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    Hello it's Mark from Cape Town

    welcome to another broken biker
  2. Caveman

    The kit you want

    thanks for the initial thoughts. The idea is not to develop new components taking on the likes of Otto Bock etc, but to tweak the package to add more than standard utility. What is usually delivered is a piece of kit that gets you mobile, whether that is £25k of C-leg, carbon fibre socket on sophisticated foot or basic NHS but servicable kit. I am fortunate in having: 1. a rheo knee, freedom innovations foot, and comfortable liner socket, 2. a mauch knee, elation foot and suction socket 3. a shower leg with suction socket all are good general purpose legs but am sure the setups can be tweaked to do more; I may be wrong, I am only a year into being an amputee. It is probable that the cost of making a specialist leg for each activity/sport would be too high for most thereby making the concept not viable, but would work if it was the main leg but issued with tweaks for preferred "other activities" (Fiona) OBL As allway difficut to disagree Will see what the response is. lots of discussions get zero response in any event, which does not help! (eg discussion on flying for my part - offer to take people up and no takers) Nekkyj's reading is correct.
  3. Caveman

    Yesterday I flew......

    We sometimes see blue sky. The photo is my local patch. Am over Bewl Water in Kent at about 200ft looking south to the channel. If anyone wants to fly, drop me a line, I can organise it/take you up.
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    Yesterday I flew......

    Thought I had replied last week but can't see it! Is that an ASK21? - I cant get "full and free" in the front as the stick fouls on my socket. Went on a days course last Friday. 5 winches and an aerotow. First time in a glider for 20 years. Fly power now but will have to get back to gliding; had forgotten how amazing it is. Weather was rubbish with a 2400 cloud base. NOT ARIZONA! Can get good wave in UK on occasion; but best is in the north and in Scotland Meant to be instructing again tomorrow but the forecast for the 3rd weekend in a row is rubbish. Getting the all clear to fly has been the biggest deal for me on my rehab. I am above knee and use hip thrust to get full rudder authority. My personal cross wind limits are a little assymetric but not much. Are you close to solo again? Good Luck.
  5. "How Hi is a Chinaman" a maiden aunt of mine use to say. Could be instant could be never
  6. I suspect the Rheos aren't widely used. Those that have them won't be ditching them. I played with the PDA for a coupe of weeks but let i work things out for itself! Could it be that prescribing a "C"" is like the procurement dept. of a big company ordering IBM only pcs, in the early days of computing as being a safe bet for which you wont get fired!
  7. Caveman

    Osseointegration Part One

    Good on you. Have though about the procedure but am staying put!
  8. I look regularly on ebay but haven't looked for C-legs for a while. I would concur that if prosthetist can sell a "C" to patient on insurance they may "milk it". My Rheo is paid out of own funds; the cost between the C and rheo was not the deteminant. I just wanted the best for me that the market could provide. The tenders I received from 3 companies offering the sme quality was £16K, £20K and £25k, very variable profit margins.
  9. Caveman

    How soon can / did you go back to work?

    as soon as you like! I am fortunate I love my work, but work for myself. no work, no income. There was no insurance payout after the accident. mortgage and school fees to pay. My wife has a good job but we would have to move house, change schools etc to make ends meet. I need to be mobile for my work as a marine surveyor getting on boats of all sizes, climbing into tight spaces and ladders. When I got out of hospital I didnt know whether I would walk again. (other leg was a mess old fractures breaking again and metal work replaced) First job was sitting on the pc at home and organising fall back if I was to be wheel chair for life. next stage was instructing 3rd party from wheel chair (three weeks out of hospital) bum shuffled onto a boat and moved on bottom and hands (three months out of hospital) got a leg (five months out of hospital) and got back to work proper. getting back to work was liberating, for me the sooner the better. Good luck, be determined, you will find your way.
  10. Caveman

    To amputate or not!

    I am above the knee and it was amputate or enter the pearly gates..... plan A was more in line with a "fused rebuild" with little vestigial flesh but it was not to be. i have a shower leg now which I can get on in 20s. To cope with a night time call I am lazy and use a pee pot. life goes on - it is dfferent but full Good luck
  11. would love to be there! Too far tho' Skippered a Najad 390 2 weekends back for a west country cruise. Force 4 to 5----BRLLIANT! First bash since the amputation. getting on the water is good for all. Wheelchair access surprisingly straight forward on smaller motor.
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    winter boots....just wondering

    I don't have UGG boots but bought some sheepskin apres-ski boots from Rossignol which I can't get on (bought a couple of weeks before accident). I will be going back up the mountain one way or another. My solution is to make the boot rear entry by getting a zip installed at the back to make them (rear entry). heels are discussed eleswhere, (brio insert/runway foot etc)
  14. Caveman

    Scuba Diving?

    surely you can dive without a prosthetic? Plenty of thrust from one leg and arms. I have not got back to diving, but swimming is a joy.
  15. I have their renegade foot on a Rheo knee from Ossur which was purchased as being better than the "C". the site is short on detail compared to the competition
  16. Caveman

    Happy Birthday Sparky!

    HBD - will be in Plymouth for the day tomorrow if you are still in the west country
  17. Caveman

    Bizarre Phantom Pain

    Occasionaly I get an itchy calf or a feeling of a ski-boot that is too tight; fortunately nothing severe though. My best solution is to rub base of stump to remind brain that that is where the body stops and any lower sensations are not real and are to be ignored....
  18. Caveman

    Aircraft piloting?

    I use "hip thrust" for right rudder. On the take off roll no issues with enough right ridder to maintain centre line - and you will have more ability than me. Airborne no issues with knife edge/ v steep turns. Good practice is follow a linear ground line feature like road, railway etc and vary the amount of yaw (going cross control) whilst maintaing accurate ground track.. This will give you confidence, is a good practice and does not clog up the circuit (traffic pattern) for at limits cross wind landings! Been in the air (teaching able bodied) for 4 hours today - was great!
  19. Caveman

    Aircraft piloting?

    I appreciate the insight. My concern with powered is definitely ground handling and in particular the transitioning from flying to taxiing and vice versa. I guess that's another way of saying landing (and takeoff), but it's more than simply landing the plane that concerns me as I'm confident I can pull off the touchdown, it's the transition that follows that gives me pause. I would think that taxiing with my prosthetic heel on the toe brake (I'm LBK) would work... What are your thoughts on that? It's the transition from brakes to rudder (and back) that may be where the challenge lay. I'm certain that like with the sailplanes (no toe brakes, just rudder as at the feet), that there are some aircraft that will be much better than others at accommodating the shortcoming of the prosthetic; but I hate limitations! I have other issues that will likely cause me to be declined a medical for the time being and so I'd like to try and find some LSA around here. The problem is that they are still few and far between around here so if I can find any, I'll likely have to take what I can get. I almost made it out to the sailport this last [long] weekend, but I got a blister from being overly active on the forth and that really sort of shutdown my whole weekend. I have zero concerns with flying the sailplanes. I have enough time in them to be reasonably proficient and I'm completely confident the rudder should be no problem. I'm really looking forward to getting out though! I'm tired of watching the cu's through my office window! It's definitely the season out here... Now! The ground handling is the only reason I use AC with nose wheel steering. With the piper series no worries at all getting into wind for power checks. Ground handling also not an issue with traditional tale draggers with no brakes. To ensure full rudder deflection I sometimes push my prosthetic fott with the real one. As a below knee, you may be able to get your heel on the toe brake, I do sometimes but a I have to physical put it in place. Part of pre- landing check and take off roll, for me, is to make sure foot is in the correct place. there are mods you can use that give a hand control for the rudder; I know people with 0 below the waist movement that fly. Look at the BDFA website (UK)
  20. I drop the shower head. take off leg sit on the floor/bath turn on water. bottom shuffle to seat. no worries!
  21. Caveman

    Aircraft piloting?

    I have a JAR licence so could fly spanish registered AC. You should appeal try your local AOPA
  22. Caveman

    Aircraft piloting?

    I am right above knee amputee I have got my full Class 1 medical, commercial and instructor's ratings back with no restrictions. I imposes some of my own limits. I fly solo/instruct only with nose wheel steering (ie Pipers not Cessnas). In the air no problem with the cessna and get full rudder authority and no issue with x-wind landings. It is ground handling that is more problematic. My cross wind limits are also assymetric Will get back to tail-draggers eg Chipmunk- no toe brakes. Tried the Tigermoth and loved it ( not cheap though, even at mate's rates). A spitfire would be good....... Planning on going back to gliding too. Have faith - you can fly
  23. Caveman

    Change your thinking

  24. Caveman

    Narrow foot, wide foot - what a pain!

    I went down a show size with my prosthetic foot - easier to get shoes on and off
  25. Caveman

    C-Leg "life span"

    another bike accident! Welcome!! Some great roads in the Negev as I remember I reckon on 5 years with my Rheo- expect the C is the same lehitraot