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    I chose not to have the motability scheme. I get DLA, get the new car modified before delivery, good tax break, more control, more choice. blue badge REALY ANNOYS. see so many able bodied abusing aunty mabels badge. You should get one. I was wholly imobile for months bu didnt get incapacity, sid I should caim frm my company. (ignoring fact that I am the company) didnt have the energy to contest at the time.
  2. Caveman


    I have a shower leg (not a swim leg) ; when in the pool or see it just floats behind me, until it fills with water and become neutraly buoyant. Happy to swim without. at my gym If doing a "session" rather than a splodge, I sit on a chair, take it off and slide in. Crutches by a pool are nangerous. you can lean on someone and hop. You can bottom shuffle. Being in the water is great.
  3. Caveman

    Happy Birthday Caveman!

    just the 50th - and just disorganised!
  4. Caveman

    Charity Pull of a 757

    Please have a look at the link: http://www.justgiving.com/757pull Give if you can The BDFA inspired me when I was down, being able to fly again was for me a huge therapy and morale boost
  5. Caveman

    Charity Pull of a 757

    What exactly was that world record? most weight? distance for that many wheelchairs and that weight? I'm a bit lost as to what the actual record is that's been set... well done by the way... considering the weather, bloody good effort... all the spiel is on the BDFA web site front page http://www.bdfa.net/ want to fly after the 21st? This Friday could work too. D
  6. Caveman

    How long do you wear your leg/s

    all day every day. Have the benefit of more than one prostheseis that varies the pressure distribution on the stump
  7. Caveman

    Ossur seal in liner

    liners didnt do it for me - funny shape I guess. new socket is another suction jobby fitting today was good.
  8. Caveman

    Happy Birthday Caveman!

    thanks all. on the day went to London to visit the prosthetist, second fitting today. Delivery in a few weeks (new socket and knee service) your only as old as the woman you feel........ shame Lynn is 18 months older than me. France was good - busy. too quiet now. recession...... open house on Nov 8th Brighton all welcome - esp OBL
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    Happy Birthday Higgy

    Have a great year
  10. Caveman

    Charity Pull of a 757

    we did it and created a world record
  11. Caveman


    Basic unmodified flexfoot here...and left BKA. Also same lament as to Mustang and other aircraft. Actually I was part of a group buy on a really cheap A-26 Invader a few years ago, but the plane was so badly misrepresented by the seller that we rescinded the deal. Let me know how that Harvard works out...that's sweet. What I found works on the Cessna brake is to put the seat almost as far forward as possible and crank it up as high as possible. That gives me the right angle to work the brake. I just have to remember to do it BEFORE trying to make any sort of sharp left turns. dont forget to make sure foot is on rudder as part of pre-landing checks!
  12. Caveman


    Thanks Stagger - been away from the forum a while. I have found that on the whole I get on better with straighter leg than up close. Will do a dual flight with freind and have another go at the cessna. Would make me much more useful as a club instructer to be able to teach on the whole fleet. Birthday today - wife bought me time on the Tiger Moth so hope to be able instruct on that too in due course. NO TOE BRAKE!!!!!
  13. Caveman

    nhs legs

    totally support mike. I have 2 NHS legs do everything I used to do pre-accident: cycle, hilke, fly swim, just takes longer. Fit is everything. am blessed with a good prosthetist
  14. Caveman

    Limb Swelling

    I was going to say weather related ..... but then saw where you live so it wont be heat this summer! waterlogged perhaps?
  15. Caveman

    Frustrating Days

    feeling for you , have a hug.
  16. Caveman

    Hello from Poland

    welcome. On turning to G-d, my beliefs diiminished rather than increased, but did feel much more spiritual
  17. Caveman


    I have posted flying bits too. Well done on getting your licence back. I fly GA in the UK and instruct at weekends on a full commercial +IMC. I am RAK; same ground issues. On the ground struggle with Cessnas, working on technique for the Robin, all pipers OK , Tigermoth, Bulldog, DHC1 ,and Diamond star OK. Looking at saving for a Harvard session, will never have enough for a Spit or a Mustang..... perhaps one day !! (50 at the end of the month). What leg do you use? Any mods? I am experimenting with knee locks and foot angulation
  18. Caveman

    Charity Pull of a 757

    to catch fire he must have been pulling hard.......this event is for manual chairs only.
  19. Caveman

    The kit you want

    I don't remember seeing that one, I'm in a position to get to Lasham on a nice day if you're looking for someone to take up.... Lets sort somthng out later is sept. Will be tere not flying for the 757 pull on sat then off to france for 10days on survey. send an email for dates and for direct comms
  20. Caveman

    The kit you want

    Hello All, Had an extended out of hours discussion with my prosthetist. A number of amputees with requisite skills tweak and modify their prostheses to give them better function for specific activities, very few people can do this. Some examples I have seen a fascinating leg a guy uses for mountain bike racing with external tendons; I am looking to develop a flying leg that will give full movement of the yoke with out fouling on the socket and would also like a tweak that allows easier operation of the toe brakes. Other target activities could be motorcycling, skiing, cycling, diving, ice skating, roller blading, kite surfing etc. All can be done with standard kit, but there is room for many improvements. I see the probable users as those that are relatively active that want to get back to pre-amputation activities with greater facility than they currently do. If a service were to be provided to build such kit is there any interest out there? If so, I will look at getting the balls in motion and setting up all commercial and medical accreditations that will be required to get the job done properly. I look forward to some hearing some views! thanks.
  21. Caveman

    The kit you want

    Thanks Paul I view it as a private activity rather than NHS. I too have 2 NHS legs and am blessed with a good prosthetist!
  22. I am RAK. The only problems I have is getting started and traffic lights. Once on and I need to stop I aim for a fence, post, rail etc. I use toe clips on road bike and SPDs on mountain bike, my ability to do climbs gets better each session. Think its great exercise for keeping stump in shape and joint balance on residual. Good luck
  23. Caveman

    Biker Amputees

    I used to to do 20,000 miles a year on my bikes, but no more. Was critical for weeks and lost one above knee and smashed other had to be resusitated etc. The only thing I dont do is ride a bike not 'coz I can't, but out of consideration to my family and what they went through. there are no limits. welcome!
  24. Caveman

    Going downstairs

    Mauch knee and electrics good for left right "normal" descent. hand on both rails and swing leg forward is swift when not using sophisticated knee
  25. Just sit in the car and think what you have to do before turning on the engine! Last night I drove off in a new unmodified left hand drive Audi A8 kindly lent to me by a friend. A few hours earlier was driving a modified right hand drive Smart, they couldnt be more different but no issues either in town or motorway.