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  1. Joe H.

    Need help!

    Well, the doctor said it was a bleed. I take comudin and my IR got out of control and reached 10, suppose to be around 2. He said it was from wearing my leg which caused some sort of tramua in my stump and it bleed. He is going to talk to another doctor to find out what we shold do, said there is no surgeon who would toch it as there is not much to do but wait for it to desolve and hopefully it won't scar. so for now I'm wearing a shinker sock under my liner to keep the lump compressed so I can wear my leg and just deal with the pain it causes. Any other suggestions? As far as talking to my wife and kids about what I'm going through mentally, there has been no progress. I don't know how to say that I have had suicidal thoughts and really don't want them to worry. Going back to talk to my doctor tomorrow because I don't think the meds he put me on help. right now I'm taking Lexapro. Plus I got a letter from my insurance company that they are not going to cover that prescription any longer. Hopefully we can come up with something to help pull me out of this rut I'm in. Thanks to all of you for listening and replying with your thoughts, they help me alot.
  2. Joe H.

    Need help!

    Well, first off thanks for the replies. I'm a father of 6 kids, oldest one is a junior in college and the youngest one is in 3rd grade. I, before all of my health issues, was a strong independent person that never had to ask for help to do anything. I never really had to talk about my feelings to anyone and really find it a hard thing to do now. For the last four years, I have kept my feelings to myself, just saying I was fine when someone would ask. I did however have to start asking for help, even with some of the simple things. I was brought up in a family who did not show emotion, I rarely cried growing up. I still only cry or show emotion very little, and never in front of everyone. All I think of now is what is going to happen to me next, not being able to move on past m current issues. I haven't worked most of the past 4 years, on and off as I could. It is hard to be around people, not because of what they think about me, but what I think about myself. I don't like talking to my wife about it because she has already been through enough and I can't move on with my life. Which makes it bad for her and my kids. I would love to sit down with her and let her ask any thing she wants to about what I'm going through righ now, but I don't know how to start. About the lump on my leg. I have about 3" of leg left below the knee. On the lowest side of the left I developed a lump, kind of soft, and really hurts. Sometimes it is really large about the size of a lemon and other times about the size of a small leg. Went to the doctor about it and he put me on some antiboitocs because of my past history of infections. I think I'm going to go back in tomorrow because it hasn't gotten any better. Don't know what happend, just took my leg off last Thursday and the lump was there, could not put my leg back on for about 3 days because it hurt so bad. Then when I could get my leg back on couldn't walk on it. Give ou an update after I see the doctor.
  3. Joe H.

    Need help!

    Well, I haven't been on here for awhile as I have been dealing with other problems. Let me bring you up to date. LBK amp in July 2007, many battles with infection, heart attack in April 2007 while waiting for amp. More battles with infections and more hospitalizations. Got my first leg in Nov. 2007 then 3 days later back in the hospital because the hardware holding my bones together came through the skin and caused another infection. Another surgery and 10 day hospital stay. After that, everything was going okay, started walking again in March 2008, what a relief. Now it bring me to my current problems. Had a blood clot hit my small intestine in Feb. 2010, almost died as it took them 3 days to find out what was wrong with me. They told my wife I may not make it through the surgery, then told her for the next 4 days I wouldn't make it through the night. Hell on her, I don't remember any of it. I had 2/3 of my small intestine removed because it had died, which left me with an ileostomy. For those of you that don't know, I now have what is left of my small intestine attached to a hole in my stomach with a bag attached to catch my waste. So far I'm not dealing with this well and have basically withdrawn from everyone and everything and have had suicidal thoughts. I working with a pyschiatrist and pychologist and am on lexapro, which doesn't seem to be helping. My pysch told me I needed to talk to someone who nderstands the problems I'm going through to see if I can get some advice on dealing with all this, the first thing I thought of was this site as it helped me through my amp. Now within the last few days I have developed a big lump on my stump, can not wear my leg and feel like I'm back to being helpless and hopless. I can't talk to my wife for some reason, there is something that won't let me do it. I know she would love to be of help, but I don't want to seem weak to her and my kids. Things are going down hill fast and that is why I'm turning to all of you for help. If any of you have dealt with a deep depression and could not talk to anyone about it, let me know how you got through it. I don't want to lose my family. thanks for letting me be so long winded, but even sitting here writing this as eased my pain a little bit.