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    Life is too short indeed!! I have never understood people who say "I wont know what to do with myself when I retire". I have a huge list of activities Before the accident was of the view not to get to old age and say "what if..." same view still holds. ps. you look lovely on your beach wedding photo!
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    thanks Happy camping
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    Dear Hazel, Thanks for that . It seems there a number of us with smashed up remaining legs. I just stop when it hurts!
  4. Caveman

    Mauch Knee SNS

    thanks for the work related update Paul. Carrying kit is a pain, carrying a full piolt case was a nightmaree. the best piece of kit I have is my Dainese rucksu in which I carry all my survey tools. Has the added benefoit of a built in back protector. Had some major adjustment to the suction socket for the Mauch and can see its potential. HAd the rheo last weekend and again the prognosis looks good. I visualise the rheo as the day to day and the mauch when verstaility will be wanted ladders rather than stairs, cycling, and proximity to water. Paul
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    Left ABK riding a bike

    not got on my bike again yet - used to do serious offroad here and in France. SPDs good or bad idea?
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    Had my hols in Andalucia a few weeks back. That was my first swim post amputation. AMAZING. evryone should do it. Looking forward to the further freedom of a scuba again.
  7. Caveman

    LBK, July 19th, 2007

    Hello Joe. I joined last week, its a great place. In time you can do what you want, it may take a little longer. Spent today at the Goodwood Revival (classic race cars), a few months wouldn't have dreamt of it, walkin all day. be of cheer
  8. Caveman

    Mauch Knee SNS

    Hello and to surveyor Paul. the functionaliity of the Mauch is excellent, but I have a lo of learning to do. Paul - guess you a building surveyis (RICS?) I do the same in the marine industry, ladders, eneven terrain, rolling decks too) etc. would be v interetsed to compare notes esp as I am new to all this.
  9. Caveman

    new socket frustrations

    New to this as some have sussed. My mark one socket and knee was comfortable from day one with no soreness for the whole day, with one or two socks. In the last week have had two new sockets and knees that employ different (high) technologies, My old prescription was limiting my activiites, The new kit is excellent but, one socket has made the skin raw so the benefit of the improved hardware elsewhere is nullified. Comfort I am learning fast is more important than anything else and with patience and a good prosthetist can be achieved (my stump is a weird shape)
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    do you wear a swim leg when scuba diving? was great to be in the water again a few weeks back and look forward to diving again (not in the UK) Guess help is need with climbig to boat with tha tank etc Derek
  11. Have had a new suction socket for a week. First impressions are clouded by discomfort and prosthetistist is on hols so reserve judgement. Find the technique for getting on and pulling sleave through the valve is awkward. Find the sleeve and bayonet nominally easier. security would appear to be equal.
  12. Caveman


    thanks for the welcomes. 24hours of the Rheo is most encouraging; cutting the grass was much easier. Good first "left/right" attempts at stairs. Anyone going to the Goodwood Revival next weekend? Have a good bank-holiday
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    hello one blue leg - whoever you are! you have me sussed!
  14. I have had one for the last 6 days (UK NHS prescription and a new knee). In principle it should be OK with good security, currently sore on right cheek and am letting the skin heal. Am getting a private prescription (liner and bayonet) tomorrow and will revert. lost leg above knee RHS in November and smashed left. had first issue in March, doing every thing.