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  1. sweetokiegirl07

    Happy Birthday DaveH and Dave 06

    Wow a lot of you born so close to Christmas Happy Birthday to all of you!! Hope you have a fun filled day
  2. sweetokiegirl07

    Garth Brooks Cake

    lol why not i am sure its good
  3. sweetokiegirl07

    Garth Brooks Cake

    Sam wanted a strawberry cake with icing and i found Garth in an interview before one for the 9 concerts went and had the picture printed so you could eat it and made the cake for him then his boss goes off and does that. But mine is special cause i made it and it was from the heart so he has plenty of cake. Hope you have a good bday baby i tried
  4. sweetokiegirl07

    Happy Birthday Sam (clearcna27)

    I wanted to post this so everyone could see. Today Sam is 31 and all his life cause his birthday was close to Christmas he got his gifts at the same time when he met me we had to change that. He wasn't born Christmas so its only fair. So i am making a special cake will post pictures after he sees it something new i am trying anyhow I love you Sam!! Have a wonderful day!!
  5. sweetokiegirl07

    A tragic Loss for Team Sabolich

    I am Sams wife as of right now they have not releases if they have any leads are anyone has turn themselfs in but i do know his funeral is tomorrow. My heart goes out to everyone that was apart of his life he was a very good guy was always nice to me when i was in the shop. Thanks for asking please do remember those impacted by this horrible accident
  6. sweetokiegirl07

    A tragic Loss for Team Sabolich

    I'm not neal but i can made a thing in memory of him that you can see and it might help you to know if it's him Just copy the link ]http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r200/sweetmom2nate/theron1.jpg
  7. sweetokiegirl07

    A tragic Loss for Team Sabolich

    Neal, As no word can take away the pain and hurt that you have for the loss of Theron but remember this he was a true angel and he is watching over us now. Your right he reached out to many and just to see him and you in your picture brings tears to my eyes cause i can only begin to imagine the care you got from him... Life is very unfair and he was cheated of this and I hope and pray who ever did this comes forward so many can put as easy and get answers. R.I.P Thearon you will forever be missed bro!!
  8. sweetokiegirl07

    A tragic Loss for Team Sabolich

    Baby, Even thought your right here with me I am here for you in this time of need just know that. I love you and will keep your job and co-workers in prayer Sorry guys some how i was signed in to hubby account on my computer quite strange so he wasn't replying to himself it was me Marsha
  9. sweetokiegirl07

    Thank you from a wife of an amputee

    First I want to say thank you to everyone on this sight for all the love and support that you give each other. A wife of an amputee who is struggling with issue his mother has he turned to you guys with this issue and has got some great advise and more less positive advise and I wanted to say thank you all very much it means a lot to know he has some where to go other then talking to me Again thank you so very much!! Marsha
  10. sweetokiegirl07

    A troubled Son

    I wanted to say thank you for the great info and the positive advise to my husband you all are amazing on this sight and with out this sight my husband would probley still be lost. Thank god above for him finding this sight and thanks to everyone!!!
  11. sweetokiegirl07

    A troubled Son

    Hello, as Sams wife we have offered and where just told tonight they more then likely won't be coming for the holidays or buying for our son which is fine christmas isn't about gifts to me its about family to which this is something i have had to deal with in her since the day i met her. When i met Sam him and his mom didn't speak i got them to speaking again and now she is doing all this and i regret trying to mend a relationship i really do feel she does feel guilty and doesn't know how to deal with what has happen BUt good suggestion
  12. sweetokiegirl07

    RE: Family Update

    I told Sam i am going even if i am on my death bed and i mean it. I know what it means to Sam and i will go period lol Is that why they have wheels on them?? :lol: Maybe then you can get in the front row. ;) Very very true.. I sure love your humor lol :)
  13. sweetokiegirl07

    RE: Family Update

    I told Sam i am going even if i am on my death bed and i mean it. I know what it means to Sam and i will go period lol
  14. sweetokiegirl07

    RE: Family Update

    'Samual' here's hoping that Marsha & baby Nate are both going to be ok. It is hard enough dealing with a sick baby, let alone Marsha being sick & you. I'm with you ~ here's hoping you don't have to go through that again. :P Thanks for making well wishes to the family it means alot just sucks this is my 2 time in 2 months to have surgery and be away from nate and sam but we are getting better
  15. sweetokiegirl07

    New Prosthetic design

    :P :P :P :P Your silly gotta love the humor though