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    Water/beach activity leg

    I have a simple "shower leg", its UK NHS and similiar to OBL description. Real leg is bent and full of metal after skiing and RT accidents. I also use it on the beach; not good for "work out swim" but ine for colling off and splashing about. I have a suction socket. Photo is just after some snorkelling off the back of a boat.
  2. Caveman

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    Hi all - have been hiding for a while. All is well. I am fortunate, most of my days are "good days". But the bottom line is that I am chopped on the right above the knee and the left is a mess. I do a lot, somtimes it hurts, badge helps. I hate the abuse of blue badges in the UK, particularly family members usng auntie mabels in their builder's transit vans etc. I see the badge as being one of the few benefits of the modified state. I always use a walking stick when flying ; helps on the ques. Last week week would have been 45mins getting through security - That is uncomfortable.
  3. Caveman

    my first ride

    have fun, if I got on a bike again - I would have a divorce. I used to do 20,000 miles a year!
  4. Caveman

    Rio Knee

    works well for me. gives a very natural gait and is sublime on stairs. it does adapt very well and though I have pda to fine tune find the benefit marginal. yes cheaper than the C but my choice was based on literature search which suggested that for me it is better than the C. Would love to try a c for a week tho'
  5. Caveman

    swollen stump update

    dont be scared, be of cheer. I have massive (as in no one seen bigger round here) ossification. The swelling grew rathe than dimished after surgery; Consultant suspected a genetic contribution. said risk of never being able to where a prosthetic; I was scared and hit the bottle. He was wrong and all is well. I was not given antiinflammatories at the right time. leading consultant at the UK centre of excelence Roehampton said that what I have is well documnetd and consequent to a lot of inteventon, apparently common with guys coming back from the iraq war. GOOD NEWS, big bony stump is very satble and good load bearer.!
  6. Caveman

    prosthetic leg

    ok I posted eralier - not been here for a while!
  7. Caveman

    prosthetic leg

    I am chopped above the knee. Trousers hang better with a simple calf shaped foam covering. Anything above knee up will restrict movement. Personally not at all emabarrased by being "on show" and metalic!
  8. Caveman

    suction fit

    suction sockets on each of my three legs, no liners, no sprays just good fits. thank you prosthetists
  9. Caveman

    Are you going to finish strong

    wet eyes, coo!
  10. Caveman

    I went flying

    the forecast for 17th is rubbish too. Suspect diary will be cancelled tomorrow. messy occluded front followed by a very deep low (wet and windy )
  11. Caveman

    Hi To Everyone

    Hello Steve! Welcome. Good luck with the cast and walking. It will be a quantum change for you. This year's cycle challnge for me is the Thames from source to the barrier Microlight is a very small aircraft. They can be flexwing ( a bit like a modern parachute) or 3 -axis which I suspect was Steve's. The adaption wil be to facilitate the use of rudder , elevator throttle and aileron. the adaptions will be contingent on need. I shall now take off my anorak!
  12. Caveman


    yes I do; it is easy.Have car converted as a tax break
  13. Caveman

    Where in the UK?

    Brighton, grew up in Brum, studied in Newcastle.
  14. Caveman

    I went flying

    lest see waht the weather does.....
  15. Caveman

    I went flying

    MY PLEASURE! you were very good
  16. Caveman

    I went flying

    havent flown for 5 weeks now, lasham waterlogged, fog at Shoreham and 2 weeks with the lurg. hoping to be in the air next weekend. had a fascinating visit to NATS on the hamble. day job quiet, perople not buying so many boats! happy 2009!
  17. Caveman

    prosthetic leg

    I have a with and a without. Trousers hang better with, but thats about it. Certainly wouldn't spend big dosh.
  18. I was white vanned by a non-GB model, no record of his details by witnesses, no claim, got pushed into he oncoming. forgot the personal accident on my policy too...... no payou, not good!
  19. Caveman


    the Adapt skin does work well. Of late have been using Waitrose baby butter (for bottoms)) which had rave reviews as a moisturiser in one of wife's magazines; also a fraction of the price than adapt skin. Cant change liner with mus suction sockets (also stump shape precludes using a suction type liner) happy new ones to all
  20. Caveman


    thanks guys - Mick I think your approach is close to what I do. Its the long hard days that are the killer; average days no issues.
  21. Caveman

    NHS/Private. Any experience?

    as ever find agreeing with OBL. all the components make a difference. I was amazed at the difference I noticed when getting a more sophisticated foot. Initially had one that was high impact - wasnt right but still huge better than basic. I like one with adjustable heel so I can walk bear foot at home and not alwys wear deck shoes when out, comfortable too.
  22. the pound is now worth less than a grote, so dollars buy lots of pounds. Would have been different a few months bnack - perhaps when you booked. from Cave of Brightlinghelm
  23. Caveman

    NHS/Private. Any experience?

    I wanted the best (perception of C- leg ) and have an active 93 year old mother who ofered to pay I went private too early - at 3 months after first NHS leg. stump hadnt settled so recently had to pay out anoither £3k for a new socket. Many have stated and I agree with experience that high tech doesnt matter, fit does. Though my high tech knee is better than my lower spec leg its all no use if you are covered in sores. I cannot say my private socket is a better fit than my NHS; both are good, both could be better. I have 2 first rate prosthetists. private prosthetist will spend more time fine tuning, but have NEVER felt short changed on tie given by NHS prosthetists. The only area felt short changed by NHS was physio both in walking and upper body rehab.
  24. Caveman

    how do people beat the snow?

    Locking the knee (eg on the Mauch) helps a lot
  25. Caveman


    fit is more important than the technoogy. I went Rheo rathr than C-leg. The improvement over a good Mauch is significant but not vast