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    April 26, 2005
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    Car wreck and doctor
  1. Stormy1952

    Jupiter Foot

    Well I got my leg back quicker than they thought they would from Otto Bock. And by the grace of God and my fussing I got two of the three parts I wanted. I got my rotator and I got a new foot but it wasn't the one I wanted. I can't find the foot on the Otto Bock website. It is called a Jupiter. I would like to know if anyone has heard about it or every dealt with one. It is really great because now I can walk barefooted. I hate shoes in the house. If anyone has heard of this foot or has one let me know what you think of it.
  2. Stormy1952

    I Didn't Get All The Parts

    I am getting two of the three parts I was wanting. It took me calling the home office of Snell Prosthetics to get what I needed. They called me this morning and told me none of the parts would fit my leg. Well I stuck to my guns and with God's help I got what I needed. :D
  3. Stormy1952


    You rang Dave 06? I am the one who started this dicussion. I have only been an amputee 2 years and 4 months but then in a dating site called Dating 4 Disabled I started running into the so called Devotees and I didn't know if they were safe or just weirdos and to steer clear of them. Liz Why not date a non disabled person? Missing a limb to some is really no big deal unless you make it one. Or make it a issue. How can you date a non disabled person when you can't find one who will date you. I am in two dating sites for normal people and all the men I have meet in there have only one thing on their mind and it is a piece of ass. They don't look at me like I am a human being with feelings who wants to be loved just like they want to. Life is starting to suck big time. stormy1952 Then those kind of people are not worth anyone..yes there are wonderful people who will accept. If some accaept it themselfs. No big deal?......what?...for who?.....it's a bloody big deal for me and all I lost is a foot. I'm extremely lucky that I am loved by someone who loves me for who I am.....lots of people don't have that....why on earth would you deny them finding someone. I think its a big deal if one makes it a big deal So we have lost a leg, foot, arm. whatever big deal, its the heart and good soul that makes a person not a limb..that is not what makes a person love or want another. Maybe its more than a misisng limb.
  4. Stormy1952


    You rang Dave 06? I am the one who started this dicussion. I have only been an amputee 2 years and 4 months but then in a dating site called Dating 4 Disabled I started running into the so called Devotees and I didn't know if they were safe or just weirdos and to steer clear of them. Liz
  5. Stormy1952

    Hall of Inspiration

    Great write up Ali. Keep up the good work and persue your dreams to the fullest. Liz ;)
  6. Stormy1952

    I Didn't Get All The Parts

    Why didn't the Otto Bock say that the torsion adaptor had to come with the original leg. That really sucks. The tech told me I couldn't have a new c-leg for five years according to Medicare. I think they are so full of bull S..T. As far as the loaner being heavier the tech even told me it was heavier. I just had a new socket made before I found out about the rotator. I just hope God smiles on me a I get at least the rotator. Liz
  7. Stormy1952

    I Didn't Get All The Parts

    I have a loaner C-leg right now and have noticed that it "feels" heavier as well. I think it is because the hydraulics are a bit "looser" with the loaner legs...thus with the same program as my leg there seems to be less resistance on the swing. This causes the leg to swing forward and back faster...which translates into it "feeling" heavier. And BTW, I was told that they currently have a 6-week turnaround on warranty work. I have I think is what is the first c-leg made for a loaner. It is heavier because the tech told me it was. In fact he almost couldn't get the thing to take my settings. They use an older model laptop and Windows 98 program to program the legs. I may wind up having to go to head office in Little Rock, AR about my problems.
  8. Stormy1952

    I Didn't Get All The Parts

    Would you please explain them to me please?
  9. Stormy1952


    I am in a Dating 4 Disabliies dating web site and I keep on running into these people called devotees. Are these people for rear or are they weirdos or stalkers. Some of them are even married. I have had one or two get mad at me because I wouldn't chat with them. What is their deal?
  10. Stormy1952


    No not a bad idea. I have a white tiger tattoo under my socket. In fact I did it my self. Did you know that you can get them put on the socket. I am going to put a cross on my socket. Stormy
  11. Stormy1952

    Ditch and Run

    I agree but to me some things are unforgetable. I don't even have nightmares about the wreck. God has blocked all the bad memories out because the last thing I remember seeing was the edge of the driveway. Then I was in guess you culd say I had a bad concussion. And I thank him for that and being there for me in my time of need. Liz
  12. Stormy1952

    I Didn't Get All The Parts

    I took my leg back today for the warranty work. They almost could get the loaner leg to program and it is an older model c-leg and is way heavier. Well I brought up the parts I wanted like the rotator adaptor, the torsion adaptor, and the Greissinger foot. I got told by the tech he would have to do more research into the torsion adaptor and some into the rotator. But he told me I wouldn't like the foot. So I argued with him the reason I wanted the foot because of it being more stable. Well he finally gave in and said he would try to get one so I could try it out to see if I would like it. These people are such idiots. It is going to take a month for my warranty work to get done and I bet it won't be any better. Liz
  13. Stormy1952

    Ditch and Run

    Not really Austin. I am a Christian and I do whatever the Bible tells me to do. It tells me to love my enemies I love them. But most of all it tells me to forgive peoplel who have hurt me so that I might be forgiven. Liz
  14. Stormy1952

    I Didn't Get All The Parts

    My leg goes in Tuesday for warranty work and I am going in armed with all the stuff I found on the website. I know they will holler Medicare and Medicaid won't pay for it. I look at it like this how do they know until they try. I wouldn't jump off on something on my leg right night if I had to to save my life. I don't trust my leg. I don't think the people who are working on it know what they are doing. I know that the tech is trying his best. Scnell just wanted to be the first in the state with the c-leg. Liz
  15. I just went into the Otto Bock Web Site. And to my surprise I found out that my Orthotics tech didn't tell me about all the comfort and safety parts that were available for my C-Leg. I found an rotation adapter so that it would make it easy for me to put my shoes on or even cross my leg. The I found a Torsion Adaptor that would give my leg more mobility and a harmonic gait pattern. But last it is a totally different foot than what I have. They told me the one I had was the best. Ha, ha. I have to go have my warranty work done on my leg. Well they are going to find out how unhappy this camper I am. And while they have it in the shop they can get me fixed right so that I can walk without falling or else. I am so very glad that I have joinned this forum. It has shown me what I have been shorted just because they think I don't know about it and because I am medicare and medicaid. They have done messed with the wrong wildcat. Liz