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    Is an electronic knee worth it for me?

    As it stands when set up correctly the C/Rheo is 10% better than the Mauch. I have a choice but 'till I save for a new socket, at present I am tending to prefer the Mauch!! There is nothing it does not do OK. I am weraing the Rheo today. I enjoy Hi-Fi. I have a class A valve amp, Spendor speakers linn deck etc worth several £k. Is it 5 times better than one at a 5th of the money NO! Is it significantly better YES Would I spnd £30k on a HiFi NO. It is a question of diminishing returns. Is the C/rheo better YES, Is it worth £20K, well to me it it is not twice as good as the NHS kit. I wanted the best that was available, and was fortunate to be able to follow that route. hope it helps - call me to chat if you like
  2. Caveman

    Is an electronic knee worth it for me?

    thanks blue! I too could have had the IP+ through NHS without any problems, hassle or pushing. I had one for 6 weeks but personally prefer the Mauch. in the endolite range I think the adaptive is closer in spec to the C or Rheo and is a lot more money. I will also be getting a water activtiy leg (swimming/sailing)
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    Is an electronic knee worth it for me?

    I think in the UK there is a significant postcode lottery. There is no one at my rehab centre (Brighton) with a C-leg or Rheo. But you go to Portsmouth there are some more fortunate guys who have c-legs - but at a recent bash I heared that was being stopped. At Roehampton , I have seen loads! I was told that there NO WAY I would get a C-leg from the NHS (from my rehab centre). What blue -leg says is I am sure correct if you can muster the troops. I went to Roehampton for a second opinion on a clinical rather than prostheitc issue. I was fortunate to have a session with the senior consultant there. After happily closing out the clinical side asked about the benefits of going electronic. His view was that they were LX is better but say only 10% better than a well set up quality standard unit. My experience ties in with that view. I have a Mauch with an elation foot and a good comfortbale socket from the NHS. It is excellent. I have a private Rheo and renegade foot, the socket is not so good (stump is very different from a year ago). Notice the benefit most on stairs and slopes. Out of choice I use the NHS in the gym. I need to find a few £000 for a new private socket. Maintenance needs to be considered too, if going private. One-blue-leg, do have electronic from the NHS?
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    :) that feeling of the initial walk is awesome HBD
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    Its on my option list too. It could be good for me as have massive ossification - so lots of bone to fix bits too! But more surgery and am currently mobile..... Surgery = risk of infection... when I was in hospital that was a big scare for me. ps I am Brummy. left KE in '76. Caveman was my nickname then. I have 2 legs, one socket sticks into the groin the other not. Groin pain from the sockets is not a good reason for surgery!
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    fitness exercise

    Keep it on! I find toieng in the foot and adjusting the heel angle a great benefit in the bike machines ( I am RAK). I got a new regime after the amputaiton - floor excersise that require balance of 2 legs are awkward. also want the specific exercises to reduce the physical problems that weren't around before
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    Failed knee replacements?

    thanks - ties in with my gut reaction as to what to do. scared of the unknown though. If only hadn't spent all that time in the mountains or on motorbikes. butt then would have missed out too!
  8. Caveman

    Failed knee replacements?

    This knee replacement issue is a big scare for me. When I smashed my LEFT leg 19 years ago - it was close to amputation, smashed in an off-piste skiing accident with a guide. tibia and fibia pulverised and crunched tibial plateau. RIGHT leg amputed AK in an RTA 17 months ago. I get more pain from the real leg rather than stump discomfort etc. Had always assumed that at some point would have to have new knee. A school friend is a senior orthopaedic consultant (knee specialist) and he said - before the amputation- that OK for the inactive but for me best avoided. The technology is improving but couldn't do what I want with the replaced knee. Know am scared at the thought of failed surgery and being a double amputee. Stopped me going back to skiing this season too! Am I finally becoming risk averse? What is the success rate of knee replacement?
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    C-Leg / Rheo Comparison

    Interesting comparison. I am 49 RAK after a motorbike /lorry job. Accident Nov 06, First leg March 07. No insurance here - the offending lorry dissapeared, and can't blame the one I hit! Hey Ho. My left leg is a mess but it works. I too had the Rheo and Cleg choice. A gift from my mother. Went to three leading private prosthetists. 2 proposed the C-leg and the third the Rheo. The research papers give the the rheo a slight edge over the C. I went with the Rheo £15,000 rather than £20K or £25k and also percieved 5 year costs to be less. These prices were for the whole leg inc socket and foot. Initially I thought the Rheo would be more adaptable as can have any number of modes via the PDA rather than 2 with the C. I have a liner/bayonet socket anFreedom Renegad foot I wasn't offered he facility to try the 2 legs. I wholly concur with the aesthetics comments. I complained about the charging initially, but then discovered that orientation was easy as the lead is marked. I connect straight away. Day to day I find the Rheo excellent on all types of terrain, loose ground, sand, ladders, slopes. Stairs are a joy. I have a superb NHS prothetist. Have the latest Mauch and an elation foot (foot new today), preferred the Mauch to the IP+ and the 3R60 I was offered. Love the free and locked function's of the Mauch. This has a suction socket which I find more secure than that on the other. I wear either leg all day. The Rheo is noticably better and safer all round, but a well set up traditional is still excellent. Would like to try the C - some have said it is better for flying, I use the MAuch in preference to the Rheo when flying. Water resistant one next year? The combination of the Rheo and the Proprio foot would be amazing, just need someone to programme it! I am fortunate to have 2 good well fitted legs
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    Off to exotic climes

    congrats - so you can blame this week's falls on the drink!!
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    Hey everybody :)

    Greetings and welcome
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    Air Force Test

    my hand eye coordination is as bad as ever......was always last to be picked at school for ball games.
  13. Caveman

    I Know It Gets Better, But When?

    I feel for you ......have a hug.
  14. Caveman

    Treatment in U.S airports

    There is a lot of paranoia and a huge range of range brain power in the security guards employed at airports; some brains are very small indeed: I flew myself over to France in a light aircraft to visit a boat factory and perform some tests. On returning back to UK I had to go through a scanner to get airside, the didn't like my collection of spikes, hammers, and small bottles of liquid. The junior took some convincing I was not going to hijack myself!! Leaving Nice the police are always informed and my details are always logged as having a prosthesis. My experience is that the new security recruits have the biggest problems with prosthesis protocol. The treatment I have received has always been courteous. When I was getting my commercial pilots license, I had an Iranian friend (I am Jewish) who suggested we could save a lot of time by cutting out the hassle in a hijack and we could could agree on where to go before getting in the plane...... :)
  15. Caveman

    Running leg

    Am I right in thinking all he correspondents here are BK. I am AK and have yet too work myself to a sweat problem. Cycling round Holland in May ( no- hills!). . I have a mauch with a conventional suction socket (no removable liner) and a Rheo with a silicone/boyonet attachment. Any suggestions on liners welcome. thanks.
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    thats what I did originally, happy with the results - get on better with the 90 rather than the 50 as find easier to apply. I have just put in order for the larger pots. also use some sheepskin pads which are excellent http://www.carnegie.me.uk/page5.htm guy is an amputee based in Chichester (UK) I understand that there is now a UK distributor for Adaptskin. JudyH news to me! let me know as if that is the case as just wasted money on international postage!
  17. Caveman


    thats what I did originally, happy with the results - get on better with the 90 rather than the 50 as find easier to apply. I have just put in order for the larger pots. also use some sheepskin pads which are excellent http://www.carnegie.me.uk/page5.htm guy is an amputee based in Chichester (UK)
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    I am in the UK too. airmail was not a lot and will be placing order for more If you don't mind me asking, about how much did it cost, and where did you buy it from? www.adaptlabs.com
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    I am in the UK too. airmail was not a lot and will be placing order for more
  20. Caveman

    Inconsiderate co-workers/friends

    People I have come across in work situations have been warm and supportive. Only rejection has been from under 10s if I have been wearing shorts in a supermarket. lots of grovelleing parents though.
  21. Caveman

    Should I be classified as disabled?

    I can't do what I used to do since losing my leg above the knee at the end of '06. I still do a lot. Don't think of myself as disabled.... "frustrated able" fits the bill quite well, 'coz i can't do what I used to do without (on occasion) a lot of effort. I am happy to be "disabled" at airports to shorten large security queues. Just spent 4 full days walking around Vienna for my wife's 50th- wonderful and tiring. Not "disabled". It was a delay from last year as was totally wheel-chair and a mess. It seems in France and Austria that personal ID states handicap/disability, this facilitates discounted fares and tickets to public places. A good idea. Tapping socket does the job or showing a metal ankle does the job too! On discharge from hospital last year, didn't qualify for incapacity benefit despite being totally non-weight bearing on remaining leg, a recent amputee and totally unable to work. 30 mins to get out of the house and a need to climb ladders etc....To get any thing would have had to wind up my one man company which I knew I would need in a few months time. Generous friends pulled me through. But some people get it for what I would call no "true" incapacity. Lot of abuse of the welfare system in the UK. Abuse of the blue badge for parking really winds me up. I am rambling, sorry, Think enabled, use the system, get a new doctor
  22. Caveman

    British Disabled Flying Association

    If any one wants to talk about flying before/after going, happy to chat. I am an above knee amputee and flying instructor. Flying is wonderfully liberating.
  23. no longer have to have a size 10 flat foot....the choices are huge!
  24. Caveman

    New to the board

    hello jerry - this is a good place to be . I' ne w here too! welcome
  25. Caveman

    mixed results

    4-track is standing on 2 skis with 2 crutches with mini skis at their base no tips -just try - first attempt was yesterday