but yet so sad. I met his daughter, she seemed to be taking it well at the time. A few famous people were there, like I know we all know who Marlon Shirley is! He was there. I got to say hi to him, but Marsha got to shake his hand, and had a brief conversation with him. Then during the afternoon, it was bill paying, and a lil Christmas shopping, and our usual stop at Starbucks, LOL.. Later that evening we went to the Sabolich company Christmas party.. Good food, good company, good music, and good alcohol, LOL... I think I got pretty tipsy.. Marsha took alot of pictures of us the employee, and there were a few of the Olympic runner there also that Marsha was mingling with, LOL..Today we went Christmas shopping, and Marsha bought me my birthday present knida early, which by the way is soooooooo much fun!!!!!! She bought me a game called Sing Star for my playstation, which is like a karaoke game.. we played it all afternoon, LOL.. So I guess thats about it, I need to get to bed, back to work in the morning.. I hope everyone has a good week, and TTYL, Love ya'll lots!!!! P.S. Here is the link for the pics.. If it doesn't work, let me know, and I will fix it for you.. http://community.webshots.com/album/561784840qeCBFZ?start=0